Dems Offer “Consensus Builder” For Guv

Fifth generation native Idahoan Keith Allred, who spent five years building a nonpartisan citizens group into a force with clout in the Legislature, has abandoned that effort to run for governor as a Democrat. He has the backing of former Gov. Cecil Andrus.

GUARDIAN’s Poet Paul sees it thusly:

The contest for Guv is picking up pace
Since Keith Allred has entered the race
If Keith is elected
And Butch rejected
Will Otter have an all-red face?

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  1. Rod in SE Boise
    Dec 11, 2009, 12:51 pm

    I guess that means the Idaho Governor is not limited to two terms, as in civilized states.

    Otter will win and the rich will continue to get richer and the middle class will continue to pay their bills for them. Makes you wonder about the state of our Democracy when so many voters are conned into voting against their own self-interest.

  2. costaprettypenny
    Dec 12, 2009, 5:44 pm

    If current and retired state employees would only get out and vote they could change the whole picture in the executive and legislative branches of government. Keith is a great candidate. Also, we could finally get rid of Gwartney who as we all know is single handedly killing public service employment as a profession in Idaho.

  3. Rod,

    I totally agree. This is another argument for term limits and educated voters. As long as things are going smoothly for some voters, they will continue to vote for the establishment as if all is well. Those who have been on the up side and are now on the down side know better. Good luck to Keith Allred.

  4. There is a reasonable likelihood that Butch will injure himself running for office.

  5. I’m afraid that Rod is right. My neighbors all think that the Republican party represents them. It is truly amazing.

  6. Wake up people! The vast majority of the citizens of Idaho don’t have a clue who the governor is! Allred may be the best candidate since Borah, but it won’t matter because most people couldn’t pick him, or Butch, out of a crowd of three!

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