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Marcella Odmark
897 N. 30th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Homeless: I’m calling to express concern about Boise City holding on to the homeless stimulus
money. I remember when it came out in the legal pages in the paper with that budget and it’s
my understanding, according to the Statesman dated today, December 9th, that Boise City
hasn’t released any of that money to any of the agencies. I was a social worker, I worked for
the Jessie Tree of Idaho; they are capable of administering that money to Ada County residents.
Lengthy forms – you can get through them. If people are not eligible for federal money, either
they are illegal, or for any other reasons that can be taken care of at agency level. Those
people would be denied; that’s understandable. Jessie Tree has donation money available for
some of those situations that is not federal money. I strongly urge the City of Boise to talk to
Jim Birdsall about releasing the stimulus money to help our people that are on the streets and
are cold and to prevent more people from becoming homeless. Thank you so much.

Library: I’m calling to complain about a lack of control of patrons in the Boise Public Library.
Just in the last few weeks the Library has had a very large number of young homeless people
who are having picnics, playing cards, gambling, and carrying weapons in the Library. I believe
it’s completely out of control. I would appreciate your action on this. Thank you.

Gladys Shook
1806 N. 28th
Boise, ID
Property Ownership: I’ve been a property owner since 1935. In 2004, the year that Dave
Bieter came into office, there was a fire at the property that the family owned at 1619 Vermont.
My son was living there and there was a fire and he got out of the house in his shorts without
any possessions. All that was left was his car with the equipment for the stadium that he had.
He was engineer for the sound system and he was an engineer for the college. So, he had to
move in with me at 1806 N. 28th St. and we seem to not own the property any more. I wanted
an investigation of why it is that I’ve been persecuted or Walter has been persecuted in not
being able to go use that property any more. I know Dave Bieter was not fully in office at that
time and he said that one of the ladies would take care of it, but she was uninformed and he
was not aware of what happened. So I need for these things to be cleared up and why things
are not cleared up. This is Mrs. Wilber Shook or Mrs. Gladys Shook and I have been property
owners since 1935 at 1806 N. 28th and my husband worked for both air bases and land
management, geological survey, and I worked for jewelry stores and we’ve raised two children –
Barbara Shook Craighorn and Walter D. Shook. So I’m going to have to have a matter of who
and why the city has been….I need these land records cleared up and why all this
Action Taken: contacted

Frank Baldwin
P.O. Box 8353
Boise, ID 83707
No Hot Water: I’m staying at the River of Life Commission on 13th and River. We just come off
of a cold day today, December 9th, and we have no hot water. No explanation given, just that. I
just thought I would report it in case there is something you can do for us. Thank you.

Frank Baldwin
No Hot Water: Hi, this is Frank Baldwin again. Yesterday was Wednesday the 9th. I was too
cold from the cold shower that I had to take. Anyway it was Wednesday the 9th that I had no hot
water for a shower. I’m in the River of Life Commission.
Action Taken: Left msj

Patricia Campbell
Homeless: I would like to speak to someone in the Mayor’s office about how to handle some of
the overload we are seeing with homeless people. I think I have a really good idea and I would
like to have someone call me. I think maybe we might be able to eliminate some of this
problem. Thank you.
Action Taken: already spoke w/ her

Linda Caufield
1798 Barlow
Boise, ID 83709
Homeless: I’m calling to see about the possibility of the Mayor working with ValleyRide to waive
fees for homeless people during this cold spell. People without homes and cars don’t have a
way to get from place to place, or if they do they don’t have transportation and often times not
even a place to get in out of the weather. I would recommend that he consider a way to give
them access to transportation, especially during this time where walking, especially with children
and older adults, could prove to be critically dangerous. Thank you.

Naovarat Sajjapongse

East Parkcenter Bridge: I recently bought a home at Granite Way. I was
referred by ACHD to call this number to petition the City Council and Mayor Bieter to help with
my complaint. I work at Micron and commute from Warm Springs where I live. The new East
Parkcenter bridge detour that diverts Warm Springs from its original path has made this
commute bad. Because of the detour my commute is now longer, more winding, very
treacherous in the winter, and only a single-lane road. ACHD told me that the new East
Parkcenter bridge is supposed to discourage Harris Ranch residents from using Warm Springs
to go downtown. If you open up the currently closed-off section of Warm Springs and make that
eastbound traffic only, then people who need to commute from downtown east can use
Parkcenter bridge and conveniently get to Parkcenter from Warm Springs. There are many
services near the Parkcenter bridge that we all need access to, including the grocery store.
Please call me if I need to further explain how much of an impact this detour has had. Thanks.

Dwight Murphy
Business & Advertising Manager
BSU University
College Newspaper, The Arbiter
Rally: Due to recent activity of “Hate Flyers”, tomorrow at 12:00 noon on the quad of Boise
State, I am organizing, and we are doing a “Hands Across Campus” rally show of support. This
is going to be silent, we’re not…it’s no big do…anyway we’re going to be doing hand-to-hand
across Campus, we want to stretch all the way across campus. We’d like to invite you and all
your chamber to it. We would love to have you join our BSU Campus community and stop the
hate. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: contacted not received until 12/11/09

Homeless: I read in the paper this morning about the new shelter that opened, the day shelter,
the Pioneer Community Center, and I wanted to find out more about that, like where it’s located
and a contact number and person. I belong to a group that does a lot of service in the valley, so
I wanted to add this information to our directory of agencies. Then it said that there were two
new measures, so I just wanted to find out more information about that if somebody could call.

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  1. The Boise Picayune
    Dec 15, 2009, 10:44 am

    Recently, The Boise Picayune ran an exclusive story about the Mayor and City Council quietly sitting on over a Half a Million Dollars in Emergency Homelessness Prevention funds (later co-opted by the AP, Statesman and a couple of local Infotainment – formerly known as the “news” – broadcasts).

    The Boise Picayune has received as-of-yet unsubstantiated reports – rumors – that, managed by Council Member Pro Tem Alan Shealy, City Hall has been quietly sitting on Millions of Dollars in Federal and State Funds meant for rapid disbursement. Money such as the $533,411 in Federal Stimulus money they had been sitting on since June.

    Reasons given include preoccupation with propaganda efforts on behalf of the Mayor’s pet trolley project to sinister financial shenanigans such as parking the money in Interest Bearing Accounts and Short Term Investments and using the interest to fund those and other propaganda efforts in an Iran-Contraesque maneuver.

    One can only hope these rumors are false and without merit.

  2. RE: Mr. Sajjapongse’s call to the mayor about his Micron commute

    A decade ago I signed off on the indirect routing of Warm Springs Ave. at Barber after the East Park Center Bridge was built. It is meant to encourage Harris Ranch traffic to use the Park Center route into town to minimize traffic on Warm Springs Ave. Otherwise, people who live on side streets like Granite Way might have real difficulty getting onto Warm Springs in the morning.

    As Google Maps shows, from Granite Way, it is both shorter and quicker to take Warm Springs west to Broadway & either I-84 or Federal Way to get to Micron! Also, there are several bike routes from Granite Way to Micron just about as fast with a lot less hassle.

    BTW, I think my name should be on the East Park Center Bridge plaque! As ACHD commissioners, Susan Eastlake and I insisted that the bridge, financed by the developer, be underway before Harris Ranch could build more than 419 homes. Even though saying “no” to developers probably cost me my seat in that growth-at-any-cost environment, that requirement stuck—as did the requirement that all future arterials and collectors incorporate the (expensive) extra width for bike lanes.

    I think the plan to encourage development of the non-ag land southeast of Boise—made before I arrived in the late-70s—is one of the smartest planning decisions this community has made. Park Center and its bridges are an integral part of that plan.


    Gary E. Richardson
    746 Santa Paula Ct
    Boise ID 83712-6564

    All persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental. –Kurt Vonnegut

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