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Congress, National TV From Poet Paul

With the likes of Tiger Woods, Eastern Snow, overdoses of health care, overdoses of the Trolley hitting the news, this little ditty from Poet PAul on a congressional priority is worth a chuckle.

Our congressmen have all vowed
To pass laws making us proud
They’re considering legislation
To protect the nation…
From TV ads played too loud!

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  1. I gotta admit: There are some commercials that are mind-bogglingly loud and annoying, especially on the HD channels. Drives me NUTSO! Perhaps the worst one is a Cable One commercial that is about the Idaho Steelheads. Because of it, I will never, ever go to Steelheads game again. 🙂 It’s that bad! KTVB also has commercials about itself on the HD channel that are like 5 times louder than the programming around it.

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Dec 22, 2009, 12:20 pm

    It is a real issue. Another corporate abuse of consumers. Something needs to be done.

    But the same thing happens when you rent a movie on DVD. In order to hear the conversation, you have to have your sound up so high the music and car crashes rattle the walls.

  3. This country has been going downhill since the change from “citizen” Senators to every stinking politician is or was a lawyer.

    Allowing Lawyers to make laws to benefit themselves is like having the fox guard the hen house isn’t it?

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