Mayor Hotline December 12 to 18


Fire Alarm: Hello, it is Saturday and it is just before 11:00 p.m. The Cathedral of the Rockies,
located at W. Franklin and N. 11th has their fire alarm going off again. I mean this thing goes off
all the time. I can’t even imagine how many times it’s gone off this year alone. I certainly hope
the city is fining them each and every time the Fire Department and all these people come out
here for nothing, and it’s nothing each and every time. Since I’m ranting and raving about the
Cathedral of the Rockies, the congregation parks wherever the hell they please on Sundays
here, jutting out into the intersections causing people to have to walk out into the street instead
of the crosswalk, illegally parking all up behind the high school and what not. Maybe you guys
could send some cops out there during service time and write a few tickets.

Gary Makovsky
4405 Albion St.
Boise, ID 83705
Amtrak: I’ve been here for 40 years, and this goes to Mr. Mayor Bieter. That track you’re trying
to put in downtown, streetcar, get rid of that, that’s bad. It’s a bad subject; it just goes in circles.
Get Amtrak in here if you want to make some money and make it look good for yourself. If you
get Amtrak in it’s going to bring in customers from all over the United States and the world. If
you have Amtrak going back through here like we did before, you’ll be justifying everything.
Forget the streetcar; get Amtrak, please. It’ll go so much farther and you’ll get voted in next
year. I’m sure otherwise you’re going to lose out. Thank you.

Dr. James Wanek
3420 W. Grover Ct.
Boise, ID 83705
Streetcar: I’m calling today, Saturday the 12th of December because I think that the proposed
change to the route of the streetcar is a great idea. I’ve been supportive of the idea of the
streetcar; I didn’t think the route needed to be downtown which is compact and easy to get
around, but the proposal in Mark River’s article in the paper makes so much sense as far as
connecting people to downtown, which was a missing link before. So, I hope you can go
forward with that plan and make it work because we need better public transportation. Thank

Dan Lawrence
430 Mobley Dr.
Boise, ID
Streetcar: I am disgusted with the streetcar in Boise. I think we don’t need it. I think the Mayor
and the City Council are drumming it down the throats of the residents of this town and not
waiting for a vote of the people. Thank you.

Steve Hill
11889 W. Bronte
Boise, ID
Curb It: My comment is in regard to these Allied Waste totes that we are forced to use. They
are amongst one of the stupidest ideas I have seen yet. It may have saved the City of Boise
some money but between their usage and ACHD’s lack of maintaining the storm drains and
roads in this city, they cause major flood and traffic problems. I’ve got a neighborhood that I live
in that is flooded because people put these in the gutter where they have to put them. Stuff
wraps around them, the water does like now when it’s raining; they put them on top of the storm
drains and you can’t get people to cooperate to not do this stuff. I wish they had thought this
whole thing through before they had done it. If you have any other comments toward me, you
may call me at my number. Thank you very much.

Donna Nelson
8401 W. Gekel Ct.
Boise, ID 83704
Streetcar: I just wanted to give my two cents worth against the downtown streetcar. I really
can’t see that it’s anything to spend money on at all. Boise’s downtown is just great the way it
is. It’s a nice little walk and unless it can prove to be more beneficial to more people, I just don’t
see why anybody would want to spend that kind of money. Thank you for listening.

Sherry Ashley
Prosecution: On November 11, 2009 I witnessed a vicious attack where the victim was held
against her will and beaten up. I called the Boise Police Department, I called 911, had them
come out to the scene. The attacker was not arrested; they told us it was going to take time, da
da da, and the victim just got a letter from the Boise Police Department stating that the
Prosecutor’s office has declined to prosecute. I feel like this was because it was a black on
black crime; I’ve seen less violence take place, an assault between domestic violence take
place, and one or both parties being taken to jail. I believe that because these two individuals
were African American, that the Police Department did not take it seriously, did not want to fill
out the paper work, and the victim in this crime is just not being helped at all and I think it’s a
tragedy that there’s so much racism still in Boise. I would like for someone to take this matter
seriously; I’ve even already called the Police Chief and nobody is taking this matter seriously.
I’m a taxpayer and I’m upset.
BPD Legal

Leonard Nyward
2588 W. Willard St.
Meridian, ID 83642
Tracon: I have a comment to make regarding the FAA’s attempt to move the TRACON from
Boise to Salt Lake City. There’s one factor that’s been overlooked on this and that’s the
development of the Microwave relay stations that need to be implanted before this thing can be
carried out. Each one of those stations cost a lot of money and there probably would be a total,
I would say of about eight to nine of them to be developed to carry that signal down to the Salt
Lake TRACON. This whole thing smells of empire building on the part of the FAA and is a
ridiculous move and I wish you every success in turning it around and having that TRACON left
here in Idaho. I am an ex-FAA employee and I have opposed this move ever since I heard
about it a couple of years ago. The other factor that comes into line here is that signal and the
reliability of that signal is much susceptible to any kind of sabotage that might take place and
would effectively knock out the entire air traffic radar system. So, more power to you; if you
wish, give me a call back.

Kevin Lory
8522 W. Falling Star St.
Boise, ID 83709
Panhandlers: My comment and complaint is about these no-good swabs on our corners
begging with “I need help”, “I need this” when they’re organized. I witnessed one guy relieve
another guy that was standing on the corner out at the Overland Road Walmart. One walked by
and he waved as the other one walked off. Then there was another one who didn’t have a cane
and then the next day all of a sudden he’s got a cane. These people are organized and not
helpless; they get in their brand new vehicles. Can we pass something to stop this from
happening because it looks bad for Boise, besides people meet a disabled veteran (I’m a
disabled veteran), so somebody holding a sign up saying “a disabled vet needs help” is wrong
because the VA will help, the Health and Welfare will help too. So, yah, we need to do
something to stop this because it’s a real eye sore and it’s just the same as people wanting to
prey on people’s kindness by lying and being thieves. Please have somebody call me back and
let me know if I can do anything to help. If you want me to follow you guys around to find out
where they’re at, I’ll do that. I’ve been told that they do have, I guess, a big old 4×4 camper or
something to that extent that’s up at the Boise truck stop where they all meet and then go to
their different corners to collect the money. See if we can stop it; please let me help.
M.O., Housing & CD
Action Taken: Contacted

Ken Halderman
Tattered Flag: I’m calling about the Firemen’s Memorial. I noticed in the past couple of months
that the American Flag has gotten kind of ragged, torn, dirty, and it’s time to be retired. I would
appreciate it if you would give this information to someone and have them take care of it. Thank

Dolly Church
Streetcar: I hope it isn’t too late to express my opinion on the trolley downtown. I think that
would hurt downtown; you can barely get around now with the buses taking up part of the road
and also I’m a firm believer in people getting exercise, so they can walk all around town. I did
notice even Federal Funds are available for this, but we better not be taking those because it
still comes out of everyone’s pocket. Thank you.

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