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Boise FD and Ada EMS Play Santa

We can’t help but note both the Ada County Paramedics and the Boise Fire Department are visiting the Hospitals, playing Santa to the kids. Even when they are doing charity gigs, it seems like they are competing.

The Firefighters are now making it a point to bill themselves as “Boise Fire & Medics.” (could also be “paramedics” as we just got a short audio blip) To some that may be an updated title that more accurately describes their duties. No doubt it takes a little of the “brand identification” from the Ada County Emergency Services paramedics.

After seeing the firefighters union on a TV news segment at the hospital with kids and using the new monicker, it looked like a little “catch up” when we got this press release from Ada County:

“Tomorrow, in a heartwarming Christmas Eve story, Ada County Paramedics will don their Santa hats to deliver toys and books to sick children in the St. Luke’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Boise.

The Ada County Paramedics Association has donated money to this project, collected personal wish lists from each of the children in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and in partnership with Barnes and Noble booksellers, will be delivering toys and books to children who will be spending Christmas Eve in the hospital this year. Typically these children only interact with Ada County Paramedics in traumatic situations when being transported to local hospitals, but through this special community outreach program, Ada County Paramedics staff are able to reconnect with these sick children while making their Christmas a little brighter this year.”

We offer both a pat on their fat Santa tummies and wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas.

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  1. Well, I’ll just say I wish us all a safe (injury free, fatality free) holiday season for all of us responders, PD/So, FD and EMS/Paramedics alike.

    Merry Xmas to all. And to the BG as well!

  2. This is an annual event for the Ada County Paramedics and Barnes and Nobel. I think ACP is doing the right thing while the BFD is (once again) doing the competing since this is something that they already do.

  3. Unbelievable! Someone would actually post a negative comment about an organization trying to bring in the Christmas spirit to those less fortunate. I do have to admit I was somewhat surprised about the positive comment by Nemo. Merry Christmas Nemo. Shame on you ACEMS employee aimdee. And shame on you BG for posting such useless information. What a joke.

    EDITOR NOTE–What part is negative? “Charity gig, playing Santa?” If there is no competition, perhaps both groups would just quietly do their good deeds with no press releases or media coverage. Competition isn’t necessarily negative either. Merry Christmas.

  4. What part is negative?? Read your own post. I see no mention of “competing” with BPD and their Shop with a Cop or GCPD’s gift program, which are all positive, worthwhile causes. I just see you, BG, stoking the ACEMS/BFD feud. And your right, competition isn’t necessarily negative, just the way YOU spin it. Typical BG media, poor as it is.

  5. I wasn’t being negative and I am not an ACEMS employee BFD employee wow.

  6. Relax….be merry all. Lets let it drop (for now). We can all fight again after the new year!

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