GUARDIAN Christmas Wish List

For those who believe in Santa Clause, we have a Christmas wish list which has plenty of room for additional items.

  • A toy train for Dave Bieter so he will stop trying to force a trolley and AMTRAK upon the kind, decent inhabitants of the City of Trees.
  • A toy ambulance for the Boise FD so they won’t continue to seek ways to duplicate the services of Ada County.
  • Voice activated computers so Boise coppers won’t have to read computers while driving in traffic, “texting.”
  • A set of blinders and earplugs so the Idaho legislature will ignore attempts by cities and counties to limit the constitutional right of citizens to vote on local government debt proposals.
  • Logic lessons and democracy training for the CCDC and Urban Renewal agencies statewide so they will understand most of their money comes from taxes and citizens have an absolute right to be represented in the expenditure of those moneys.
  • Medals for all teachers, coppers, firefighters, paramedics, warriors, snowplow drivers, doctors, and nurses who protect all of us unwashed masses.
  • Certificates of appreciation to the citizens who pay for the teachers, coppers, firefighters, etc….
  • A dose of tolerance and understanding for EVERYONE who is part of this huge mass of humanity we call “community.”
  • Remove wolves, global warming, and health care from CONSERVATIVE and LIBERAL agendas.
  • Standardized directional signs for Boise so tourists won’t wander around aimlessly looking for landmarks.
  • Open the land mark Boise Depot to the public during summer months on a daily basis.
  • “Can’t we all just get along?”


We worship the place where Jesus lay
And wish for gifts from Santa’s sleigh
People are trying to make do
So my inexpensive gift to you
Is to have a Merry Christmas Day!

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  1. –A better economy with real jobs for real people of ALL ages and persuasions;

    –Lessons in ethics and morals for those who need lessons in ethics and morals;

    –Continued freedom of the press and freedom of speech;

    –Safety and better treatment of our troops and veterans;

    Merry Christmas!

  2. And to all a good night!

  3. sam the sham
    Dec 27, 2009, 10:43 pm

    very good basic lists.
    Have a wonderful holiday with hearts full of hope and good cheer.

  4. Speckled Hen
    Dec 28, 2009, 9:05 am

    LEGO has the perfect toy for Bieter to fulfill the Guardian’s list (plus it’s probably on clearance after a dismal holiday shopping season):

  5. Good Lord Speckled!! That looks exactly like the rendition he is using to sell the bloody thing! I think you have hit it straight on!!! WOW! A 60 million dollar set of Legos!

  6. And more funny stories on the Guardian. I miss the poop rants.

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