CCDC, County Still At Odds Over Parking

This came in from a disgruntled worker along Front Street:
“Taxpayers subsidize Ada County employee parking fees at the Courthouse. Wish someone
would subsidize mine – I work in the same complex and CCDC is charging the highest
in the downtown area and there is no 1st hour free.”

Her complaint is only the tip of the parking issue. For more than a year the Ada Commishes and the folks at Boise’s urban renewal agency, Capitol City Development Corp. (CCDC) have been exchanging letters and billing invoices over the parking garage next to the court house.

The Commishes would like to just buy it outright–calling the bluff of the CCDC–and administering it to their own liking. There seem to be hints, if not allegations, that CCDC is using the revenues from the parking facility to fund other projects and not simply to pay off the bond debt.

The court house was financed with no vote of the public and consequently ownership is a convoluted mess of cookie cutter owners among the CCDC, Ada County, and a private developer. The parking ramp is part of that mess.

We invite both sides to comment on this and make it a 2010 resolution to turn over the ownership–and debt to Ada County.

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  1. Please, Please, Please! Would someone just go down and put a padlock on the CCDC office and tell them to go away!!!

  2. How else is CCDC going to pay for the New Boise Conventions Centre (er)?

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