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Mayor Hotline December 26 to 31


Kathy Jones
150 E. Fall Dr.
Boise, ID 83706
Telephone Book Distribution: I would just like to leave a formal complaint about people leaving telephone books on my doorstep without my permission. I’m sure they’re doing that all over Boise and it just clogs up our garbage cans. Nobody uses telephone books any more. Is there something you can do to regulate or tell people that they can’t just leave things on people’s property without their permission? If you would just look into this I would very much appreciate it. I’m very sick of throwing away all these telephone books.

Harassment by Homeless: I’m a citizen of Boise; I’ve been here since 1980. I am sick and tired of the homeless people harassing me and my family. I was downtown and they were approaching me and my kids and my friend. I was having coffee and some homeless punk came up to me talking crap. I want these guys run out of town or they’re going to the penitentiary. Now we voted for you, Mayor and got you in office and it’s your job to protect the citizens and children of this town. Now I voted for you; I want something done and I mean it or I will call the police or the President. I just want it stopped. I’m not mad at you, I’m just
frustrated. I’ve had enough of this threatening bull crap with the homeless people in downtown Boise and I want them run out of state. I want it stopped! This is not the first time I’ve called and complained about it. I’m tired of panhandlers harassing me and my poor children who are here from Wisconsin for money. I’m not going to tell you my name, I just want it stopped and I mean it! It’s your job to hire people to protect us from scum bags. I’m tired of it and if I get harassed by one more homeless person I’m going to pay you a visit. Good bye.

John Trojack
Ada County Juvenile Court
Graffiti: I am trying to put together a proposal for a graffiti abatement idea and I came across some information where you guys put together a request for community members to call in with graffiti hot spots. I was wondering if I could get that information to use in my proposal. Please call me back; I would really appreciate that information.
BPD Graffiti

Action: Contacted

Harassment by Homeless: Hey man, I called yesterday about this crap. I’m tired of the homeless harassing me and stalking me. Now if you don’t do something about it…inaudible…and beat the shit out of them, I’m taking you to federal court, and don’t you ever f*%^$# ask me for my vote again, pal. Lunia; all politicians are scum bags; we have to deal with homeless citizens, city of fleas, man. I’m tired of beatin around; I’m a sick person, I don’t want …inaudible…tell them to stop calling me. I’m mad; I’m a sick person, I am partially paralyzed from the neck down. You’re all politicians, man, all you care about is your money and your
damn BSU team that sucks, ya f%&* BSU, man, f)*& you all, I’m f*(& out of this redneck town, f^&* Idaho, f^&* all of you. Do something about the homeless; I voted for you man, I like you, you’re good people but if you don’t clamp down on this crap, I will. I want something done about it. I’ll notify the President about you guys. I hope the hell he comes to pay you a visit, so screw
your town, your education sucks…inaudible…screw BSU, man and screw all of you. When you can return my call during daylight hours, I’ll talk but until then I’m not going to vote for you ever again. GOOD BYE!

Recycling & Bus Service: I just wanted to make a comment. I really don’t understand why the City of Boise doesn’t enhance the recycling downtown. I was downtown last night and everybody was throwing trash on the ground and cigarette butts on the curb. If you want to keep your city clean, you should enhance the recycling bins. They’re piled with snow; no one’s using them. I don’t understand why paint on the ground “Recycle Here”, put a green flag next to the recycling stand. I’m not putting the city down but I feel the recycling could use a whole lot of improvement. Also, I don’t understand why the buses aren’t running on New Years Eve. Why can’t the buses run until 8 or 10 p.m., a couple of buses from north to south, east to west. It seems like the bus system is a joke and the people who are running it are a joke. The cops want to keep the DUI drivers off the road but the bus ain’t running. It doesn’t run at night; I’ve never heard of such a stupid thing. Thank you.
PW, ValleyRide

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  1. The guy with the beef about the homeless… 1st call before drinking, 2nd call after drinking? And the guy tht wants busses… are busses at night used buy people that pay taxes? or just the people that spend taxes?

  2. I like how Anon there assumes that homeless don’t vote and evidently if they did aren’t citizens of Boise deserving of the mayors protection and concern.

  3. The Boise Picayune
    Jan 5, 2010, 9:01 am

    The well intentioned actions of organizations like the Boise Rescue Mission are only compounding the Professional Homeless [ ] problem in Boise.

    If you build it they will come.

  4. Timm,

    The homeless do/DID vote, who do you think acorn spent out tax dollars bussing to the polls? That is exactly how we ended up with the shady clueless lot we have in DC now.

  5. I’d say paralyzed from the neck up is more likely…

  6. I have a pocket full of mexican money for the real aggressive homeless. Expired wal-mart cards are good ones too.

  7. I would like to personally say “Thank You” to all the homeless people in the city of Boise for making that dude’s life so miserable that hs is moving away. We really do not need “those” kind of people in our city, now do we?

    May God Bless the wonderful Homeless people and the job that they are doing to help keep our great city so great.

  8. Just Me, You are not celebrating “that dude’s” diversity. You should not be so judgmental and closed minded, with a little government-paid therapy he might someday be a great neighbor to you and other mainstream inside the box thinkers.

  9. Larry Fortensky
    Jan 7, 2010, 2:32 am

    Zippo thinks it’s funny to play pranks on the homeless. They’re literally down and out. He’s intellectually down and out.

  10. Larry, I give to The Salvation Army, in addition to massive taxes which I never see again. I think the “dude” on the hotline was concerned about the aggressive homeless… and this is what I mentioned and made fun of as well. Often they are not down and out, or not by chance anyway, which is why the Salvation Army is a good place for my money. If they’ve given up on someone… oh boy, what a screw up… or perhaps is a runaway or has a warrant.

  11. People are living in the Walmart parking lot, so it is not lost on me that “the system” is broken. But when a bum walks up to lone female in a dark parking lot and aggressively “asks” for money we need to redirect the bum.

  12. Bench guy...
    Jan 8, 2010, 4:33 pm

    Nearly everday I drive by the homeless under the Connector on 16th Street and was planning to drop by pizzas sometime. Anom guy is not allowed to have a slice if / when I do this. The rest of you are very welcome. I’ve never been aggressively bothered by them…I am concerned about the increase in transients for a number of reasons, but as of yet I am not concerned with my health or my family’s.

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