Broncos Win, Now Its On To Legislature

Now that BSU has won another Fiesta Bowl, there won’t be much to talk about until the legislature comes back to town to figure how to keep government afloat with less money. Oh sure, we will have a few days of news about how Boise still gets no respect, but the media pundits are ready to talk politics.

Gotta hand it to the Daily Paper for some pretty well thought out coverage of the Boise State victory over TCU. Advance planning on logistics, press run, contingency plans for win or loss. Nice job for a medium whose obituary may be premature.

The full page photo on Tuesday’s “cover” (we oldtimers still call it “page one”) said it all. No doubt you will be able to purchase “historic souvenir” posters. None of that could have been done prior to the internet, digital cameras, and computers.

Back in about 1957 or so, Dick Frazier (father of the GUARDIAN editor) covered Michigan State in the Rose Bowl for the Lansing State Journal. He rushed out of the game with a bag full of film and jumped on a plane to Chicago, transferred to a small charter to get into Lansing in the pre dawn hours of January 2. The plane crashed short of the runway, but he survived and was still able to process the pictures and fill the afternoon paper with game photos. Certainly more exciting than today’s coverage, but not as safe! Mom would have preferred the e-mail images over flying.

We got a kick out of watching the coverage battle on “Big 7” as well as KIVI as they tried to outdo each other with “live team reports” from Phoenix. Our personal favorite was the emotional report from Dee Sarton on the Bronco beauty who leads the team onto the field on horseback. As Dee said, “it gives me goosebumps!” Ann Morrison park is FULL of goosebumps.

Of course when it came to game night, Fox 12 took the spotlight with network coverage and had all the TV newsies in Boise reporting “live” from a bar or restaurant as Channel 12 coverage filled the giant flat screens.

In the warm Arizona sun
The Broncos were under the gun
They were underdogs
To the Texas Horned Frogs
And came away number one!

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  1. How about Mark Johnson’s statement when interviewing Michael Choate? They talked about the game and the chicken dinner that Choate was holding. The coleslaw spilled Johnson’s pant leg and he said, “That is okay I am never going to wash these”.

    Great story about your dad getting the job done.

  2. Ann Morrison Goosebumps! (Excellent!)

    As much as I enjoy the BSU football program, and as much as I enjoyed watching the ballgame, I believe our local media ran it into the ground with their 3 weeks or so of pre-pre-pre-pregame show, expert analysis regurgitated time after time, etc.

    Now we’ll endure a few months of postgame analysis, posturing and talkin’ smack, 2010 season predictions, blah-blah. (Something to fill the void ’til the NCAA basketball playoffs are underway.)

    I really feel some pity for the few people who have no interest in sports. (Yeah, amazingly, such folks really exist out there.) For the rest of us, the upcoming Legislative session is an unpleasant distraction.

    Rah-rah-rah Broncos!

  3. serendipity
    Jan 5, 2010, 12:28 pm

    Fox football broadcasting stinks compared to some other stations. Usually they give you the names of the players who did something outstanding while the game is ongoing, but Fox only does it now and then, and usually only for some members of a team.
    Some of the ads were pretty amusing, though.
    Fantastic game!

  4. sam the sham
    Jan 5, 2010, 1:21 pm

    I don’t care much about football because of the hype and expense as well as how it takes precedence over all else including education and already paid for student parking.
    But it is obvious that the people in this town do indeed live in what is called “bronco nation” (which I find insultingly stupid). So I am obviously in the minority and am glad that this season is over. If I never see the color combo of orange and blue again I will be pleased.

  5. I imagine goosebumps are rampant in Ann Morrison Park. I paraded in my BSU jersey before friends today who were nonplused. I hope I wasn’t the only one watching Fox9 last night till almost 11 p.m. It was a super game and Fox even showed a map locating Boise for anyone who thought it was in Iowa. Congrats BSU where I audited philosophy and photography. Love yah!

  6. Maybe we should let the Broncos run the Legislature. They could pull off a good trick play every once in a while to make the budget balance.

  7. After such a negative article I am going to write something positive about the Guardian…….

  8. I want a big expensive new stadium and I want all the cool new progressive taxes to pay for it. It must have a trollie stop though or it’s a no go.

  9. Casual Observer
    Jan 5, 2010, 7:55 pm

    Well, the win WAS nice. Still, you have to wonder if anyone noticed outside this valley. Actually, I wonder how many, other than the die hard Pony Fans, noticed inside the valley. Listening to the radio on my drive to work this morning I tuned into KBSU, thinking they would provide the score. Nothing. Not on the national news, not on KBSU’s local news.

    Oh Well! We’re Number 3. We’re Number 3!

  10. The State Legislature has a unique opportunity to do some surgical repair of big government if they can summon the collective political will.

    The game will go down as one of the all time great defensive battles. It may have been a low scoring game but it sure was exciting begining to end.

    Coach Petersen looked like the Zen Master of the game. His composure as well as his ackmowlegement of the TCU coaching staff and team were a model we could all learn from. He is one of a kind.

  11. No political will.. at all.

  12. The Boise Picayune
    Jan 6, 2010, 9:44 am

    Here’s to hoping that however many millions of dollars and a whole bunch o’ grandeur buy some @#$%^&* inspiration!

    No Quarter when, at 100+ years of Statehood – and with fewer people than some neighborhoods I’ve lived in (literally) – things like proper infrastructure and K-12 education still prove elusive to them.

  13. Nice story about your dad. And a hearty LOL this morning for Dee Sarton’s goosebumps.

  14. Boise State football made the New York Times today. Pretty neat.

    Meanwhile I am still trying to understand what a “scrimmage” is.

  15. Mr. Guardian…

    As our conquering heroes returned from the Desert, I’ve gotta confess my eyebrows raised a bit when Mayor Dave, stealing a bit of their limelight, announced there would be a big party for them, but it hadn’t yet been planned because first we needed to confirm the Fiesta Bowl win.

    So… if they’d lost, Team Dave woulda let ’em slink back into town unheralded?

    C’mon, Dave! Sure, you’re a Vandal, and it must’ve really pained you to wear that blue jacket… but our boys deserve some props win or lose, just for getting invited to the dance!

    Everybody bust out the hats and hooters!

    (Oh… and that’s an awesome reminiscence of your dad. Flying in Michigan in early January, most likely in a treetop flyer… that’s some heady stuff!)

  16. As one of the 17 KTVB folks in Phoenix over the last few weeks – I can honestly say it was one of the most exciting news events I’ve covered over the past decade. I was in PHX for Fiesta Bowl ’07 as well – but this one had an energy all its own. As of today I’m no longer in news, but am proud of the effort of my team – and proud to be a Bronco.

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