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Love-In At Councilor Swearing In

If Jim Tibbs knew Maryanne Jordan would hug him and Alan Shealy would say his own public service “pales in comparison to Tibbs’,” the veteran copper and city councilor may have run for office again.

Even Mayor Dave Bieter–using a single crutch after knee surgery–had nice things to say, thanking Tibbs for his work as acting police chief at the beginning of his first term following the Brent Coles scandal. It was truly a love-in with nice words, thank-yous, and standing ovations as Jordan, Vern Bisterfeldt and TJ Thomson were sworn-in.

The other star attraction was TJ who won the race for Tibbs’ vacated seat. Watching him take the Tibbs seat and make some remarks, it was clear he is the “new kid on the block.” To his credit he wants to cure global warming, war, poverty, transportation, cancer, pollution, energy issues, health care, unemployment, and economic woes. He may do it, but within a month or two he will learn that goose bumps in the park and dog poop on trails will consume most of his time–it’s just a city council job.

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  1. Tibbs got hugs for LEAVING! No hugs if he had stayed. It was only a love fest if you are a liberal, spend til you drop democract. Anyone else cannot get in the “club”.

  2. Yeah, that coveted “run for office and get elected” club that is so difficult to get into. Stupid democracy has a liberal bias!

  3. Tibbs learned long ago, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”!

  4. Brian…no just our liberal city officials.

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