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East Boise Resident
Raccoon Infestation: She has continual damage to her roof and other areas of her property by raccoons. They get up on her flat roof and potty on it, plus their claws make holes in her roof. They patched the roof for a while until they figured out that it was the raccoons that were causing the damage. They ended up having to replace their roof to the tune of $10,000. She called the Fish and Game and they offered phone numbers for licensed trappers. She then had
a private company come out and he told her he could set traps on the roof to catch them for a price. He also couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t come back. She said she couldn’t afford to have someone come out continually to trap them. She wanted to know if there’s any help anywhere to get rid of them, or stop them. Their waste is harmful to health, they cause property damage, and they’re a potential harm to pets and children. Is there any plan to begin to resolve this issue?
Action Taken: Contacted

Broncos Parade: In 2007 the City threw a brief parade on Capitol Blvd. for Boise State Broncos after winning the Fiesta Bowl; I would like to suggest that we do that again. Thank you.
M.O. – emailed

On-line Bill Pay: I live in Boise City, pay utilities to Boise City, and would like the opportunity to pay with a credit card on a monthly basis, just set it up as a recurring payment. I understand there are additional fees incurred by Boise City; I’m not doing this because I’m trying to get airline miles or points or anything like that; the card I want to put it on does none of that. But, I just need it for…inaudible…and I would be willing to pay a few extra bucks every month in order to get that convenience. Please look at doing this as it would be a great service and make my
life a lot easier. Thank you.
PW – emailed

Share Maack
1201 N. 7th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Downtown Macy’s Closing: This message is for the Mayor and City Council. I am calling to request that the Mayor and City Council on behalf of the citizens of Boise, approach Macy’s and try to negotiate for a reconsideration of the closing of the downtown Boise Macy’s store. I think it will be a huge loss to downtown Boise. I think it is ironic in the face of the success of stores such as Anthropology, Northern Face, Chico’s, and others coming to town to close the store, and I think that it’s very important for the Mayor and City Council to support downtown retail and to make this request to Macy’s. I would like to have a response back. Thank you.
Mayor & Council
Responded 1/8/09

Melody Barrett
Job Service Checks: There’s a problem with the Job Service. Supposedly a lot of people are not getting their checks because their phone system went down and people didn’t get their checks, and they are being told they didn’t file right, when they filed the same way as always. So check out the Job Service. Like I said, the man told my son-in-law that there were 800 people who didn’t get their checks because their phone system went down. Thanks.
Action Taken: Contacted

John Kletke
6894 Cascade Dr.
Boise, ID 83704
Streetcar: My situation is – I’m bitterly opposed to the rail system for several reasons. When I was very young they had a rail system in Boise. The overhead lines, which we don’t have now, will have to be put in. It’s ugly and the downtown business has suffered badly because there was no parking, it was a traffic impediment for everything, and they removed it; it wasn’t pliable. I travel a lot and I see in the major cities, the ones that have them are a joke. The only people that are running them are on a very limited and consequently…especially a train. Now if I were to support a train system, it would be from Nampa to Boise with stops at Meridian. Not this, this is just a circle to no where and I think it’s ludicrous. Thank you very much.

Hi, we are just wondering if we can put toiletries, toilets at Borah Park.

Judy Longstaff
2401 S. Owyhee #31
Boise, ID
Ambulance Bill: I have a bill here for Ada County Paramedics when I had the Swine Flu in October and they took me to the hospital. My balance is $77.28. The run number, if you would like to know is EM09015867. Since October, in November, December, and January, I paid them $10 a month. That’s all I can afford; I live on a limited income. Today I received in the mail a final notice scheduled for transfer to a collection agency. So for $77.28, of which I’ve been paying of my own free-will every month, they’re not going to send me to collection. I don’t understand this; I’ve called them and talked to them and they have to get this approved, and I informed the lady named Linda that she can approve anything she wants to, but I’m going to pay what I can afford and they’re still going to send me to collections. I’m understanding that if I have a bill and I’m paying monthly on it and I’m attempting to make a payment that they can’t send me to collections. Maybe I’m confused, but you know I think this is junk and until this is settled, I don’t plan on making a payment. Thank you.
Action Taken: Emailed Ada Co. Paramedics

Jeannie Keith
1006 E. Jefferson St.
Boise, ID 83712
Streetcar: I’m a registered voter and I want the Mayor to know that I am strongly opposed to the streetcar project. I don’t believe that limited transportation around the downtown area is going to improve the downtown area. What I believe we need in the Treasure Valley is transportation to bring the people from outlying areas into the city where they work. If you want the downtown area to be revitalized, it also needs some affordable housing for the people who work there. I’m hoping that there will be enough people who agree with this evaluation that the streetcar project will not go forward. I believe it’s a poor choice of use of funds. Thank you very much.

R. E. Lytle
Boise, ID
Streetcar: I would like to have this message relayed to the City Council and Boise’s dear beloved Mayor Bieter. Don’t do as he wants, do as the public would like him to do with the streetcar issue. The economy is tight. Back off on the streetcar until a time when people have more money. Don’t do as Bieter wants, do as the public of Boise wants. Thank you.

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  1. Pest? This same problem in big cities to the west of here is delt with by warning the homeowner not to bother the little critters or else get a criminal ticket. So I’m wondering what they will do to the homeowner in Boise. The human is obviously causing the critters distress.

    I might suggest to put a pit bull on the roof for a few days and they will move to the neighbors roof.

  2. serendipity
    Jan 14, 2010, 9:14 pm

    Dont’ feral–or even large, outdoor domestic cats–attack raccoons? or only squirrels?

  3. Can anyone tell me WHO Bieter is proposing makes these streetcars? and what is HIS “cut” of the profits?

  4. A good airgun could be had for $200 and the critters would be history

  5. An airgun might run a coon off, but it certainly wouldn’t kill it. Cats want nothing to do with a coon. They are nasty little animals, especially cornered. Most dogs can’t stand up to them either. My sister lives down off Park Center and her neighbor has had his roof torn open three times! When he complained to F&G, they told him he was in a “protected area” and he would just have to put up with them.

  6. costaprettypenny
    Jan 17, 2010, 10:30 pm

    Just spread/hang moth balls on your roof and around your property. Raccoons, cats and most all insects hate moth balls. Be creative and generous in how and where you put them. Good Luck

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