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Copper Ignores “FIRE LANE” To Park Scooter

After all the heat the Boise copper took parking a squad car in a motorcycle space at City Hall (he eventually paid a hefty parking ticket) it is nothing shy of ironic that a motyorcycle copper parked his scooter in front of a NO PARKING FIRE LANE sign Thursday at the Cole Station post office.

An alert GUARDIAN reader sent us this note and photo.

“I was at the post office on Cole today and watched a Boise City motorcycle cop park in the fire lane right in front of the sign that says no parking. He went inside to use the post office while parked here. I took a photo for you.”

Looks like the copper who probably wrote tickets during the nice Thursday weather, no doubt figured he wasn’t hurting anything…just like the folks he cited.


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  1. Maybe cop couldn’t read?

    Yeah, I see cops parked in places like that frequently. Guess they figure their buddies won’t give them tickets.

    Or they actually believe that laws don’t apply to them?

  2. lucky you didnt get harassed for taking the picture.

  3. untamedshrew
    Jan 14, 2010, 10:15 pm

    Oh my gosh, more breaking news! Thank god the Guardian has alert viewers such as this. Here I was, all side-tracked by the convention of the Idaho Legislature, homeless people on more and more street corners … thanks for bringing me back to more pressing matters Guardian. So glad I clicked on your site tonight.

  4. You might want to think about cutting back on the caffeine Angry Woman!
    As far as the motor officer is concerned, I am not sure where he is supposed to safely park, but I doubt it is in a fire lane.

  5. In my years with the city, this is a common act… They don’t care because they don’t have to care.

    And Gordon, you are correct, his buddies will not ticket him, at best they’ll get a laugh out of it.

    Just the way it is…

  6. I figure if they left it in the parking lot in many many cities certain underhanded people would fool with it, and cost us more tax money. I had an appartment in Tempe for a spell, my neighbor was a scooter copper who would park it on his patio so it would not get vandalized in the lot. I don’t mind where they park so long as they are conducting official business and not blocking trafic. Did you see where they caught the bank robber today in less than a minute… good job.

    EDITOR NOTE– Zippo, we agree on the good job by officer Nickerson on the bank heist capture. He can–and should–park any place he wants to catch crooks. He should also respect fire lanes and signs within smelling distance when he is dropping a letter at the PO like the motor officer in the photo failed to observe.

  7. I can understand the concern in this case. But the other one in downtown was a little over the top. When a police officer is on a lunch or dinner break they still respond to emergency calls. I would rather they don’t have to run 1/2 a block to get to their vehicle to respond to that call…

    Then again – this is people judging a book by it’s cover. Maybe he was at the post office on a call?

  8. My god, here we go again. Do you people have more important things to worry about, like your own lives!!! Again, who complains when fire department park their big rigs in 10 spots at Winco to buy their dinner. Who complains when post men park their vehicles close to intersections and make it hard to see. How many of you want to be a cop? How many of you want to stand in freezing rain, snow etc and direct traffic at a fatality accident. How many of you want to deal with the bad folks of Boise that get drunk, beat up their wives and when the cops get there, want to take on the world. How many of you? None, so live with it and let them do their jobs and quit whining all the time about trivial things that do not impact YOUR LIFE!!

  9. Just a thought....
    Jan 15, 2010, 12:14 pm

    Very Nicely Put Steve!!! IF we are going to get trivial…how about this….I bet you the person that took the picture is probably too lazy to put their shopping cart in the cart corral and decides to leave it in a parking stall or flower bed of the grocery store just so someone else more motivated can deal with it! If we have nothing better to do, let take pictures of all the cart offenders and put them on the BG and complain about it…huh??

  10. NO ONE! is above the law, especially those we PAY to enforce them. Simple concept I would think.

    Reminder “allowing lawyers to become politicians and create laws and regualtions to benifit themselves is no different than having the fox guard the hen house”

  11. The first time I heard this expression it was being used on me and I instantly hated it. So here goes; tell the camera toting good citizen to “Get A Life”

  12. No logic, what I am saying is, people do not complain in the press etc, about all the other folks that do things like this. The police are paid to do a job that alot of people do not and could not do. So, if they have to park somewhere like that, so be it. Even if they are mailing a letter, and a emergency call comes out 1 minute away, I would rather he get to his bike quickly and get going then have to run across a half filled lot to get to it. And the main point I am trying to make is, people who write here need to worry about themselves and their lives, that is the main point.

  13. I wonder if the “butt chewing” the motor officer gets from his Sargeant would be worse than if he parked half-way across the parking lot and some jerk decided to knock it over to be funny? I have a funny feeling it would be the latter!

  14. sam the sham
    Jan 15, 2010, 7:05 pm

    laws don’t apply to coppers.
    they don’t have to wear a seat belt, they can use their computers and drive at the same time – oh, that may be legal for everyone.

    But I don’t know that this copper will ever get into trouble for parking in a no parking zone since it was in a parking lot, not on the street. This parking lot is not public property.

    Sam, the city code says, “Law enforcement officials are empowered to enter upon private property open to the public to enforce the provisions of this section.” AND THE FINE IS: 10-11-04C02 Fire Lane – Parking Prohibited $40.00

  15. This is not a clear issue of a parking violation. I know what the sign in the picture says.. that said, as a taxpayer I would like to have valuable police property protected at all costs. The BMW motorcycle is a special law enforcement model and has a lot of ancillary equipment that would be hard to secure in that parking lot. Like it or not we have a certain element in our society that would take the opportunity to damage taxpayer property on the motorcycle if left out of view of the cop on duty.

    This is a situation where a certain amount of good judgment needs to figure into all of this.

    From a practical standpoint I am OK with the cop parking the motor in plain view. I want that investment protected at all costs.

  16. Casual Observer
    Jan 16, 2010, 7:20 am

    Question to all of the pro coppers who thinks it is okay to park in the fire lane because, god forbid, there might be the need for an emergency run to the donut shop. If it is that critical for this guy to have his steed as close as possible at every moment, what is he doing getting off of it to go post a letter? Couldn’t he go to one of those drive by drop boxes?

  17. Dr Spiegelvogel
    Jan 16, 2010, 9:00 am

    The cop obviously took lessons from the UPS and FedEx drivers who illegally park all over town all year round.

  18. The “alert Guardian reader,” the Guardian, and the commenters make some very excellent and valid points.

    Above all, I believe our Law Enforcers must understand that if they violate the laws they enforce upon us “commoners,” it will foster resentment, at the very least.

    (I’ve been riding on the Greenbelt in Garden City, and have pulled off to the side to allow a GC police car (!) to drive by in the other direction. Their explanation – they were “serving a warrant.” What? Isn’t there a street that will take them to the same address?)

  19. Here’s a thought for consideration of everyone.. How do you think you daily paper gets into the little box on your mailbox post? The person delivering the paper is driving on the wrong side of the road..constantly while delivering the daily paper to those who still subscribe.

    There may be a way they do this without driving on the wrong side of the street but I can’t figure it out at this point in time.

    There have to be some exceptions to the rules of the road and this one has gone on for as long as we have had home delivery of the paper via these little boxes.

  20. What’s a paper?

  21. Was he using the post office or responding to a call for service. This photo could be anything.

    EDITOR NOTE–We have to believe what the reader said in the note–check it out…he was apparently using the post office.

  22. Anyone know how to get the Eco-friendly Statesman to stop littering my lawn and neighborhood with those little add pages wrapped in plastic? I have never seen anyone read one, and most just get wet and look like crap after a few days. At least 10 on the lawn of each empty house too, so they must have some real observant folks tossing them out the window. The guy in my hood drives on the wrong side of the road and has a noisey muffler. This is littering Statesman! You should only deliver to people who want one.

  23. The Boise Picayune
    Jan 18, 2010, 12:37 pm

    Not unlike the High School Principal who – juggling a cup of coffee and cradling a cell phone in his neck – drives right through a 4 Way Stop adjacent to his school in full view of students…

    Or the cop doing about 50 down Emerald to get to the Dry Cleaners before they close…

    Do as they say – Not as they do!

    P.S. The person who took the picture has the right to swear out a ticket against the Officer!

  24. Sure, great journalisim means that you always take what you get at face value and then distribute it to the masses. Your right editor, the police officer must have been using the Post Office for personal use based on the eye witness acount of Mr. Anonymous. Its obvious to me now.

    EDITOR NOTE–The lesson here is that people get pissed when they see the guys on the white stallion doing things THEY can’t. It isn’t major news, but it does show how coppers do indeed live in a fish bowl and where and how they drive and park is viewed by one and all. You can damn the messenger, but without the GUARDIAN, Joe citizen’s voice is mostly ignored.

  25. You tell em Editor. My guess is angryman is probably one of those “coppers” and of course if it means HIS being held accountable for HIS behavior well then that is just not news worthy in HIS opinion.

  26. The editor may wish to take note. Apparently you’ve read the code since you listed it above but maybe you didn’t notice that it’s ok to temporarily park in a fire zone to unload passengers or merchandise. You see this happen all over the city, just like you said, with UPS, mail or other delivery trucks. Why is it such a big deal when a cop does it? I could care less if he parks in the fire lane for 30 seconds while he drops off a letter. I doubt many people have ever been ticketed for stopping 30 seconds in a fire lane anyway. I know I never have. Now if I was seeing people getting tickets for this left and right while the cops were getting away with it, that would be a different story . . .

  27. The Boise Picayune
    Jan 21, 2010, 8:24 am


    Please provide the specific code you refer to. Because I cannot find anything, anywhere that allows you to load / unload in a Fire Lane.

    As far as “…no one ever…”

    The police REGULARLY harass and ticket Taxis who stand at the far / south end , or load / unload in the Fire Lane on N 8th St and elsewhere.

    Which is hysterical insomuch as they REFUSE to ticket the Beer Trucks that illegally park there; but will ticket the taxis trying to pick up the byproducts of those alcohol deliveries.

  28. Picayune,
    The editor previously quoted Boise City Code 10-11-04C02 as the code the officer had broken. If you look at how 10-11-04C starts, it says “C. Park a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except temporarily for the purpose of and while actually
    engaged in loading or unloading merchandise or passengers:”. Do you have direct knowledge of taxis being ticketed for stopping in a fire lane and what code was used? There is a difference between standing and parking, I don’t think the code covers standing and I would think these taxi drivers need to contact the city and complain if they’re being harassed.

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