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EDITOR NOTE–Rather than make another post on the police complaint, the GUARDIAN will run it among the complete HOTLINE transcript. Coppers are in a tough position since there is a criminal case pending as well as an internal investigation. Since the complaint is now public, perhaps the ombudsman will contact Mr. Schmid to see if an investigation is warranted by his office. Sadly, the infamous taser incident and the conclusion make this report quite important.

Dar Schmid
1016 Pueblo
Boise, ID 83702
Police Brutality: I’m calling with a complaint and I will leave my full name and address at the end. I’m calling about an incident on Saturday night. We called for an ambulance for my wife (it was my wife, myself, and our two year old son at home). It was Saturday very late and our son was in bed. The first people to arrive were the police; I thought they were the paramedics and I invited them into our home to help. I took them to my wife; the officers then wanted to separate us; I didn’t understand why. I knew my wife’s condition and I have had some medical training in
the past. I also thought there was no reason to leave my wife alone with these men. I said, “No, I’ll stay with my wife.” They then rushed me and threw me to the ground, although at that time both my wife and I informed them that I had just got out of a cast for a broken arm; they continued to bend my arms back and handcuff me. They then took me to our porch which is not heated; they kept me there for over 45 minutes even though I complained of the cold and pain they did nothing to relieve this. Their behavior was brutal and out of line. I have filed a complaint with the police Internal Affairs; I am now leaving this message with you because I am appalled at the officers’ behavior and believe it should be further examined. There was no, I guess they were thinking maybe domestic violence or something but I don’t know how they would have picked that up. We had not been physically violent, there was nothing broken in the house, I had called for my wife’s medical attention and my concern for her and they immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion and went way overboard and did not listen or perceive what
was going on. It’s hurt me and now they’ve caused us a lot of strife. I’ve also received a citation from them saying I was uncooperative or not doing what they told me to do. Citation # is 1391895, DR#000-680. Thank you.

Mike Reinick
Investigation Report: I was trying to find out if there’s been a report of the investigation of John W. Teeman who struck and killed Tom and Mary Wocheck on E. Parkcenter Blvd. on August 19, 2009. Maybe I missed it but I have never seen a final resolution, adjudication, recommendation, or investigation report on the death of those two people. Could you please let me know?

Mark Andrews
Pay Cuts to Save Money: I have an idea on how to save Boise some money and Idaho. It’s kind of come to my concern that the Federal Government makes too much money, which is quite obvious because I worked for the government for 15 years. Now that I’m in the private sector I can usually get by on $20,000 a year. So my idea is to anybody who makes over $50,000 a year gets 20 percent pay cut. Anybody over $80,000 a year gets a 40 percent pay cut. They can live on that and if they can’t, well guess what, it’s a right-to-work state and I think we could find other people who would like to work for their quite a huge amount of money. If you would give me a call, I’ve got more ideas. Thanks.

Michael Manahan
10938 W. Linstock Ct.
Boise, ID 83713
More buses, not trolley: I’m calling on the trolley; that’s going to disrupt everything, $60 million to get started. I think it’s a bad idea; $10-12 million you can have five to seven more buses that run east and west all the way to Meridian. I don’t care about that regional crap, there will be plenty of money to take care of that for starters. I’ve been riding the bus for a while now and there are plenty people that ride. It’s nice but boy it’s sure a pain in the neck in a lot of ways; I can’t even go see my dad going down Fairview on a bus, you know I’ve got to find a ride
or something. No buses run east and west from Hewlett Packard all the way to Franklin, except for the one that gets on the freeway and drops you off at the freeway. We need things to run east and west; we’re like on big community here, you know from here to Meridian and you it stops at Five Mile, you know it runs up and down Five Mile, that’s the farthest it goes as you know. We need buses and we need good route plans; we need to have things running east and west. You know this makes sense with the money we do have. Anyway, thank you very much.

Judi Ornellas
4523 Mountain View Dr.
Boise, ID
Dangerous Advertisement: I have a question about an issue last week at the corner of Front and Capitol Blvd. in front of the Grove Hotel. The corner where the waterfall is on the hotel, somebody had a big blow-up box doing some advertising and it made it very difficult to cross the street as you were going across Capitol Blvd. there at that intersection, leaving very limited space to get around to go on down to The Centre on the Grove or the stores down there, as well as the Qwest Arena. I’m calling because I don’t know who else to talk to and that blow up thing
should not be as big right there at that corner to block people from getting around and crossing the street going across Capitol Blvd. from east to west or west to east, either way. Thank you for your attention and I don’t really have any additional information, but you have my number if you need it.

Kidnapping: I was living in Boise, Idaho; my son was kidnapped by a man who was not his father; he was an ex boyfriend of mine. I have filed several police reports and nothing has been done. They look at it that it is absolutely okay that it is custodial interference. I have percent full custody of my son; my son is 4 years old and he does men. This man has a warrant out for his arrest for molesting another child and nothing is being done. As far as the Adam Walsh Act, my son should have been entered into the NCIC within two hours of the initial report and that has
not been done. I have been given the run-around for quite a while and nothing is getting done. No one wants to assume jurisdiction; it happened in Idaho and now that I live in Washington, they’re saying it’s not in their jurisdiction, and Washington is saying it is not in their jurisdiction because it happened in Idaho. I’ve hired an attorney, I’m working with the Missing and Exploited Children Center and my son needs to be entered into the NCIC. I cannot get anywhere as far as with law enforcement; nobody wants to assume responsibility for that and I
need an avenue to head down; I need to see if you guys have an avenue of where to go, who to contact, or how to get it done. It’s absolutely ridiculous that my son can be taken from me, the mother, who has full custody, whom he’s been with since the day he was born, and nothing gets done about it. It just doesn’t make sense to me; it’s almost like the prosecutor’s office or law enforcement picks and chooses what they want to proceed. Yes, I have been in trouble with the law before; I’ve learned from that mistake; I’ve moved on and just because I’ve been in trouble doesn’t mean my son does not need to be with me. If you can please give me a call back with
any answers to my problem or solutions or anything; I’m in desperate need of help. I’ve attempted to contact the Ombudsman’s office, I’ve talked to numerous officers and detectives and nobody wants to assist. I have no idea where my son is at, and the Exploited Children’s Center cannot step in until my son is in the NCIC database. It’s not okay for a mom to not know where her child is and wonder if he’s with a child molester. I just don’t see where officers or prosecutors are coming from; I just don’t understand. Thank you.

Diane Ayres
1077 S. Garden Pl.
Boise, ID 83705
Accountability for Animal Control Dollars: My concern is with the animal control contract with the city, ¾ of a million dollars. There’s no accountability at the end of the year as to how it was spent. I feel that there should be accountability for those funds and the public should be aware of how that money is spent. I’m concerned that this funding is not held accountable to any kind of accounting procedures on how it is spent. The larger funding is also not accountable by the folks who spend it, in this time particularly with the crunch, well anytime public funds should be accounted for and I am real concerned about that. I would also like to see a citizens’ oversight committee on the spending of those funds. Thank you.
Finance Admin.

Sally Lester
Signage: I’m calling about a new sign on Parkcenter Blvd.; it’s on the north side and it’s right near and I believe it is the Capital Educator’s Credit Union sign. I’m calling to object to this sign; it is an electronic sign that is extremely bright and it flashes. It’s all in color and very distracting and there’s nothing like it all along Parkcenter and I’m wondering how it got approved. Thank you.

Jeannie McQuirt
Penninger Dr.
Miscellaneous: This is a thank you to whoever it was that gave BSU Coach Chris Peterson a trophy for being #1 for helping his guys and the team win. Thank you very much. Chris Peterson deserved that very much. And also a little note to have the Qwest card, the food stamp thing, stay at a steady thing. I’m on food stamps; it started out 74 and it went down to 57 and I don’t have someone with me except my cat. Please reconsider and tell Health and Welfare to reconsider please quit reducing my foodstamps. I save all my letters that I got from them. Thank you so much now and God be with you all; He needs our praise and thanks too, Jesus says, and that was a good message by Butch Otter; God bless him too. Thank you.

Darwin Gifford
Program on Home Foreclosures: I am calling to recommend that you take a look at a program that was in Pennsylvania, I believe it was in Pittsburg; it was on the Dec. 10th Nightline program, where the mayor there had instituted a program of bringing those whose homes were being foreclosed and the actual lenders of those homes together face to face in one of the city buildings on a monthly or semi-monthly basis, trying to help them resolve their issue before the homes are foreclosed. In so doing, they have reduced dramatically the number of foreclosures and the impact that it’s had on their housing market. It’s a tremendous program; I’m sorry I’m late letting you know about it. I had recorded it and then just didn’t get around to watching it until the last couple of days. I highly recommend you look into that program; it would be a wonderful thing to decrease the thousands of homes here in Boise that have been foreclosed on. Thank you.

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  1. Before we tee off on the coppers, let’s let the dust settle and see if the truth rises to the surface.
    This sounds a little odd to me.

  2. Still scary!

  3. The Boise Picayune
    Jan 22, 2010, 9:12 am

    Doesn’t sound odd at all.

    If you’re interested in just how out-of-control cops are getting these days, check out:

    Pennsylvania man [ Marine & Former Cop ] beat up and arrested after questioning officer’s illegal parking @

    And countless other examples @

    Not all cops are punks behind badges – Au Contraire Confrere – but there are plenty who are.

  4. Rod in SE Boise
    Jan 22, 2010, 2:45 pm

    If that guy’s story is true, the BPD needs to be disbanded. Note that I said “if that guy’s story is true…” before you all jump on me.

  5. Cyclops is wise on this...
    Jan 22, 2010, 5:34 pm

    Cops are not automatically dispatched to every call that EMS goes on, only for certain calls, if the caller acts aggressive, or if something “keys” the dispatcher that something is “odd”.

    My point is that the fact that the cops were their first, (meaning that most likely the Ambulance and Fire department was staging for the cops to secure the scene) indicates that there is more to this story.

    Give this one time….

  6. If it went down as portrayed, the police were both out of line and abusive…I hope the folk making the complaint take them to the cleaners. People should be able to call 911 without this sort of thuggery.

    As to the sign on parkcenter…I agree, the thing is too bright and does not fit.

  7. Casual Observer
    Jan 23, 2010, 7:34 am

    I don’t know if the cops did or did not screw up, but the letter writer sure did.

    Next time, dude, wait for the people with the white suits. The ones in blue are only there to arrest people.

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Jan 23, 2010, 10:55 am

    The Community Ombudsman’s website has a pamphlet for citizens. It is titled “What to Expect: Understanding the Law and Police Procedure”. I recommend you read it.

    The only real troubling part is probable cause for entry or search, which is pretty vague. We should discuss that.

  9. Something is odd for sure. I am sure as the comments keep coming in, the gyms around Boise will begin to lose money. Why go to the gym when you can get plenty of exercise jumping to conclusions.

  10. TJ, the elder
    Jan 25, 2010, 8:13 am

    Just another comment – I am a retired person whose only contact with law enforcement personally was for parking tickets downtown. I have observed in a few instances that Boise police have changed their practices in the last 30 or so years from being “peace officers” to the type of confrontational attitude that one would see in LA or other large metropolitan area. I find it rather scary. The Ada County Sheriffs seems more public friendly but that could be incorrect too. As I say, I haven’t had much direct contact with law enforcement myself and I hope the police did not act as described in the letter. It will be interesting to see if we ever get to the truth.

  11. Well gee whiz, the guy put all his dirty laundry there, ie the report number. So Mr Editor, go get a copy of the report from the Ada County records section under the Freedom of Information Act and lets see how much truth there is and how much BS.

  12. Rod in SE Boise
    Jan 29, 2010, 3:35 pm

    Steve, I think you assume too much to think that the “truth” will be contained in the police report. We need to compare the police version with the victim’s (?) version, the wife’s version, and the EMT’s version, and wait for the Ombudsman’s report.

  13. There won’t be an ombudsmans report, because I believe this guy knows he was in the wrong and the report itself, which will have his wifes statements etc, in it, will show and prove that. So, he will not make a complaint, due to the fact that he is another windbag that wastes space on here whining about his own mistakes and not taking accountability for his own actions.

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