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Boise City Buys Out of County Land

Last week at a special council session, Boise City acquired a piece of land in Boise County known as Stack Rock. The landmark is a popular spot with hikers and mountain bikers who previously had to cross private property to reach it. We just hope Boise doesn’t get a hankering for Tamarack! It was acquired […]

BFD Ambulance Issue Probably Not Dead

Despite direction from the Boise City Council, it appears the issue of who will operate the ambulances–and call the shots for medical calls–is still up for grabs if the BFD union Bros and Sis have a voice. And based on what we hear from at least one candidate for VP of the union, he would […]

CCDC, County Still At Odds Over Parking

This came in from a disgruntled worker along Front Street: “Taxpayers subsidize Ada County employee parking fees at the Courthouse. Wish someone would subsidize mine – I work in the same complex and CCDC is charging the highest in the downtown area and there is no 1st hour free.” Her complaint is only the tip […]

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