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Boise Pays Off In Bum Taser Case

The GUARDIAN has it on good authority the City of Boise has paid off the guy who was Tasered in on or near his bum and threatened by a copper with having an electrical treatment to his family jewels last Valentine’s Day. Gerald Amidon had previously filed a suit against Boise City in U.S. District Court.

Sources tell us a memo went out to coppers last week announcing the pay off. While no figure was revealed and the settlement in Federal Court has been sealed, speculation is the amount was about $150,000. If either party wishes to challenge our estimate, we would be happy to have any documents providing accurate info on the secret expenditure of public money.

Here is the text of the memo to the coppers: “On Monday, February 1, 2010 the City reached a settlement agreement in Federal Court in a civil case filed against four Boise Police officers. In his complaint, the plaintiff alleged the four Officers violated his civil rights by using excessive force during his 2009 arrest.

The settlement was reached during a mediation session with a Federal Judge. Present were the Judge, representatives of Boise City, as well as the four Officers.

The settlement agreement contained a confidentiality agreement so all the details were not released. It was agreed that reaching a settlement now would be in the best interest of all parties. The settlement contained a provision that officers were making no admission to violating the plaintiff’s civil rights.”

The GUARDIAN has filed public information requests for the settlement, but have little doubt the request will be denied. We hope to have the internal e-mail available soon. The INCIDENT was made public last June when the Ombudsman report was released.

In another twist on the same incident which occurred Feb. 14, 2009 the Boise PD sergeant who was identified as being responsible for erasing a taped interview with AMIDON following the use of force by coppers has filed a $2 million tort claim against his boss, Chief Mike Masterson, and several other command staff as well as the city.

Sgt. George Stevens was reprimanded by Chief Masterson, but claims the action was unfair and he was singled out due to the negative publicity surrounding the arrest incident. He also notes he was active in the union and that also led to his discipline.

That claim will no doubt be denied by the City and the matter will then be ripe for filing a civil suit.

View Stevens’ claim.

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  1. Unless things have changed in the last 9-10 years, City policy (coming from the mass police shootings in the late 90’s)is that all, ALL, contacts with the public are to be taped. Period.

    Tampering with the tape was wrong. The guys lucky he was just reprimanded and not fired.

    Sergeant Stevens sure has Chutzpah. Maybe he figures it is his enhanced retirement program.

  2. Way to go, Guardian. For sure somebody needed to be nailed for that Guantanamo-style arrest and the coverup.

  3. grumpy ole guy
    Feb 8, 2010, 8:28 pm

    Well, maybe the money will be enough sugar to help cure his ham.

  4. If Sergeant Stevens is so distressed and humiliated, then he should do himself and the citizens of Boise a big favor and resign. Same goes for the tase-happy officer who amazingly is still on the job. I am astounded and quite angry that people were not fired after this incident. The ONLY one who did their job right was Pierce Murphy, and it is unfortunate that he has no teeth to do anything.

  5. serendipity
    Feb 8, 2010, 11:57 pm

    Hmmmmmm–comparing the mere $150,000 supposedly to be paid to the victim, vs the 2mil. that the copper sues for, makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

  6. Thanks, BG, for your vigilance in exposing these behind closed door deals. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the kinds of misdeeds that shamelessly occur in this state. It’s good to know there’s at least one Idaho journalist with the guts to dig deep and not just kiss up to the good ole boys and girls for the sake of a space filler.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to BG and the victim of the taser case.

  7. Sara, Yes the policy has changed: “A uniformed officer shall ensure that his/her recorder is recording during the full duration of all personal contacts with suspects and persons complaining of officer misconduct while engaged in enforcement action or when any contact is anticipated to be confrontational in nature, unless an articulated reason justifies otherwise.” Now pay attention Sara… “The officer shall make every effort to record the entire contact in a manner that will provide a clear audio recording.” So no, the officers are not required to record ALL contacts with the public. And unless you were with Sgt Stevens at the time of this incident, you have no way of knowing his reason(s) for not recording any and or all of this contact. In addition, who knows if the reason(s) listed in the Ombudsman report are truthful and accurate? Why do you think the Ombudsman is listed in the claim?

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Feb 9, 2010, 12:45 pm

    I agree with JOB9 and Kappa TA, and also wonder why the taser victim accepted so little.

  9. Well now Tim, it appears that the City policy has gone backwards. Taping all conversations ensures fairness for both the citizen and the officer. And in fact, the most problematic contacts, ie the Jones (?) boy and this tasered man, seem to have the tapes missing.

    Now pay attention Tim. One would think if the officer had nothing to hide, there is no reason for the contact not to be recorded.

    And I have no idea in which claim the Ombudsman is listed, but one can surmise it’s all related to the deep pockets that all lawyers try to burrow.

  10. Pick your poison, tasered-tush boy: Anodes in the ass, nightstick on the noggin or a burst of 9mms to the midsection.
    Judging from past Boise police behavior, that man is lucky to be alive.

  11. Oh dear, now the City will have to raise their share of property taxes to make up the $150,000. You do know that $150,000 was slated to pay for more pr concerning the trolley. I am aghast at the consternation Mayor Bieter and his bunch must be feeling.


  13. Alex Michas
    Mar 31, 2010, 7:51 pm

    Wait for it. Yes wait till I have my crack at the city. I have been arrested,spent 2 weeks in jail so far,charged with 2 felonys I did not commit, watched a prosecutor lie to a magistrate, been fired from my job,deniged unemployment insurance, and still have to go to trial in june to “prove my innocence”. All because the investigating officer decided not to question any of the 9 witnesses that place me at X-mas eve dinner 15 miles away from the scene of the crime. the crime in question was the X-mas eve. 2008 burglary of the Idaho business review. I am going to sue for 25 million. Want to bet the offer me a settlement?

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