Idle Coppers Copy Canyon Commishes

A GUARDIAN reader observed a quintet of copper’s cars idling for at least 40 minutes at the Friday night swap held at the Cole Village Shopping Center. He certainly doesn’t sound “anti cop.”

The GUARDIAN isn’t anti-cop either, but given what we have seen in the past, there certainly is a shared attitude between some of the BPD patrol division and the Canyon County Commishes who have openly defied air pollution regulations. There is a written policy about idling engines and on the face of it, the “Java Five” may have overlooked the rules.

We take the reader at his word and invite Boise police union and management to respond. We post the following message verbatim:

“Hello, last night my wife and myself visited the Boise Bike Swap at the Cole Village shopping center. We notice several Boise Police cars either already parked and just arriving ….5 total. My wife and I spent a good 40 minutes looking at Bikes and when we returned to the parking lot notice all 5 patrol cars were idling.

The weather was mild Friday night, no snow and temperatures that should not hinder starting any modern automobile. At that point I notice the officers were all in a booth at the Moxie Java next door to the bike swap. I certainly don’t object to officers having field meetings, lunch or breaks together but assuming they may have spent an hour at this “meeting”…..that would be five hours of vehicles idling.

To the average person that may be a years worth of stops at your bank or Jack In Box type places. One unit was a K-9 and perhaps the dog needed to stay warm? Oh…I should mention this dog was going nuts barking at the foot traffic in the parking lot. The unnecessary cost and pollution generated by using someone’s elses fuel irks me.

Thanks for your Blog!”

Boise PD command staff have counseled the officers. Only three could be identified and only one–the K-9 car–was left running by their account. They know the public is watching, they know the rules against idling, and have been duly warned. Policy allows the K-9 car to remain running for the comfort and well being of the dog.

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  1. Cue Cyclops,
    Feb 28, 2010, 4:57 pm

    To tell us the cops are right to do whatever it is they have done.

  2. Here’s a novel thought. The State of Montana has a waste, fraud and abuse hotline via a 1-800 phone number. People who suspect public servants of any of the above simply call that number with their complaint. Every complaint is investigated and a report back to the complaining party.

  3. Cops do what ever they want to in Idaho. They own it.

  4. See! You didn’t have to cue me! Dog said it best!
    If the officers didn’t follow their directives, there needs to be a response by command.

  5. “The unnecessary cost and pollution generated by using someone’s elses fuel irks me.”

    Yeah, that’s somebody else’s fuel – THE TAXPAYERS’!!

    Abusers of the official BPD car-idling policy should be reassigned to the Bike Patrol for a couple months. (Except I’m guessing they would be reluctant to come back…)

  6. Too bad the citizen does not trust the cops enough to point out the violation. The cops know this and seem to want this barrier. It’s the “us and them thing” they work so hard to keep in place. Might be a stupid law, might need to run car to keep all the electronics booted and ready to use, but in your face violation of policy looks bad. My concern is that they don’t care if it looks bad. Good news is the governments are very rapidly running dry, can’t spend what you don’t have for long. I’m happy to have a strong police force, it is needed. We need to find a better way to fit it in with and make it cheaper for those of us who pay for it. Problem is the first thing they try to do is cut qualifications, pay, and bennies rather than improving the efficency of the department, and this leads back to the “us vs them” thinking.

  7. Were their car doors locked? Or were they just *inviting* any passing citizen — adult or kid — to take their nice, fast vehicles for a joy ride?

    EDITOR NOTE–In the past we have observed similar situations and the coppers do lock the vehicles, apparently using the electric key fob to open the doors. One concern–as you mention–is someone popping a window and making off with a car full of guns, radios, and a computer.

  8. It doesn’t matter what you citizens think. Cops do what ever they want and the county prosecutors back them all the way. Many judges do to.
    Ada County prosecutors routinely recommend maximum penalty for any misdemeanor or felony, causing huge overcrowding problems in the jails and costing taxpayers a fortune.
    A kid on our street got caught with a pot pipe and about a thimble of pot, pleaded guilty and the prosecutor asked the judge for a sentence of 90 days in jail, mandatory supervised probation and maximum fines totaling over $1200.00. Thankfully this judge thought the prosecutors recommended sentence was outrageous, especially the jail time for a first offense. I am outraged as a taxpayer.

  9. Dog,

    Ada prosecutors don’t routinely ask for the MAXIMUM penalty. Maybe you should do a little research if you think they do. A misdemeanor is punishable by up to 365 days in jail. Take the example you mentioned – paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. Two misdemeanors, so he was eligible for 730 days in jail, and the prosecutor asked for 90. A little shy of the maximum?

  10. LJ, thanks for the info. I guess it’s about protecting our community. Pot smoker in jail, DBSI scammers, most white collar crimes, nothing. Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it.

  11. I’ll tell you one thing for sure Dog. If we put every pot user in jail, we sure wouldn’t have an unemplyment problem. Hell, half the town would be in the slammer!

  12. They keep the cars running to keep all the fancy electronic gear from draining the battery. Kinda like a big semi-diesel that has to run all night. different concept but same thing.

    EDITOR NOTE–Not according to the professional fleet services manager the city hired. The policy detailed here is now adopted by council, chief, etc.:

  13. Steve Lewis
    Mar 3, 2010, 11:46 pm

    Here we go again, lets slam on the PO-LICE for a while longer. Again people, get a LIFE. What were the officers discussing in Moxie, maybe personal things, maybe dope houses in that area, maybe training issues with the dog in question, maybe information being passed on wanted people in the area. You don’t know, and neither do I but I am not going to worry that much about it. As I have said before, they do a job none of you want, they deal with the people you want to be protected from, so cut some slack, how many of you idle your car now and then, its not a felony or a misdemeanor, so CALM DOWN!!

    EDITOR NOTE–Steve, the guy said he didn’t have a problem with meeting, coffee, lunch, or anything else. He just wants them to shut off the car. While not a felony or misdemeanor, it is a blatant violation of department policy outlined here in bold: none of those 5 coppers are about to report each other, so the citizen came to the GUARDIAN. Show me a department that approves of locked cars parked with the key in the ignition and easy access to computer, radio, and rifle/shotgun.

  14. Steve Lewis
    Mar 5, 2010, 12:05 am

    OK editor, think about what you just wrote, a key in the ignition means nothing. Every police car parked anywhere in this city that is locked and off could have the window broke out, someone steal the computer, rifle/shotgun, or even hotwire the car to steal it. I get the point of idling and gas etc, but your new rant makes no sense. Thieves now a days know how to overcome may things to get what they want.

  15. Since we are on the topic of such blatant misuse of city money (idling cars and wasting tax payer money in the process), maybe you, editor, should start a new campaign to rid the police of heinous misuse and waste of money in other areas besides gasoline.

    You can start by going after the wasteful misuse of electricity at the police station. How many officers leave a room with the lights on? How much money is being wasted there? You could campaign to have the chief pass a policy that says “Every officer shall turn the light off on a room once he/she leaves it”. That could save lots of money, I’m sure.

    Then what about wasteful water use? How many officers take 15 minute showers at the station? Or take two showers a day maybe? That’s a heinous waste of money and water too. The chief could put water shutoffs on the showers to only allow for 5 minute showers. Or, maybe pass another policy limiting the showering time to 5 minutes and only one per day. Sergeants could monitor this to insure compliance.

    I bet there are officers that let the tap run on the sink too while they are brushing their teeth.

    Heinous! I say. This too must stop!

    We all know where this type of abuse and waste of money leads too. You need to get on it editor. Make yourself useful.

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