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BOI Airport Admits Parking Not Needed

Nice little Q&A by Tim Woodward in the DAILY PAPER Sunday.

Seems the Boise Airport didn’t really need the $29 million five story parking garage stopped by the GUARDIAN editor five years ago. In fact, there isn’t even demand for a surface lot that cost just $2 million or so to build. With interest the garage would have doubled in price. Even the new surface lot is closed “indefinitely.”

Five years ago our concerns were about the city sneaking around the voters with an attempt to build the five story facility without voter approval–required by the Idaho Constitution. Today the cities have a constitutional amendment before the legislature which is aimed squarely at the “Frazier Decision.” That amendment would remove the constitutional right of voters to approve long term debt–like the unneeded parking garage.

Once it passes the legislature–which seems certain–the measure will go to voters statewide. We doubt many folks will go to the polls to vote in favor of denying themselves the right to go to the polls on public debt issues, especially in light of how well government manages our taxes today!

SUPREME COURT 2006 decision on the original boondoggle.

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  1. We have a generation or two of freaked-out government leaders / planners who know no other strategy aside from building / expanding in preparation for growth. We still have a few things to do to catch up with the rapid growth that already happened… but then doom for the growth planners until the next big growth boom. This may be a long ways out it would seem.

    They can see that growth is stymied, and in some cases negative, so they must find another avenue to preserve their way.

    Several of the larger urbanized areas and states have gotten around this problem by having a majority of voters who live off the government check, therefore friendly to tax and spend and tax and spend ideologies. Boise / Idaho is not there yet, so they must change the rules to circumvent the voter.

    Where am I wrong on this??

  2. It would be interesting to know just how many people know how LID’s, Urban Renewal and other efforts work to fleece property taxpayers.

    How high do property taxes have to go before people wake up and say WTH!

    I always love it when the UR wonks tell us all the stuff the are doing is at NO COST TO TAXPAYERS. It is a bald faced lie and they know it.

    When will we get our constitutional rights to vote on big dollar capital projects back? The legislature is about to pass new rules for Urban Renewal this week and to my knowledge there still isn’t any voter oversight or accountability to voters in this legislation.

  3. FYI to all voters:

    If you have an interest in testifying (on proposed or pending legislation,) please find the agendas, times, and locations on . Go to Calendars and Agendas; House Committees; and State Affairs. You’ll need to watch this daily.

    Visit the Legislative Web Page at This is an excellent place to read bills, track legislation, contact legislators, and more.

  4. If not for BG Dave we would be suffering the expense of paying back $29 million in principle plus interest costs for a new Boise Airport parking garage we didn’t need.

    This is a shining example of why taxpayers need to vote on debt those in elected and appointed office would foist off on taxpayers.

    This week the legislature is about to make urban renewal boards the complete “Toads” of the Mayor and City Councils where UR agencies exist. The will be appointed by the Mayor and City Council and can be “picked off” at will by the Mayor every six months.

    Independently elected boards and voter oversight for debt instruments is the only way to protect our Idaho Constitutional rights.

  5. Idaho could advance to the modern age with “Home Rule”. just a thought!

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