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Calley Spear
Boise, ID 83706
Hammer Flat: I just wanted to say I’m so glad that the City Council decided to purchase Hammer Flat. That is so awesome. Thank you for your foresight and thank you for making Boise one of the best places to live. Good bye.

Jamie Voss
Hammer Flat: Hello, I’m calling to express extreme amounts of gratitude for the savior of Hammer Flat Refuge. This is an absolutely pivotal moment in our society for the acknowledgement of open spaces. Thank you so much this has been an absolutely wonderful thing to see today. It boosted my positivity for the whole month! Again, thank you so much for the preservation and savior of Hammer Flat Wildlife Refuge.

Hammer Flat: This message is for Mayor Bieter. I just wanted to thank him from the bottom of my heart for voting for the Hammer Flat levee. I think it’s a great, great idea for Boise and our foothills space. Again, I just want to thank Mayor Bieter and the City Council for their unanimous vote today. Thank you so much.

Mary Lou and Dick Kinney
3081 S. Short Leaf
Boise, ID 83716
Hammer Flat: Mayor Bieter and the City Council of Boise: We live in the Spring Creek area of Harris Ranch. We just wanted to thank you very, very much for your wise decision of giving the whole city the gift of Hammer Flat Wild Life Refuge Center. It was a wise decision. Thank you very much.

Addie Haas
1285 N. Astor Pl.
Boise, ID
Transitional Housing: I saw on the news last night on Channel 12 about the New Hope House in Nampa closing. Does that mean that the one at 1286 Astor will close too in Boise? I wanted to know if when I call Neighborhood Watch, she got the information that there will be 10 people across the street if in case it did open. Now what is the agreement with Lyn Luker when he passed that law that there would be only 8? Please get back to me, Kris, and give me some information on this. We’re still having prowlers here and you know it does no good to call an officer because by the time we get outside and turn the lights on, they’re gone. So, please give me some peace of mind, okay?
Action Taken: contacted

Curb It: Hello, there are many houses near the intersection of Lancelot and Maywood that leave their trash cans out constantly and it’s becoming an eyesore. The addresses are 8992, 8976, 8930, 8909, 8886, 8885, 8829, 8793, 8772, 8749, 8733, and 8715. Thank you.

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  1. Jamie Voss mentioned “extreme amounts of gratitude for the savior of Hammer Flat Refuge.”

    Would that Savior be Mayor Dave? He seems to be getting most of the credit for spending our taxpayer dollars in such a prudent fashion.

    Now that the cash is pretty much gone, maybe they need another levy vote – this time the “Open Spaces II and Streetcar Levy.” Boise can never be a really, really, really, REALLY nice place to live without a streetcar! (/sarcasm)

    (On a more serious note, I’d love if they’d rename that mesa, from Hammer Flat to the “Ernie Elk Wildlife Refuge.” Ernie probably never stepped hoof on it, but we should remember Ernie.)

  2. When I read the article, I believe it said that the personnel from the affected agencies were kept to a minimum. Anyone want to wager that the good mayor didn’t even know it was going to happen?

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