Meridian vs ACHD on Legislation

While Boise’s urban renewal agency CCDC secretly wrote proposed legislation and denied the GUARDIAN access to the process, the Ada County Highway District was quietly doing the same thing and drawing the ire of Meridian officials.

Seems ACHD wanted to “opt out” of having taxes diverted to urban renewal projects without their approval. Urban Renewal agencies statewide are used to get around voters and various local governments. A bill before the legislature written by Boise’s CCDC lawyer failed to get out of committee when most of the testimony at a hearing opposed the bill.

Here is the SNARKY LETTER Meridian sent to the ACHD–a public record, but out of the public forum.10 Mar 17 Huber ACHD HB583 Apparently both units of government forgot to ask what the citizens thought. We don’t wish to argue the merits of any of the failed bills, just wanted to remind you we are here.

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  1. See Paul? Another reminder that politics is a “blood sport”. The gypsies are running the palace and it’s time we came home and asked them to leave.

  2. We won’t be “asking” the Gypsies to leave after a few more years of this economy. They know it, and are looking for ways to bar the door.

  3. Without URDs, taxes are diverted to the suburbs. Just look at West Downtown. When is the last time there was any substantial public investment? The Broadway Chinden Connector? Not really, that was an aid to more suburban expansion as much as it was a traffic solution for Fairview/Main.

    So what’s more fair?

  4. Hey,

    I’m half-Gypsy, but support open doors and records! WATCH IT! I do agree that public entities AND citizens should be informed of all decisions that could affect their economies and lives. Meridian has been extremely proactive in seeking transportation and development dollars. If Shaun Wardle, Meridian Development Corp. president and a fomrer Meridian city councilman, wins his bid for a House seat (primary against Joe Palmer), you can expect more urban development action in this part of western Ada County. ACHD has a somewhat bad rep over here.


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