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Pat & Jim Hahn
4219 Merryweather Dr.
Boise, ID 83705
F-35’s: We’ve lived in our house since 1973 and we are strongly opposed to the Air Force bringing in F35’s to Gowen Field because of the dangerous noise levels. I know it would be good for the economy but those of us who have lived here for many, many, many years, we can’t have that extra noise; it’s already gotten noisier over the past 35 years and we just can’t take any more. So we’re opposed. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

Aircane Chiron
VRT: I would like to encourage you guys to beef up the bus system because I think it’s really hard for people when the bus system doesn’t run at night. Week ends are hard too, but especially at night when someone gets off work and the bus system stops working at 6 and most people work until 5, 6, or later, and most people who need the bus system work at odd jobs. So I think it would be better if the bus system had more expanded routes and ran at night.

John G. Rector
(527) 372-5706
Taxes: I have called and I will continue to call every government organization up to the federal level. I have not gotten my tax return and I’m not getting any help from anyone to get my tax return. I served my country for 23 ½ years and am a retired combat disabled vet. I filed them January 7th and I’m getting no help from nobody. I expect my tax return tomorrow and I’ve explained that. I don’t care if they have to sell furniture or pawn computers; I’ve always paid my taxes. My return number is 914-1293. Thank you.
Action Taken: bad numbers

Doris Aleksich
P.O. Box 6733
Boise, ID 8707
Emissions: I certainly hope that you’re not going to prevent the private owners from doing the emissions testing. They have a little industry going there; it’s worked well and I can’t believe the city is thinking of changing it. Please don’t put those people out of work. Thank you.

Michael Smith
280 N. 8th St. Apt. 611
Boise, ID
Downtown Entertainment: There was a concert outside behind the Opa and Casba Restaurants on Saturday night which started around 10:00 p.m. and didn’t end until after 4:00 Sunday morning. When I called the police to complain about the incredible noise, the outside fire and flames and flame throwers, I was told that they had a permit for it or they wouldn’t have been allowed to do it. So, I was just curious about the permitting process that lets an outdoor, well amplified concert go on until 4 in the morning right across the street from an apartment
building. Can you give me a call about that? I would like to find out a little more about this permitting process and see what the story is. Thank you.
Wendy Johnson

Mrs. Jackson
Home Invasion: I would like for someone to call me back at 857-234-1483; I would like to speak to someone from this office because after my house was invaded they didn’t find anything. There also was a gun put in my 12 year olds face at the time. Not only that my two-year old daughter was in the house, and while she was running around they all had their guns out and at the time ??. If you could please call me back because I’m very upset about this because now my 12 year old is upset and he’s traumatized by the matter.

Marcia Zacusmeyer
F-35: I live over by the airport and I was just calling about the F-35’s and to express my concern about that. We have enough noise with the regular airplanes and would not appreciate any more noise from the big airplanes. So, I just wanted to make sure that our opinion is known because they’re making it sound like everybody’s in favor of that. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

Patricia Angell
4700 Sorrento
Boise, ID 83704
Abandoned Vehicle: I have been a resident of Boise since 1969. I’ve been at this residence for quite some time and I have a white pick-up truck which is licensed, which I only use for gardening, picking up and hauling things which is parked beside my house; I don’t drive it that much because my Cadillac’s in the driveway and my other car I drive. I have a notice of “Intent to Impound” the vehicle; supposedly a neighbor or someone has turned it in because it’s not moved very often, which it isn’t. The streets are public streets and I am very unfamiliar with this,
so I would really like a response. It says it will be removed within 48 hours; usually it is my right to be able to park on my street, so please call me back and look into this for the citizens of Boise. Thank you.
Action Taken: left message

Patricia Angell
Abandoned Vehicle: Hello, this is Patricia Angell calling back. I forgot to include some information; the DR# on this is 006410, the Ada numbered officer – I cannot make out his name – is 7970. There are boats, trailers, cars that have never been moved that are on this street, in this neighborhood, so maybe we need to go around and do the same thing, start marking down the license numbers of the vehicles, but we’re not like that. We would appreciate; maybe this is something you can change, Mayor Bieter, that they come up to your door. I can’t get this
orange sticker off the windshield; it’s stuck on there and it was only put on at 10:20 this morning. We were here at the house and no one even bothered to even come up and talk to us about why it’s there. That’s totally unnecessary to have the police department doing jobs that are not needed; they could be doing something a lot better, I’m sure. Okay, call me back.

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  1. I don’t buy the Powerball lottery tickets but I saw an interesting tidbit on the bottom of a recent stub. There was an advertisement for the F-35’s including a website-

    I wonder if anybody can advertise on the bottom of a lottery ticket?

  2. How the heck do you get the Boise Mayor’s office when you live in Boston?

    How the heck does one think the Boise Mayor’s office has anything to do with tax returns?

  3. It’s easy Cynic. When you live in Boston and you are furious with the mayor over something, you just google Boise Idaho and you realize just how good you have it in Boston!

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