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Coppers From Similar Cities Share Info

Your readers may find the following benchmark cities study helpful in a discussion on many topics you cover in your forum ranging from crime stats to employee information to things like miles driven. The BENCHMARK SURVEY is from a group of similar size cities who seek to compare notes.

For instance, data regarding some of the discussion threads about annual miles driven and accidents, is under traffic safety. Short answer to a commenter’s question: in 2008 employees drove 1,668,825 miles. we had 30 employee involved accidents–down from 44 the year prior. Of the 30 crashes, employees were at fault in 16 of them.

As soon as I receive the 2009 report the website will be updated. Thanks, MIKE MASTERSON, chief BPD.

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  1. Amost 1 3/4 million miles driven with 16 “faulted” accidents! In addition, texting would be seen as a small percentage of that figure.
    I would take that spread every day of the week! It appears that some here just “shoot from the hip” and hope for the best!!

  2. Amazing, stats that show officers can drive safely while going fast, multi-tasking, and getting somewhere to save you readers behinds when needed.

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