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Hammer Flats Sugar Daddy In Bushes?

If the info we got from a usually reliable source is correct, the Foothills money glass may not be empty after all. In fact it may be 41% full very soon.

Old Crow told the GUARDIAN of a conversation with a fellow flying friend:

I am a supporter of the Foothills Levy and would support any expansion of it. I do agree with the GUARDIAN there are areas other than the foothills worthy of protection. The purpose of this note is to give you a heads up about the $4.1 million the
council approved to purchase Hammer Flats.

A little bird (a very very very reliable source) told me that the city will soon be reimbursed for the full amount by a third party.

So while I would support an effort to extend the levy, I would not support the justification on the erroneous assumption the fund is depleted…IF it gets replenished.

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  1. Life was so much better before I was forced into the city limits…

  2. I will give my usual mantra (and beat my head against a brick wall) that taxpayers cannot afford ANY new taxes, levies, etc. during a recession this bad. While preservation is important, People come first. Where are the jobs? Idaho is now ranked 48th in personal income and is close to an all-time record for unemployment with no end in sight. Until and if a tree or a pathway can pay for food and other essentials, I will continue to oppose any and all tax increases.


  3. That’s just great Guardian! It appears that you may have ruined plan “B” before they could get plan “A” announced!!!

  4. grumpy ole guy
    Mar 27, 2010, 12:47 pm

    Kappa, I have to disagree with you, while at the same time agreeing. We need BOTH people programs and the planning ahead for present and future people’s well-being. We need both current people efforts, jobs measures, tax breaks for the poor and/or distressed people (not business or land) and some assurance that when this financial crisis is over there will be the promise of an ambiance at least similar to the one which makes this such a great place to be.

  5. This group needs to back away from the expresso machine..
    Mar 27, 2010, 1:37 pm

    Reading this blog is getting to be like reading the newsletter from the deaf and blind chapter of the Chicken Little Society. You know, the part where they describe what they have heard and seen?

    We have a rumor, three layers deep, that started with a “good source”, about something that may, or may not, have happened, or maybe will, or will not, happen. And how that will affect the city’s plan, or possible plan, to do one thing, or perhaps something else. But, either way, we’re still sure that Bieter, and Team Dave, are the anti christs, and thank god Dave nipped it in the bud, whatever it is.

  6. I see that the Statesman is fully on board.

  7. This group…

    If you don’t like what we write, then don’t read us. We’re just stating our opinions. And yes, the sky is falling.


    I stand by my opposition to any new taxes right now. Ambience and future planning are great concepts, but if no one moves here because of our soured economy (no jobs, high taxes) then what’s the point? If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it fall, did it really happen?

  8. Casual Observer
    Mar 28, 2010, 4:21 pm

    Summarizing KTA – Would someone please come rescue our sorry butts. We are willing to trash the environment if need be.

    Seems to me our sorry butts are more likely to get saved if we save them ourselves and the environment is a good place to start. I have never heard of anyone dying to move to a dump. Sign me up for another foothills levy, sugar daddy or no sugar daddy.

    EDITOR NOTE–We are NOT opposed to a levy. We ARE opposed to conducting deals–if there are any–in secret. If secrecy is the deciding factor to get it done, it is probably best left undone.
    FYI, we don’t know if the Sugardaddy is a person or an agency. Could be–horror of horrors–the GUARDIAN is wrong.

  9. C.O.

    I’m not sure how you got from my point A to your point B. No one wants the environment trashed, but those who come here need sustainable jobs first so they and their families can enjoy the state’s many natural amenities. If seeking work is saving sorry butts, then so be it. How can you help yourself if no one will hire you? I like open spaces as much as anyone else, but I’ve seen too many hungry people on street corners and in our lovely parks. When’s the last time you went hungry? I suppose you could always pluck an apple from one of Les Boise trees and move your sorry butt to another street corner. I value my constituents enough to say employment and lower taxes first. Those are quality of life issues. Otherwise, I’ll agree to disagree with you and wait for the next posting on another subject.

  10. Casual Observer
    Mar 28, 2010, 7:59 pm

    Note to gEditor – Sorry if I touched a nerve. I don’t remember saying anything about secret deals. Didn’t see anything about it in the lead either.

    Help us, oh paranoid one, what exactly is it that you believe to be secret. More importantly, what do you believe to be secret, and illegal.

    EDITOR NOTE–Earlier in the thread Cyclops feared I had queered the deal “plan B exposed before plan A announced…” The previous campaign was indeed funded using city cash and resources. The lesson is: use the bully pulpit, but don’t step over the line. If the fund will be replenished, we don’t need a new levy. Seems absurd to attract developers, businesses, home builders, then turn around and pay to “save” the foot hills from ourselves. We can also aim to save other areas as well.

  11. If you let someone rant long enough, the “backstory” always emerges. KTA “constituents”????
    BUSTED!! Ollie,Ollie, In Come Free!!

  12. Cyclops,

    I’ve made no secret that I am an elected official with constituents and that I am a journalist as well. The editor can check my background, but not reveal who I am. I stand by my statements.


  13. I have no reason to impugn anything you say. Fact is, I am on board with most of your views. I just wonder from time to time, do you sleep on your right side, or your left side. It might explain your diversity along the social spectrum.
    By the way, it is now narrowed down to an elected journalist, keep posting!!!

  14. Casual Observer
    Mar 29, 2010, 11:49 am

    KYA – “If you don’t like what we write, then don’t read us”?

    A curious comment from a journalist. A disgusting comment from an elected official.

  15. C.O.: This blogspot is about Hammer Flats, not me. However, I do not like my honest views to be called “disgusting.” Journalists and elected officials have opinions, too. As in any election, if you don’t like my views, don’t vote for me. That’s all I mean- freedom of choice. I don’t read me sometimes. Cyclops: I would say I am pretty consistently conservative, and I am not an elected journalist or I’d probably be rich! My constituents are also very conservative.

    I am personally opposed to more taxes, levies, LiDS, etc. right now; Idaho has the 14th highest taxes in the nation. People are moving to urban areas not because of amenities, but to find jobs.

    The environment is also important, and especially so to you, C.O. If you want to hear more about conservation issues, such as the CUMO mining project, water quality issues facing the area, and Boise’s new focus on sustainability, you might want to attend the Idaho Conservation League’s “Local Issues, Local Beer,” 5 p.m. Wed., March 31 at the Red Feather Lounge. Contact Sara Cohn at



  16. Casual Observer
    Mar 30, 2010, 8:21 am

    KYA said, “I stand by my statements.”

    And, by signing with a pseudonym, makes it impossible to be linked to them. KYA, hereafter I will call you Hypocrite.

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