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Jim Allen
1060 E. Washakie St.
Meridian, ID 83646
Taxi: After reading the article on the cab problem at the Airport, a possible suggestion or solution would be to move the cell phone waiting area out to that parking lot that they just rebuilt and no longer use, the satellite parking lot. That’s within two minutes to the airport; it would be a great place to pull in, wait until you get a cell phone call, and go get them. You could also then turn the other over to the cabs, or you could start your secondary cab line in that same lot and send five cabs at a time over. Seems to me like an easy solution. Talk to you later.
Action Taken: left msj

Carlyn Larson-DeBord
Misc: Hello Mayor; I know you don’t have anything to worry about. I was wondering if you have available for senior citizens a mobile mulcher so the people can get their things mulched to give back to the city, like when their trees are down and they just need someone to help mulch them without loading them up and taking them to the dump. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: contacted

Code Enforcement: Mr. Mayor, I’m calling about my neighbor next door that has an eyesore that I have to look at, but he doesn’t because there’s lots of trees planted. Another neighbor has a car up on blocks and has for months. Anyway, I talked to the Code Enforcement people anonymously and the reason I’m insisting on anonymity is because of fear of absolute retaliation if they find out who I am. So, because of it, I can’t even tell you who I am now. What I would like you to do, Mr. Mayor, is get the Code Enforcement people to stop demanding when you call in, they won’t even answer the phone, you have to leave your name, phone number, email, and physical address and I’m thinking you’re putting people in danger. It used to be you could do it anonymously, the Code Enforcement people would come out and see whether or not there really was a warranted situation to cite them, but now you have to give them all this pertinent information and they can certainly find out. It’s not fool-proof, their system of so-called security. So would you please use your clout to get them to put the anonymity factor back in so people can get their neighborhoods cleaned up without having your property vandalized in retaliation, threats made, or something like that. It’s very important; my neighborhood is half-way nice, it’s nothing to write home about, but it’s okay, but there’s a place at the end of the block with a motor home there – that’s a code violation. There’s a trailer alongside this shack – that’s another violation, people are living in those things. An old car is abandoned; this is a residential neighborhood off of South Five Mile my neighbor has all kinds of crap along his fence line that I have to look at but he doesn’t have to look at, an old car on blocks in somebody’s driveway. This is unacceptable, this is a halfway reasonably decent neighborhood, so since I’m scared to give you my real name, address, and phone number, please get these people to take that requirement off of who you are. They can come out and take photos to take to court if they have to, but usually just citing somebody will get the property cleaned up and they know that. So please, please use your clout on this. Thank you.
Action Taken: Contacted.
Illegal Parking: I’m calling about the property at 110 Peasley St. Whoever lives there continues to park their red truck by the north side of the house and this is city property. The house was permitted by the City Council to be built despite neighbors complaining about no off-street parking on that lot because the lot is so small. So, now I ask that the city enforce their laws and tell the people living there that they need to try to find parking on the street. I also notice that they are putting down gravel in the front of the house and next to the house for parking. I think that this needs to be taken care of and that cars should not be able to be parked there because it’s city property. This is a perfect example of why future housing structures should be required to have adequate parking before a building permit is allowed. Thank you.

Curb It: There is a major problem in Boise having to do with trash cans being left out in view of people as they’re walking down the street. It’s making Boise look really trashy. There are a lot of houses on Canterberry Drive, Lancelot, Maywood, and Christine and all over Boise. The addresses on Canterberry are 8655, 8701, 8753, 8775, 8809, 8856, 8857, 8885, 8896, 8905, 8950, 8972, 8988. Thank you.

Dave Bethke
Emissions: I was just calling concerning the emissions, the possibility of a Sweden company coming in to do our emissions. You know, no one likes paying that fee every year for emissions and it looks as a customer it would be better for us because it will be every two years now, but I would rather pay extra money and keep our jobs local here in Idaho and everyone in Idaho employed going forward as opposed to paying a third party company out of Sweden to hire some people out of state to come in and do our emissions. So, I don’t know if my voice matters, but I hope it does. Please keep the emissions the way it is. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

Curb It: I’m calling in regards to trash cans being left out in public view on Christine between Ustick and Northview. There are several; the addresses are: 2905 Christine, 2770, 2745, 2700, 2686, 2611, 2760, 2685, 2614, 2625, 2595, and 2413. This has become a terrible eyesore in the City of Boise where it’s supposed to be beautiful and all you see are ugly trash cans. This needs to be corrected. Thank you.

Don May
9572 W. Weirhollis Dr.
Boise, ID 83709
Dog Shooting: I’m calling in regard to the Meridian shooting and I’m not sure if this is within Boise’s jurisdiction. I thought I would pass along some thoughts anyway. I’m a dog owner and lover and dogs really like your children. I know a lot of people don’t feel that way, but if somebody’s child was shot for coming out and yelling and screaming, there would probably be a national uproar. I guess a couple of solutions to this, because you know you do want to protect the citizens as well, would be for at least police officers who are either on duty or off duty, to get these taser guns. That way if they feel they absolutely must protect themselves from harm, they have an alternative that’s not going to kill whatever it is – a child, a dog, an adult, it would merely put them down temporarily. So, I as a taxpayer, would be more than happy to pay for tasers, in fact I hope all police officers have tasers and can use them in lieu of guns. So, I would be more than happy if there were a special initiative or something to pay for tasers; that would be great, because boy anything we can do to prevent this, it just breaks my heart that this dog was killed. I’ve seen dogs all the time that do that, you know everybody does. You just deal with it; it’s part of life. Maybe they should go to dog training class as well; it might be another good solution. At any rate, it was clearly an over-reaction and in my opinion he should be charged because not doing so really sends a wrong message about personal responsibility and about the worth and value of a cherished pet. I appreciate your time; thank you very much.

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  1. Does the City of Boise offer witness protection for people who complain about their vindictive neighbors’ cars-up-on-cinderblocks, overgrown shrubs, etc.?

    (Golly, I hope that’s not my neighbor calling in. But tonight I’ll go over and traumatize them, just in case…)

  2. Don’s all mixed up! First off, wrong city. Second off, a dog is not a child. WOW

  3. Regarding Boise City code enforcement:

    You CAN do it anonymously. Just setup a gmail or hotmail or yahoomail account with whatever name you like and email code enforcement with the address and description of the complaint.


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