Poet Paul

Poet Paul Is Back!

After a winter break in the warm of Arizona, Poet Paul has returned. Here is his take on the legislture which so graciously left town this week.

The Idaho Legislature adjourned
Letting you think no stone was unturned
They’ll go home with bags packed
But get no pat on the back
For that’s something they have not earned!

Another one:

A rural lawmaker comes to the city
And says your tax spending’s a pity
He’d like to go home and plant
But we all know he can’t
‘Cause he’ll lose his farm subsidy!

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  1. Thank God Idaho has a Constitutional requirement to have a balanced budget.

    Kudos to AG Wasden for taking on the sweetheart deals on the land leases.

    No money to spend means no unnecessary damage done to the taxpayers. Starving the Beast is not a bad thing.

  2. Are you tellin me those farmers are on Socialist farm subsidies from the Federal Government? Call the Tea Party, get em working on this! Americans are forced to eat Socialized food!

  3. Grumpy ole guy
    Apr 11, 2010, 2:54 am

    Dog, are you telling me that you don’t get it? Those socialist Federal programs for farmers and for industry are OK, but the socialist programs for veterans, the old, and the poor are just wrong – just whose ox did you think was being gored?

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