Poet Paul

Poet Paul

EDITOR NOTE–“California” in this case could be any state. No need to either defend or vilify those from there.

Newcomers to Idaho say they wish
To just relax, hunt and fish
But on the past they dote
With this often-used quote
“In California we did it like this”!

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  1. Thus the Idaho conundrum.
    People move here for what we have and what they want to do.
    Then they expect us to change to what they were used to doing!
    Welcome the “newbies” with open arms, but don’t expect us to change to what you moved away from!
    And please don’t expect us to pay for the increased costs with the added infrastructure.

  2. With all the big employers pulling back or departing Idaho it will be interesting to see just how much “growth” Idaho has actually seen when the 2010 Census is completed.

    MPC, Micron, Albertson’s, Jabil, Ore-Ida, along with all the developers who have gone belly up have had an impact on who stays and who goes in the wake of all this reshuffling. Commercial/retail space all over the valley is vacant as well. The housing market is like trying to sell over-ripe bananas in this economy and the rental market isn’t doing well either.

  3. sam the sham
    Apr 8, 2010, 2:45 pm

    I will refrain from mentioning the speed of car travel.
    One thing that I hope that folks who may be new to Idaho camping is the idea of camping etiquette. Camping etiquette includes not walking through someone’s camp site, and teaching your children and dog(s) to do the same. Yes, the campground is ALL public land, but really, I’ve paid to stay there and even if it were free, it is just the way we do it around here. Also, teach your kids not to stand at the highest point above someone else’s campsite and watch them. Again, it’s rude.
    I do understand young kids making it a game to crawl around in the dirt to “spy” on other campers and for a little while that is tolerable, but keep track of your kids and tell them when the game is up.

  4. Grumpy ole guy
    Apr 11, 2010, 2:56 am

    Thanks to Paul the Poet. Your return is very welcome.

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