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Jeannie McGuirk
Boise, ID
F-35’s: I want to leave a message I’m sincerely hoping in the town meeting tonight, which is
April 5, that they will not have the jets flying over this Boise area, please, because I’m right in
the pathway of the jets and it’s horrible. Thank you so much; please don’t let it pass.
Action Taken: Contacted

Laura Taylor
4462 N. Kitsap Way.
Boise, ID 83703
Boise Weekly April Fools: I read in the weekly the other day that we are selling our
cemeteries to a developer and I’m horrified by this. I cannot believe that you would sell our
history without any comment, not to mention the fact that the people who purchased those plots
expected their ancestors to stay there for the rest of eternity. This is horrifying; figure out some
other way to make money. We cannot allow budget fears to sweep away those beautiful parks
and bits of history and obligations to our ancestors and throw them out in the middle of the
desert. That is horrifying; please reconsider. Thank you.
Action Taken: Contacted

Phil Warren
Emissions: I’m calling regarding your idea of getting rid of the emissions testing vans, which I
think is a very poor idea to put them in the hands of the emission testing, the crooked hands of
car dealers, and people like that. If you’ve ever had to wait for a car dealer, it’s like going to the
DMV office; it’s no fun. Anyway, I wish you would reconsider even thinking about getting rid of
the vans and leaving them as they are. I don’t really think we need the testing, but it’s there so
we do it and pay for it and make everybody happy, but I would not like to see them go away.
Thank you very much.
Action Taken: Left message

Boise Rescue Mission: This is a message for the Mayor’s Hotline for John Davis. The Boise
Rescue Mission is withholding property for a mystery job Larry Davis and they’re giving him the
run around on it, and I don’t see how they can say they’re religious, and I don’t see how they
can say that they’re good people. I don’t see how they’re any of that, but anyway I believe that
they should be investigated and snooped around to see if they’ve done this to anyone else. The
main director is Jason, you probably know that. But, we’re at the Holiday Inn Motel on Fairview,
#28. Thank you, and remember that’s the Boise Rescue Mission who is withholding property
from John and Larry Davis.
Action Taken: bad number

Leslie Douglas
3302 Wagon Wheel Road
Boise, ID 83702
Boise Weekly April Fools: I’ve been a citizen of Boise for most all of my 57 years; I just
wondered if you were aware of the current Boise Weekly, the alternative newspaper, its current
issue is running a story entitled “Dead Men Moving.” It basically says that the City of Boise has
made a back room deal and has sold two of our very best cemeteries in Boise, the Pioneer
Cemetery and Morris Hill. I have a personal concern about this; four generations of my family
are buried at Morris Hill and it is very heart wrenching for me to consider that the city would
make such a move. Of course the allegations in the article make it sound as if it’s something
that the public didn’t need to hear or the city government was going to basically try to keep quiet
as long as possible until the deal was made. Other than the personal concern that I have about
moving people’s graves from consecrated grounds, my concern is that we would end up with
disastrous developments on those two beautiful pieces of property. Now I understand that if all
you’re looking at is money, then they’re considered probably very lucrative economic deals;
however, I can’t help but think about that great big hole with rebar in the bottom of it that is still
sitting in the middle of downtown Boise. So, I have two different concerns about that issue. I’m
a daily reader of the Statesman and have yet, unless I missed it, seen anything about this issue,
in fact the editor of the Boise Weekly, Ms. Daigle, basically says at the end of her note that they
are about the only ones who are reporting this, basically setting out the conflict and nobody else
wants to talk about it. I read the article twice, kept looking for the April Fools line, didn’t see it,
so I would like some type of response to this. I would hope that you’ve gotten numerous calls
about this. I will also plan to send an email to your email address. Thank you.
Action Taken: Left Message

Amy Butts
Boise Resident
Towing Issue: I had my car towed away from a spot downtown behind Zeppole Bakery where I
work. We pay for the spot to park there; I was in Spot #19. Some other people were parked in
the wrong places and they called the towing company. The towing company came and not only
took away the cars that were in the wrong spots, but they also took my car away. We pay to
park in that spot and on the receipt from the towing report, they said they took me out of Spot
21; that’s not my spot. I was in Spot #19 and I have an eyewitness. I had to pay $100 to get my
car out and I want to know what my rights are. I’ve contacted everyone – the property
management, and I begged the towing company to come down. They were going to charge me
$165; they said they came down $65. $100 is a lot of money for someone who makes minimum
wage and I’m very upset about this. I feel like this towing company maliciously towed me; I
didn’t have the parking sticker in my window, but they still had no right to tow me; I was not part
of the problem for whoever called it in yesterday. Thank you.
Action: Left msg. to contact ID Legal Aid

Elisa Cooper
3116 E. Birdsong Dr.
Boise, ID 83712
Private Park Offer: I am calling in regard to an offer that was apparently made by our
neighborhood president. We live up on Warm Springs Mesa and apparently an offer was made
to turn over our private park to the city without getting full support from the homeowners’
association. I wanted to let whoever was handling this issue, I wanted to let that person know
that I don’t believe the neighborhood president has received all the appropriate signatures from
the homeowners, and I don’t believe that the homeowners are in support of turning this private
park over to the city, and that I believe this person has acted on his own without the full support
of the rest of the neighborhood association. Again, this is a park that is located up on Warm
Springs Mesa that is adjacent to Windsong and Birdsong, and I would appreciate your looking
into this matter. Thank you.
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  1. I never go downtown and never get a ticket or towed

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Apr 13, 2010, 8:22 pm

    I feel sorry for the people who could not figure out that the Boise Weekly article about moving cemetaries was an April Fools joke. Someone should warn them that Fox News is a perpetual April Fools joke.

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