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Jim Baker
Senior VP of Flying J, Inc.
Ogden, UT
Pan Handlers: Mayor, I did try to contact you personally because I hate to deal with things this way, but we have a property in Boise on Overland Rd.; it’s a small convenience store and that whole area – Lowes, Walmart, Flying J and the other businesses in that area are having a very difficult time with people who have been living out of their cars, motor homes, etc.. What brought this to a head is I just had a guy call me, who is out in front of our location on the sidewalk, and he said that if I don’t call him right now he is going to start picketing my location. We talked with the police there and they said there isn’t a whole lot they can do because they’re on the sidewalk. I would think the city would have something in place if people are taking money from other people. To me there are two issues – first of all they ought to have some kind of license and secondly, that is tax free and these guys all have cell phones, so somebody’s generating quite a bit of income. Plus, my understanding is that they’re all driving new vehicles. It’s just kind of a plea; our general manager there, Gary, is involved in that and I think we need the city’s help. The other businesses there – Lowes, Walmart, and I can’t remember the other
businesses, I’m sure that they’re all affected by that too. I’m just looking for some support. Have a great day.


Mike Krenning
Boise, ID 83704
Parks: I’ve been employed with the city now for 21 years at Parks and Rec. The issue I’m having now is what happened yesterday in Ann Morrison Park, the gentleman who got stabbed and of course didn’t make it. I know over the years that most of these, what I call homeless drunks or whatever, they hang out back in what we employees at Parks call the “south 40” just right off Americana there. Well, it seems to be in the last two summers or so they’ve kind of moved out of that area, more out to like yesterday where they were right around the fountain area and the restroom, playground, and stuff. My concern is that they’re moving further out, and thankfully yesterday there weren’t a whole lot of people around. The fountain could have been running and there could have been a whole lot of kids who saw that incident. So, my concern is I really feel that I hope the City of Boise can step up and try to do something with those guys hanging out there all the time. Every year there seems to be more and more groups. I’m just concerned and I would like to see something done, maybe getting them pushed back in the corner over there would be okay, because like I say once we have the fountain fired up and the playgrounds going and the tubers there, hopefully we can get those people back away from them quite a way. I just wanted to make sure you know what went on, it was sad to see that happen, but as you know, once you start drinking alcohol, these things happen. Thank you.
Action Taken: left message

Laird Lind
916 N. 19th
Boise, ID
Parking: Since I couldn’t get anyone else to respond, I just thought on the site, when you click on Contact Desk and it goes to the Mayor’s office, then you click on hotline, it doesn’t work. So there’s one thing, but the real thing is I had gone down to the parking authority over a month ago with a suggestion on their website that is not correct – on the parking part it should indicate that you have to buy those in $10 increments, as somebody went down to pick up cards for their company with a $25 check and they wouldn’t accept it because again it has to be in $10 increments. That should be noted on the site. Also the fact that you’ve got to pay by cash or check; they will not accept credit cards, because again that’s another situation that gets to be a little bit cumbersome. That’s it, thank you.
Action Taken: left message

Gilbert Hernandez
House Fire: I would like to know if I can do anything for the family whose house burnt down last night. If you would give me a call and let me know what I can do, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Liz Gatchel
32nd St.
Code Enforcement: I want to report that a gentleman who lives at 888 N. 32nd St. has taken to dumping his weeds, cut up twigs, raked up leaves, etc. on the property owned by Boise City Ada County Housing Authority, across the avenue and it bridges between 32nd and 31st St. Again this man is continually dumping his used yard waste on your property; I have told him twice and that doesn’t seem to make a difference to him. So, I thought I would report it to you.
Action Taken: left message

Teresa Schmidt
Jobs: I would like to leave a message for Butch Otter. Our need for jobs here in Idaho is really desperate. I was wondering if there’s any way that he could talk to the Horse Racing Commission or Idaho Entertainment and find out if there’s any way they can get the horse races started this year. If they don’t get them started soon, a lot of the horses will be moving out of
this area and it will be more difficult than ever to start them again. That would supply a lot of jobs for people; even if it’s just a hand full of jobs, there are people sitting on their thumbs and their money and they go out to the horse races to spend their money, and that will provide some jobs. Thank you very much for hearing me.
Action Taken: contacted

Dan Lawrence
Trolley: I wonder how the Mayor’s feeling that this trolley idea didn’t go through. Well, well, we still don’t need it so it can be junked as far as I’m concerned. Bye, bye.

Jon Poulsen
9127 W. Avalanche Ct.
Boise, ID 83709
F-35: The comment I want to leave is about the F-35’s coming to Boise. I live in a subdivision called Winter’s Run which is on the corner of Lake Hazel and Maple Grove, which is just right down wind from the airport and where in the past the F17’s have flown. It’s very noisy over our subdivision; we in the subdivision are very against bringing in the F35’s because of the noise. We have built nice homes here in the area and we do not want the noise that those aircraft will bring to us. We prefer that they be taken to Mountain Home which will still benefit the State of Idaho and pass that on to them. They have the facilities down there to take care of them and the community would be much more efficient than Boise because the metropolitan here is growing so much and we don’t really need all that noise to degradate the neighborhoods. If anybody has any comments or questions on my comments, please give me a call.
Action Taken: spoke w/ him

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  1. A few years back, there was a new subdivision built out around Eagle Hills golf course. It quickly sold out due to the view of the foothills and the fact that there was a large sweet alfalfa field behind them. Then when the farmer started to spread manure on the field to fertilize it, those same “newbies” screamed bloody murder about the stink! Now, it seems that people who moved into the flight path of the airport, knowing full well the situation, want no more “noise” bothering them. The airport was there first, so if you don’t like the noise, maybe you should have puchased your home in some other part of the city! You chose it! Now live with it!

  2. Thank you. Cyclops. My thoughts exactly.

  3. Frankly, I feel the same way about the folks who buy a house near the freeway, and then whine about the noise until the taxpayers are compelled to put up a multimillion-dollar sound barrier wall. What’s with that?!!?

    Mr. Poulsen says the “F17s” were flying over his little Heaven’s Half-Acre (directly under the flight path that existed long before his lovely home did). I’m no expert on military aircraft, but I’m thinkin’ he must’ve meant the F15s that were here from Oregon. The F17 was never put into production. And the F117 is the “stealth” aircraft – if only we could get a flock of F117s we wouldn’t even know they were there! (You know, they being so stealthy and all…)

  4. I live in the flight path and honestly, it’s just not that bad. You get used to it really fast. I don’t even notice the planes anymore unless they’re taking off really low and slow.

  5. Thank You Flying J for telling the Mayor how it is. I will increase my business with you if you can keep these slugs away from me while at your business. Wal-Mart on the other hand is giving them a place to live for free in their parking lot. The Mayor don’t care… he just gets to count them as trolly riders and needy folks for federal money increases… and dem votes.

  6. Hey, Poulsen.

    “All that noise” is the sound of freedom.

    Better men than you will ever be train and dedicate their lives in defending this country so that you can gripe about it.

    Maybe you need to move back to Overland Park Kansas and resume your whining there.

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