Germans Engineer Stealthy Detox Approach

One of our German readers sent along a link from DER SPIEGEL about a town that offers unemployed boozers their own “Cheers-type” gathering spot. A decidedly different approach to “detox.”

The short version is the city spends money on soft drinks, coffee, etc. and allows the boozers to bring their own bottles to the bar. That way, the problem drinkers are kept off the streets and have a place to gather. Based on the story, it appears to be working. Bartenders gently suggest treatment options for alcoholism and they have a built in support group.

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  1. Sounds socialistic G-Man. Tea Party’s not gonna like it.

    Boise freedom loving tax payers paying for a warm,safe dry, place for drunks to get drunk? Drunks want freedom to get drunk in nature. Only in socialist “Old” Europe, would they FORCE you to be drunk in a designated drunk hall.
    Why do you hate America G-man?

  2. Europeans tend to approach these types of social issues with realism and creativity.

    We can learn a lot from them.

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