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Politicos Fare Poorly In Statesman

Primary election season is upon us–the time of year for bickering within the parties and outrageous explanations from the various campaigns.

The DAILY PAPER is a treasure trove of good stuff this Thursday. Dan Popkey figuratively caught another politician with his “pants down” in a page one story about Congressional candidate Vaugh Ward vowing to go after the banks and wall street while his wife supports him with a job at Fannie Mae–the institution bailed out by taxpayers to the tune of more than $76 billion. He owns a house in Virginia, but just “moved back” to Boise where he is seen in TV ads driving a borrowed pick-up truck in an effort to not look like a politico from Virginia.

Then Senator Mike Crapo is featured in a KEVIN RICHERT piece detailing Crapo’s refusal to debate on Idaho Public TV with his only opponent, Claude “Skip” Davis of Weiser. Few people have ever heard of Davis and apparently Team Crapo wants to keep it that way. He probably doesn’t want to spend any of the $3 million influence money already paid to him–much of it from big financial institutions. Good strategy to minimize or ignore your opponent.

Tea Party folks are being boycotted by incumbents too. They can’t get incumbent Congressmen to vitst their candidate forum to be held in Eagle May 1.

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  1. Mrs. Ward you got some splain’n to do.

    Suggestion: Mr. Ward, get your wife a job at Farm Bureau… FAST!

  2. Grumpy ole guy
    Apr 22, 2010, 10:02 pm

    It doesn’t surprise me that the politicians are acting like politicians; but, it does surprise me, always, when they appear to think that the public either doesn’t care about their inconsistencies, or isn’t aware of them. Goodness knows I don’t think that the views of Vaughan Ward are worth the ectoplasm he is using – but, then, neither do I think his opponents offer very much in the way of alternatives. If we could just plow all their blather under it would at least fertilize some of the crops that are important to us.

  3. I support both of Dan Popkey’s articles. They are both fair representations of candidates who treat Idaho voters with disdain. Mr. Ward should fully disclosed his wife’s work at Fannie Mae. Mr. Crapo should attend the debate. If they don’t, don’t vote for either of them. Give someone else a chance. FULL DISCLOSURE and TERM LIMITS!

  4. I don’t have all the facts but this guy looks like he is at the top of the phony factor. I won’t be voting for him, regardless of where his wife works.

  5. Minnick, who’s already the only “Democrat” in the nation to receive national tea-party endorsement, & Simpson, who joined the ugly DC tea-party protest against medical insurance reform and subscribed to the “killer” rhetoric, don’t wanna show up for the tea-bagger debate!

    Throw ‘em under the bus. They’re incumbents, aren’t they?

    Surely that’s solid grounds for supporting Raul and whatever whacko is running against Simpson.

    Go baggers!

  6. “Go baggers!”–tea or carpet? Does that make Ward sexually confused since he is both? 😉

  7. Vaughn Ward does drive a truck.
    A Ford F-250 I believe. so what if he used someone elses in a commercial.

  8. Hey Mr. Adams, at least he picked the right brand of truck to drive. What if he drove a “Government bailout”
    Chevy truck? Are Fords TPTY approved rigs?

    Bet Republicans will be driving Fords this election season.

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