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Darren Rowan
3901 Normandy Dr.
Boise, ID 83705
Medical Marijuana: I’m calling to leave a message for the Mayor on trying to get medical Marijuana into Boise. I have Gillian Barre which has left me with nerve damage throughout my arms and legs, and I was just trying to see if maybe somehow I could talk to him and maybe get something rolling with that, maybe even a test trial with cards; you know talk to other counties and states and see how they’re going, see about the income that it would bring into Boise and Idaho. It would be nice to hear back from you. Thank you very much. If I do not answer, please leave a message and I will return your call.
Action Taken: contacted w/ legislative info

Tom Meyer
Owner of Clean Light Green Light
LED lighting manufacturer
(888) 499-5337 Ext. 704
LED Lighting: I sent you an email regarding a project we did up in Fairbanks, AK for the city. We took their fluorescent lighting and converted it to LED lighting and they could not be happier with their savings or the look. If the City of Boise is interested in enhancing their nighttime lighting, I would be more than happy to come down there and speak with you guys and perform an audit for entire city and show you how much money you can save and how beautiful you can make the city look. I’m here in Idaho.
Action Taken: contacted

Flora Schwitzer
1312 Longmont Ave.
Boise, ID 83706
Potholes: It’s my alley; it’s so full of chuck holes and drive down the alley to park in my garage which means I have to go over the chuck holes and so do my neighbors, and one of them is really deep. So I was wondering if I could possibly have that fixed. Thank you.
Action Taken: left message

Parks: I just drove by Fairmont Park; I’m just curious why the sprinkler system is running all over the park on a beautiful Saturday morning. Thanks.

910 ½ Day Dr.
Boise, ID 83705
ACHD: Hello Mayor; I voted for you. I just got a response from the Police Department that they will put a ? vehicle out here on Vista; I live behind Vista vehicle. Three times this year I almost got hit on a crosswalk. So I appreciate that maybe you as well as the rest of us can call the ACHD to get something solved. The one on the way to the McDonald’s crosswalk, I got hit there twice; the other one on the way to Tobacco Connection, I almost got hit there too. As well, I witnessed some other citizens in the crawler that almost got hit trying to get across the crosswalk. The lights turn off in the pedestrian crosswalk faster than they turn off any other place. There could be speed bumps or something and half of us can’t see; I’m a retired combat vet. If I could get the license plate numbers, I would be calling cops right now. Put up some photo cameras or something. Thank you.

Road Safety: Good morning Mayor, City Council, Ada County Highway District, Police Department, and Sheriff’s Department. Please do not release my name to the media or the phone number. I see another fatality this morning on a 35 mph road here in Boise. It seems to be a very common thing. It’s too bad all you folks can’t get along well enough to have a little bit safer roads. You’re using some of these streets as if they were freeways, no divider, running heavy traffic on them. It seems to me we have a failure of all you folks to get together and plan
things out and figure out what’s best and what’s safest.

362-2309 or (208) 989-78710
Economic Development: I notice that you have a series of local business forums coming together for local business people in the City of Boise to discuss hurdles. Can you answer this: How do you compete with a strong California based company that is trying to put local businesses out of work? The reason why we know that this is happening is because we were earlier employees of this company. My brother-in-law opened a company in the same line of business and we knew the meetings they attended and they made it pretty clear that they were going to squash their heads off. So, you know, how do small businesses in Boise compete with somebody with a lot of money. You can who has a lot of money by looking in Google and googling this company who takes up two to three pages of advertisements. We have no way of competing with a giant like that.
Action Taken: invited to business forum

ARC: I have a complaint. I was wondering what can be done about the ARC calling so many times when their truck is in the area. They call as many as three times a day, sometimes after 9:00 p.m. on the week that they are in our area. It’s just annoying, and if all businesses called like that, we would be taking out our phones. I know where they’re at; if I need them I can call them, and I wondered why they are allowed to call so many times. I’ve told them to take my name off the list and they don’t seem to keep a record of who they call or whatever.

Ken Halderman
40 Leona Cir.
Boise, ID 83705
Homeless: I’ve been riding through Ann Morrison Park on my bike on the Greenbelt and every time I come by I see these transients over here with two picnic tables together drinking and eating with their cans on the table, and they’re not far from the main bathrooms. It’s getting to be kind of a nuisance coming through the park and being afraid to go by them because they’re looking at you. I don’t say anything, but anyway, I wish they would find some place else to go. I thought it would be nice to not see them here any more. Thank you.
Action Taken: left message

Barbara Priest
1313 Sunrise Rim
Boise, ID 83705
F-35: I strongly oppose bringing the F35’s to Boise. I live next door to the Airport; I will be impacted directly. The impact will be so much larger than the 3,000 jobs it may bring in, you will lose at least 10,000 people off the Bench; the Bench will be a desert because no one will be able to live there. I oppose, I oppose, I oppose. Thank you.
Action Taken: Left message

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  1. Medical Marijuana is a Legislative fix. The Mayor can instruct his police force to give enforcement a low priority.

    Benign neglect on the part of law enforcement is the first step to legalization. Seizing property like what happened in eastern Idaho is the opposite message.

  2. The F35 is likely quieter than the RF4-Cs that used to fly out of Gowen. I used to live near Overland and 5 Mile and they made a huge noise coming over the house. Move by the airport.. take your chances.

  3. RE: Medical marijuana. Technically it’s a FEDERAL issue. As long as the feds say it’s illegal, any state or local law wouldn’t trump federal law. (As Paul says, enforcement is another issue altogether.)

    RE: LED lighting.
    Huge strides are being made in the field. I’ve got a little LED flashlight that runs on 1 AA battery that’s SCARY bright. But even with the energy savings, it’s still so expensive it would take years and years to recoup the cost of retrofitting. The LED guy should check back in 10 years.

  4. Brianthedog
    Apr 27, 2010, 9:20 pm

    RE: Medical Marijuana.
    Congrats Darren Rowan of Boise. Mr. Darren Rowan of Boise, just remember one thing. The police should wait 15 seconds after pounding on the door with a search warrant. Mr. Darren Rowan of Boise, please have your toilets clean and ready to go.

  5. erico49: Nope! Much much louder… that’s what all the fuss is about. Heck I voted for Reagan and loved how he crushed the USSR with those F-4’s, but you need to read past posts and links about this, they have ear opening facts. This will effect those many miles from the airport. 73 aircraft, training flights, the USAF works mostly at night these past 20 years because the enemy can’t. So that all this noise at night!

    The F-35 will have more total thrust than the old F-4’s and is slightly larger. It has a directional trust nozzle which causes it to have a very nasty shrill screeching noise in addition to the typical load burner roar.

    Some variants, which will be here for training pilots from all over the world, have a vertical lift fan making even more racket near the ground. Ever been near an AV8B doing a vertical thing? Nasty! This is 3x bigger aircraft.

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