Searching For That Pot Of Gold

The GUARDIAN found himself stuck in a restaurant at sunset Tuesday night on the corner of University and Capitol Blvd. That was the moment a hole broke through the clouds and one of the most spectacular and intense rainbows in memory.

With the plethora (for you non-library types that means a “whole bunch”) of digital cameras and cell phone cams out there, we figure there were some folks at a better location when it “HAPPENED.” If you got a good shot of the rainbow or the sky and would like to share with fellow readers, send us a JPEG file attachment to fraz@drfphoto.com

We will fix it up in Photoshop and post it to the GUARDIAN for all to see. You will get credit and retain all rights to the images.

Meanwhile, enjoy the view we captured over the Morrison Center at BSU. There was no extra saturation of color or major adjustment to the image–the light was awesome and constantly changing.


IMPRESSIONIST VIEW At 40 mph. Hopefully a passenger and not a driver.

FROM TIFFANY HUDAK (below)–with a name like Tiffany we would expect colorful images whether in glass or nature!

MATTHEW SHEEHY from his back yard (BOTTOM IMAGE)

MEGAN SUTTON looking east

MEGAN SUTTON flip side looking west

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  1. stockimager
    Apr 28, 2010, 8:42 am

    Yes, nice shots. “You will get credit and retain all rights to the images.” Something The Daily won’t say.

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