Cops Aren’t The Only Dog Killers

We have made repeated attempts to get a return call from the Idaho Humane Society to discuss a story about coppers killing dogs, but so far no response. There have been a couple of incidents lately and several more that come to mind from the past of coppers “being forced” to kill domestic dogs.

First was the off duty Ada deputy who was so threatened while on a stroll in a subdivision he killed a dog on the street. Then Caldwell coppers serving a warrant were “agressed” by a pit bull. We don’t recall any dog executions by mail carriers,
delivery drivers, meter readers, or bicyclists

Now comes the Guv of Texas who was confronted by a wily coyote near Austin while on a jog. Brandishing a laser sighted .380 automatic suited for the “terminator,” Guv Rick Perry dispatched the menacing beast, leaving it to rot. “He became Mulch,” Perry told the Austin Capitol Times.

Idaho’s Guv Butch merely crowed he wanted to have a chance to shoot a wolf and purchased a permit do do so if memory serves–he hasn’t done it yet.

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  1. Isn’t it handy that cops have guns/tasers to shoot threatening beasts, but private citizens and others you mention are subject to the same dangers and must fend for themselves unless they happen to have a weapon to brandish. Run like the rest of us! Send animal control. This is not to diminish the dangers of some animals, only to point out that our lives are equally important and we don’t have the advantage for the most part of gunning down animals we encounter. Try Pat Vance at Humane Society if you haven’t already.

  2. The world would be a far better place if we gassed all the pitbulls and labotomized their owners.

  3. steve lewis
    Apr 28, 2010, 7:10 pm

    Well Kappa TA, you can carry a firearm if you want. Idaho has an open carry law, you can carry one on your hip as long as not concealed. And, if you are willing and able, you can get a concealed weapons permit thru the county. If you re-read that story, it was the “Guv” of Texas that had the laser sight on his .380, not a “copper” this time. Anyway, as I see it, and as usual, lets let the cop bashing begin, because I know it will. And James, I am with you, pits are made for one thing only, and its not to be a lap dog.

  4. Now Guardian, a .380 suitable for the terminator????? A really thick leather coat could stop a .380! It is a self defense weapon and nothing more. They are referred to as “card table” weapons. Suitable for shooting someone across a card table. What would you expect someone to do if confronted by an aggressive dog or a wild animal? Run? That is the worst thing you could do! There are many reasons you could go after Butch, wanting to buy a wolf tag to legally take one of the worst predators in this state isn’t one of them.

    EDITOR NOTE–Cyclops, give me a break! We aren’t talking ballistics here, it is the trick laser scope, California “Guv Arnowd’s” movie reputation as Terminator, the absurdity of Texas Guv shooting a coyote while he is jogging (with or without security detail?), Guv Butch making a deal earlier on about shooting a wolf. It seems that coppers and governors shoot more dogs than anyone else. Maybe they are just lucky…or the dogs are really good judges of character.

  5. I can’t disagree with a police officer defending himself against a domesticated animal, or for that matter, the general public. I would certainly do the same if I or my dog was the target, perhaps without lethal force. But I would protect myself.

    My wife and I walk our dog twice daily in Meridian (for 2.5 years) and have never encountered an aggressive dog. Maybe we’ve been lucky, maybe we live in a neighborhood with more responsible homeowners. Regardless, until somebody witnesses the unwarranted use of deadly force on a family dog, it’s a he said…end of story.

    TX mentality will always exist, with comments like that and those of our governor, about being the first to shoot a wolf. Human comments like that, go right along with our animal rights laws in ID, which are some of the worst in the nation, probably right up there with TX. It’s absolutely pathetic what you can get away with in this state, for animal abuse.

    It’s an unfortunate loss to the family in Ada County who lost their pet. I hope the dog simply got out of the yard and wasn’t an animal let to roam free (regularly) in the neighborhood. If the latter is the case, shame on the family.

    In the future, maybe some of our local deputies can carry both a taser and gun on their community walks? A taser to this animal probably would have done the trick and saved the heartache for the family and the negative publicity for this deputy and the department.

  6. Wow, I was a little surprised at your response to Cyclops. Usually you at least pretend you are unbiased towards police officers, but to quote you: “Maybe they are just lucky…or the dogs are really good judges of character.” At least you are showing your true feelings!

    EDITOR NOTE–You too are welcome to express your true feelings. Please share with us these cases you have investigated of citizens killing dogs while out jogging.
    We recall just one several years ago which ended similarly to the Meridian deputy incident.

    Now here is an interesting thought. I have been a police officer for several years. I have been to calls where someone has shot an aggressive dog. You probably didn’t hear about it…know why? Because it wasn’t a cop that shot the dog! It actually happens several times a year around here, but it isn’t normally a news story! The one in Meridian was…because it was an OFF DUTY cop. If it was a general citizen the story would be done (and no citations would have been issued to the citizen either).

    As to the Caldwell PD comment. When a mail carrier goes to someone’s house they have the luxury of backing away and leaving if an aggressive dog is present. And, mail carriers won’t come on your property if you repeatedly have a dog that is aggressive towards them. As the police, we don’t have that luxury.

  7. 90% of this problem would be solved by banning the pit bull breed. I can’t for the life of me understand why one of the many other breeds isn’t good enough.

    Remember the 6 year old little girl in Caldwell mauled by a pit bull, what was it, just last year? And the 70 something man in Fruitland or Payette a while back?

    Society is hog wild about protecting the children from EVERYTHING, except from pit bulls it seems. I don’t get it.

    Just recently I witnessed a small child on a bike get charged by an uncontrolled pit bull. How many incidents a week like that go unreported. FWIW, If I had had a gun I would have shot it and not felt one ounce of remorse.

    The Humane Society at best has a conflict of interest. I don’t see how they can “control” dogs and at the same time make sure 1000s are adopted out every year.

  8. Keep up the good work Editor. As to the Meridian cop, I don’t buy his story one moment. He claimed he had dog treats in his pocket. Why would you approach a dog that is barking at you. Dogs attempt to protect their homes and people. Perhaps he smelled a weapon or bad cop as well. Why would an Off Duty cop be carrying a weapon if he’s just taking a walk in his own neighborhood?
    Mail carriers do have options and they are also provided spray for aggressive pets on their hips. They also know when to Walk Away.
    As to the Caldwell per the news they shot the dog who ran off behind the house after wounding it but the officers pursued it by shotting it further behind the house. If the dog backed off what was the point. Aggressive?
    Yes, we need the officers however my faith has been deminishing over the years due to aggressive, arrogant officers.
    Lets not forget the rookie who shot the 16 year old Matt Johnson who’s father called for assistance. Even though he was an attorney he still lost the case as well as his son. Boise cops did all they could to cover up their mistakes.

  9. First of D. Lane, it was not a rookie who shot Matthew Jones (not Johnson) but an officer with like 4 years experience at the time. Secondly, his father called for help because his son was out of control, possibly high on alcohol and drugs, with a rifle and bayonet, and attacked the officer with the rifle and bayonet from a hidden spot when he responded. So, when you bring up past issues, get them right before spouting off.

  10. What’s scarier – the notion of an aggressive neighbor dog running loose, or the notion of a strolling armed neighbor who is seemingly eager to “defend himself” with lethal firepower?

    There’s probably not an adult alive who hasn’t had a confrontation with a growling, barking dog. Probably 99.95% of those instances have been defused with no life lost OR injury.

    When cycling, if I can’t just outrun the mutt, I’ve found that brandishing my air-pump threateningly, or a well-placed water bottle squirt in the eyes, is 100% effective against a chaser.

    Dunno about Texas coyotes, but in Idaho unless they’re desperately hungry, they steer clear of human-like creatures. (Of course, Gov. Perry was apparently walking with his “appetizer” on a leash.)

  11. Carrying pepper spray seems like a good defense without the death of a pet being necessary.

  12. Just think, if everyone would get a CC permit and always carried, we’d have peace on earth.

  13. How ironic!

    A comment from “dog” – on a column about dogs getting shot – and advocating all people packin’ heat!

    (I love the Boise Guardian!)

  14. Sheepdogs Rule!
    Apr 30, 2010, 2:18 pm

    “Why would an Off Duty cop be carrying a weapon if he’s just taking a walk in his own neighborhood?”

    Answer:Because most cops wont go “Baaaaaaaa”.

    To many “wolves” out there. And as obvious by your post. Too many blind “Sheep”.

    For more information, please read the following:

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