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Could F-35s Limit Wind Power Production?

A story comes to us from TEXAS about the potential problems associated with wind power generation conflicting with radar used for both military purposes and weather predictions.

Short version is spinning blades of giant windmills can create false radar readings or “shadows.” We are all used to seeing one of the many “chief meteorologists” explain the readings seen on the doppler are “ground clutter.”

Let’s see how long it takes the local government promoters to minimize this little quirk. It would seem logical to address the issue in advance prior to offering a blanket endorsement for a noisy fighter that is looking less likely to ever enter production.

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  1. Proof that windmills are a communust plot! Thanks G-man.

  2. Windmills or F-35s-F-35s or windmills. Windmills that slice and dice little birdies and confuse the worms of the earth from the viberations that travel down the shafts of said windmills. Or, the f-35s that are still being tested, even by the Brits, and all that noise not to mention the national security they could and would provide. Thinking about wind and noise makes my head ache. I say we move right on to ripples in the Boise River.

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