Statesman Voter Guide Hidden On-line

The Daily paper went to a ton of effort to build a voter guide in a noble effort to allow citizens a little insight into the background of primary election candidates–then promptly hid it from readers.

Despite the best efforts of their staff, it is nearly impossible to find it on-line. How about a little test run. See if this GUARDIAN LINK gets you to the survey faster than their own directions.

We applaud their efforts, but suggest they need some expertise on the presentation. It is difficult to find a race or candidate once you get to the voter guide.

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  1. For what it’s worth, the Statesman has a pretty horrible website – it’s nearly impossible to find anything that’s not linked on the first page. I don’t think they went to any special effort to hide this.

  2. This bus thing had me majorly pissed off. And I lived in the north end for 56 years, and yes, the curbs need help very badly. Especially after looking into property taxes. We now live on the bench, so my hubbie could build a shop, and the ACHD comes around monthy and fixes all our problems. Why we are thrilled, we wonder why it couldn’t be done in the north end.

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