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Public Works: I was just eating lunch with my wife and I watched a Public Works van pull up to the Blimpie at Emerald and Maple Grove and the employee got out and walked over to the Flea Market and hung out for a while, probably 25 minutes looking through everything and check stuff out. Then he came into Blimpie and ate lunch. I felt like I should report it because I didn’t feel like I was getting good use of my tax dollars. The van number was OAD614. Thank you.

Humane Society: I think it’s really ridiculous that you let neighbors call in ?? exceptionally barking because they don’t like their neighbor. I have my back yard and front yard video taped almost 24/7; you allow my neighbor to call up and harass me through the dog pound. It’s ridiculous; I’m not giving you my phone number because the last time you printed it on the Internet and I got harassing phone calls from people, besides my neighbor would get my phone number. To allow the Humane Society to waste their time, the money that I donate to be
harassed is bullshit. The city is run like crap any more and it’s getting worse, Bieter is allowing it; Bieter is allowing people to be harassed through the government, through these services that we’re paying for, that I have supported in the past, I am now being harassed. It’s just B.S.

False Alarm: Hello; It’s 4:30 in the morning on Saturday, and yet again the alarm system is blaring at the Cathedral of the Rockies at 11th and Hays. I and undoubtedly the rest of the neighborhood are overjoyed to be woken up yet again by a false alarm at the Cathedral of the Rockies. I’m sure the members of the Boise Fire Department really appreciate it being dragged out of their bunks at 4:30 in the morning to respond to yet another false alarm at the Cathedral of the Rockies. I would like to nominate the Cathedral of the Rockies for the false alarm prize of the year. I just wonder how much money the City of Boise is wasting to respond to these false alarms all the time. Perhaps something can be done, like maybe fine them enough that they actually fix it instead of having you guys come out apparently every week or so. It always seems to be in the middle of the night too, which is just joyous for all of us. I’d say thank you, but you guys aren’t going to do anything about it.

Anonymous Female
Curb It: I ‘m calling about the news report I saw on television the other day in regards to the trash cans, when Mayor Bieter was talking about it. I know that he’s aware of the trash cans being left out, people not going according to Code. I guess my question is he had a perfect opportunity to let the community know that it’s against City Code to leave their trash cans out in public view. I’m just curious as to why he didn’t take that opportunity to address this problem.
Thank you.

Curb It: I’m calling in regards to trash cans being left out where you can see them; it looks really bad. I’m calling about some houses on Maywood Ave. off of Ustick. The addresses are 3004, 2961, 3055, 5072, 3047, 2950, 2889, 2882, and 2808. Thank you.

Curb It: I’m calling about people leaving their trash cans out which is in violation of City Code. They are Lancelot off of Maple Grove. The addresses are 8992, 8976, 8930, 8909, 8886, 8885, 8829, 8793, 8772, 8749, 8733, 8715. Also on Cantebury off of Maple Grove, the addresses are 8655, 8701, 8753, 8775, 8809, 8856, 8857, 8885, 8896, 8905, 8950, 8972, 8988. Thank you.

Sewer: I was wondering if someone could call me regarding my past-due sewer. I owe the City like $1,200; I’ve made two payments, one in March for $150 and one in the first of April for $250. I’m having problems; the Boise City Collections is threatening to shut off my sewer and my wife has lost her job, we’re like two months behind on our mortgage, and I was just wondering if I could maybe discuss this with someone. It just doesn’t make sense to me to shut off our sewer and force us out of the house. We have started making payments to Boise City Collection, but they’re just wanting more and we’re unable to do that right now financially.
Please give me a call.

Code Enforcement: I want to complain about my neighbor’s yard, that he doesn’t take of his property or mow his grass or anything. It is 9150 W. Malad in Boise, 83709. I’m next door, and the people across the street are trying to sell their house, obviously for this reason because they can’t stand the property across the street. They can’t even get anyone to look at it because of this guy’s property. I’m not sure what’s going on, if there’s mental illness, but he only comes around maybe two or three nights a month. So, I don’t know how you’re going to remedy this but I’m just calling to complain. Thank you.

Curb It: I’m calling about the trash cans that are out making everything look ugly. There are several on Christine; the addresses are 2905, 2778, 2745, 2700, 2686, 2625, 2614, 2685, 2760 and 2611. They are all in violation of City Code. Thank you.
Teresa Gillespie
Panhandlers: Yes, Mayor Bieter, we are living in our van right now, my husband and I, Wallace Gillespie, and thanks to you and the Governor, you want to ban the stuff of being on the corner and making money because of that old man up here at the Walmart near the Flying J, he’s having a fit, he’s having a cow over it. Why, I don’t know but he makes a lot of money just like you guys do. My husband has been deducted of Medicare and Medicaid practically and as far as I know they have practically deducted a lot of his Social Security. Social Security won’t give me nothing; I have grand mal seizures, I have heart troubles, I have diabetes, I cannot work. People will not hire me, never have all my life and I have had seizures all my life. I do not appreciate you guys banning that, or wanting to. When people with disabilities can’t get any money, or people won’t hire them and they’re trying to get money just to live off of. Now when it is the people that are out there and are just lazy and don’t want to work, I can understand it because there are people like that. I see that, I even ask them myself why are they out here doing this when they are able to work. When I see them I tell them, or if it’s people out there just doing it for drugs or alcohol, I let them know it. They make me and my husband look like idiots and asses, and that’s exactly my words. Excuse my language, but that’s what I tell them because it makes us look bad. I will tell those people that. But that old man down here makes my husband and me look bad and we aren’t those type of people. We do it to live and eat because I have hypoglycemia with my diabetes; I could die if I don’t eat and we’re living in this van. He has MS and he hurts constantly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He has to stand on the corner and make money. I only have a general delivery address and I am sorry, I can’t give you an actual address. Now if you guys could help us with money I would appreciate it, but I know you guys make a lot of money; you don’t care. You have proven that by putting this stuff on the TV, on the radio, telling them if they see a panhandler, don’t give them any money. You screwed it up for him and I now; now they don’t give us nothing. We used to make a lot, and it helped with the gas especially which we need, and food which we really need, and medicine which we really need, especially food because we have to go out to eat now. You can give me a call back if you want, but I don’t appreciate your dang comments because of a stupid old man at Flying J store up here on Overland near Walmart. He has screwed it up for us. Because I know all the businesses don’t mind if people do this because my husband has even gone into Albertsons and asked them if they mind and they said they didn’t mind, they don’t care as long as we don’t harass customers a lot. That’s coming from the manager. Good bye.
Action Taken: contacted

Al Ames
Hole in the Ground: I want to make an appointment with the Mayor; I have a good idea for the hole in the ground.
Action Taken: contacted

Evelyn Barker
Curb It: I’m curious as to why the Mayor is not addressing the problem of the trash cans. It’s an epidemic. If you live in a gated community or where you have CCR’s, you probably don’t notice it, but where we don’t have CCR’s and we’re not a gated community, we’re just like normal people, the trash cans are everywhere and it’s unsightly and it’s very disturbing that the Mayor hasn’t addressed this problem. I appreciate your time, thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

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  1. Trash Response
    May 5, 2010, 8:22 pm

    Maybe there is no code problem with the trash? Some of the listed addresses have trash pickup on Tuesday according the city of Boise website. Depending on the time of the phone call which is on a Monday, folks may simply being putting out there trash for the next day in the evening in case the pick-up truck comes early in the morning.

  2. During the civil war we fought blue against grey. Now we are fighting BOTH the blue and the grey. Hats off to the city!! Your market research on trash can storage was incredible!!

  3. Wow. I wish my life was so worry free that I had time to phone in the addresses of people who’ve left their trash cans on curb – the horror! Somebody get this clown a job in code enforcement so they have something to do with their day. I wonder if the noble citizen doing this great work is waiting the full 24 hours it takes for a house to be “in violation of city code” before calling the mayor and hassling them.

  4. cyclops- thanks for the laugh.

    I really like having alleys in the Northend to hide the trash.

  5. Awesome Civil War reference, cyclops! THAT civil war was over slavery, the new one is over trash cans! Oh, the humanity!

    Meanwhile the guy who’s spoze to be doing trashcan enforcement is pickin’ thru the flea market (on the taxpayer dime!) before his Blimpie lunch.

  6. rukiddingme?
    May 7, 2010, 11:47 am

    We are all hypocrites, even me. I want to tell people to stop complaining but I complain constantly. The real problem with humanity (in all its forms) is that we all need to be taught from birth 2 things. 1) unconditional love, and 2) how to think critically. I think that would solve the world’s problems.

    There, that’s my solution to all of man’s problems.

  7. Maybe the chap in denial about his dog barking should set up a voice recorder where rover hangs out when Mr. BS is out of the house. Dogs barking incessantly really do make you neighbors angry. And they tend to do it when you are gone from home. They’re bored, pissed off and want some attention. You can’t be there all the time so put a bark collar on Rover.

    Be good neighbor and quit bellyaching about neighbors who would like a modicum of peace and quiet inside their home. Not everyone loves to hear your dog barking non-stop. Bark bag dogs give the good ones a bad name.

  8. How hard is it to bring your garbage cans back into the side yard or garage or whatever? As I’ve said before, we have gay pride, hispanic pride, women’s pride, all kinds of pride except civic pride.

    How about a civic pride day?

  9. I live in a modest home in SE Boise…the trash can and recycling scheme replaced trash cans that could be stored with gigantic monstrosities. I have no intention of storing trash in my garage and no room to put the stupid thing that is less unsightly than the curb. In addition, my neighbors park on the curb if the can is not there and my trash can is a lot less unsightly than someone else’s gigantic F150 parked on my sidewalk (or yard). In short, the folk in power who came up with this scheme did so without really considering what their victims might want or need. We traded good service with small trashcans and trash bags fr poor service with the new scheme…

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