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Sharon Jarrett
DOL: Are you aware that with the job market the way it is and with a gazillion people out of work that the Department of Labor Job Service will no longer take jobs for individuals; it has to be a company? For years, decades, I have been calling Job Service when I need a handyman to come out and do some work and I’ve had a lot of different people come out and have had very good results. Now, you cannot hire anybody through the Job Service; that is absolutely insanity. It doesn’t make sense. I am hoping that maybe you can look into this. Thank you.

Marie Rhodes
F-16’s: I’m calling about the jets that are going overhead; one went off a little around 9:00, and another one a few minutes ago around 9:20. The second one shook all the windows in my house. I’m not looking forward to ten days of having to do this and I don’t think anybody up here on the bench is either. I would like to see people on the other side of town live with it for a while. I doubt Bieter lives over here on this side of town, but I wish you would at least warn us besides one or two days ahead of time and we could have at least voted on it or something because this is our air space. You may want to rent it out to people but you know we’re the ones who have to sit here and listen to it and smell the fumes besides.
Action Taken: left message

Richard Henderson
6931 Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 83704
376-1880 C-859-9195
Adult Shop: I am a Subway franchisee and I am located in a little strip mall up on Fairview Ave., right now the only open business that’s in there. My landlord informed me a week and a half ago that he is intending to lease a space either adjacent to me or one space down to an organization called Adam and Eve, which looking on the internet and also viewing one of their stores in Missoula, MT when I happened to be there last week is basically a porn shop. It is a franchise organization or group, but a duck is a duck no matter how it quacks and I’m very upset about it and would like to talk to the Mayor about what we can do to try to get this thing stopped. It apparently has met the requirements through city Planning and Zoning. They have some type of a code that says if less than 60 percent of a business’ sales are adult sexually oriented, then they qualify as a main street business, and somehow they managed to squeak through this thing, but in talking to the people there, I don’t think they provided anything other than these peoples’ word. They basically sell lingerie and provocative clothing on manikins which they have displayed in the windows in Missoula. They sell sex toys and they sell videos. In going on line and looking at their website and looking at the movies they offer, in my opinion they’re pure pornography, so I would like to talk to the Mayor’s office about this situation and see what can be done to try to get this thing turned around.
Action Taken: left message

Michelle Rickenbach
Burgers for Bikes: My two children go to Garfield and we were nominated for a couple of bicycles; they were giving them away at Appleby’s, but on Saturday I had to work. The two little girls nominated for the bicycles are names Rainbow and Aurora Rickenbach. They told me at Appleby’s to get in touch with you guys and see if we could somehow get those bikes. Also my father-in-law is Vern Bisterfeldt and I think someone got in touch with him, but I’m not sure. If someone would call me and let me know what to do, that would be great. Thanks.
Action Taken: contacted

May 1 – 7, 2010
F-35: I’m calling concerning the F35’s deployment program that is being considered. I’m a homeowner near the airport off Roosevelt, 3001 S. Roosevelt, and I would just like to comment that I am against bringing the F35’s here. I think a better idea would be to station them at Mountain Home Air Force Base where it won’t affect the residential people. Thank you.
Sondra McMindy
Adult Shop: I’m calling as the owner of the Children’s Therapy Place on Fairview. I am concerned about a company called Adam and Eve which deals in adult sex toys and materials, be given a permit to reside nearby my office. I believe that permit was issued inappropriately without looking at the amount of business they actually do. I know there’s a 60/40 rule and I would like that further investigated because when you look at that website the majority of their business is sexually explicit material. Thank you.
Action Taken: left message

Vicky Thatcher
3355 N. Five Mile Rd. # 243
Boise, ID 83713
Morrison Center: I called the Morrison Center today to find out about handicapped accessibility because the last event I went to it was not handicapped accessible and it was extremely difficult for me with one lung and asthma to walk the distance it was required to get into the building. It really took away from my energy level and my breathing and the experience of that particular evening. Today I called to find out from the Morrison Center what the parking arrangements were for Music Week, to find out yes, we can use handicapped parking near the building, but in the near future they are going to be charging for parking garages and ground for Taco Bell and the Morrison Center. Those of us that don’t have a lot of money, that don’t have a lot of resources, are being eliminated from cultural events because it is becoming cost prohibitive. I think it’s a sin; I think something needs to be discussed so that those of us that can attend and would like to attend don’t lose what little money we have between tickets and parking. It’s just unthinkable. I appreciate your listening.
Action Taken: left message

Tom Conn
1419 Camelback Ln B103
Boise 83702
Transit Center: The places to put the bus. I highly recommend you and urge you to look at the bus depot facilities in Ann Arbor Michigan. It is absolutely fantastic, absolutely. Please research it and check it out, get pictures, fly back there, it is really really somethin’. Have a good day. Bye.
Action Taken: left message

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  1. Sharon Jarrett: Editorial comment: Nothing about the Idaho Department of Labor makes sense, even though it’s run by a self-ordained elitist saint. Put it back under the unbrella of the Idaho Department of Commerce where it might get oversight and produce results for other than Micron workers and Republicans. (Sorry, it’s the truth, and no disrepect to honest Rs.)In the meantime, check grocery store bulletin boards, newspapers, online for handymen/women. Thanks for trying to help “the huddled masses,” which are now us, find work! That’s what AMERICA is all about. Believe me, I am restraining myself here!!!

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    May 11, 2010, 7:53 pm

    Years ago the Job Service had a day-labor room. Guys would hang out there and people would call in for a guy to rake leaves or clean rain gutters. I used two guys from day-labor to help me move once. Not anymore. Probably a liability thing.

  3. A great idea from Mr.Conn. Put our transit center in Ann Arbor Michigan. Problem solved!!

  4. RE: F35s @ Mountain Home. You guys need to print something to clear everyone up on the F35 issue. There are two seperate proposals for the F35 in Idaho. One is for an active duty combat wing at Mountain Home that would use the airspace south of the base to train in. And another for a training wing for the brand new F35 pilots out of Gowen that would use the same airspace. They are seperate missions and seperate proposals.

    Also Marie Rhodes, that airspace is not exclusively yours. It belongs to every american that wants to fly in the national aerospace system. Including everything from a Cessna 140 to a F16 to a B777. The airport has been there since the 1930’s, if you moved next to it or around it where aircraft maneuver, its not their fault. After all those fighters are just getting ready to fight to keep you safe, but hey they can go to that somewhere else, right?

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