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Come To A GUARDIAN Party Thursday

Guardian’s first five years have flew
How long it would last no one knew
All I have to say
Is keep plugging away
And Happy Birthday to you!
–Poet Paul

ALL READERS, friends, politicos, and anyone wanting to see what Cyclops, Cynic, and Kappa Ta, Timm, Paul, Clancy, Dean Gunderson, and the rest of the gang really look like. Specific invite here and now to Commishes, Team Dave, Councilors, Coppers, Firefighters, Supremes, dope reporters.

Seems like only last week we were writing about the Chamber of Commerce running the city and Boise officials keeping the Depot closed most of the time. Well, it was just last week, but 5 years ago we were also telling folks about it too!

The GUARDIAN started 5 years ago in May. We are going to have a birthday celebration and YOU are invited! You are the folks who have posted more than 15,500 comments.

We couldn’t afford the Depot, but we are within sight at Papa Joe’s. We will offer up FREE pizza and soft drinks. You will have to spring for your own beer and wine.
DATE–Thursday May 27
TIME–After 5 p.m.
LOCATION– Papa Joe’s Restaurant at Capitol and University
(Outside on the patio weather permitting)

With a comment here, please give us an idea if you can make it after work Thursday.

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  1. You propose an interesting challenge to me. I don’t comment often, nor am I a long term reader. I’m not active in local politics. I usually try to not mix with professional politicians.

    On the other hand, I want to support independent voices, discussions, and critical thinking.

    On the gripping hand, free pizza?

    Count me half in. You can count the wafflers and divide by 2 (or 4) for menu planning.

  2. Happy Birthday, BG! Keep up the great work. I am afraid I must continue to shield my identity, such as it is, and won’t be able to attend. It has nothing to do with the few pounds I need to lose or that I haven’t had my roots retouched of late or that I am in a self-imposed witness protection program! BG readers–enjoy the party and toast the boss for me.


  3. Dave, Count me in for the BD party.

  4. Missed last year but I can make it this year.

  5. Steve Edgar
    May 24, 2010, 9:21 pm

    Dave, Ever since I found out about The Guardian I make it a point to read it on a daily basis.

    I enjoy the open forum, almost always civil debate and the ever present humor; just in case we take ourselves too seriously!

    I am a more informed citizen due to your efforts and your reader comments always add legitimate flavor to any debate.

    As much as I want to attend the party, I am unable to due to travel conflicts (what else is new). Suffice it to say that I know I would loved to have shared a beer and a slice of pizza with the readership but I will have to be content reading about the festivities in The Guardian’s after action report!

    EDITOR NOTE–Steve, we will miss you and appreciate both your comments and by-line posts…one of those was among our most commented upon.

  6. Be there or be square!!!!

  7. Wish I could come BG but a gluten intolerance would not let me enjoy the pizza. (I miss those days.) And, thanks to my former doctor who prescribed a statin drug awhile back, I can now barely walk due to muscle damage. But I will continue to enjoy your blog and your opinions, as well as those of your subscribers.

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