Sage Advice From Boise, Idaho

Those of us who have lived in the City of Trees know a few things about the area such as:

  • Don’t plant your garden until the snow is off Shafer Butte.
  • Boise is the Banana Belt of Idaho.
  • Global Warming is a political thing.
  • You can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon.

It’s also a neat place to live despite the politicos and primary elections, and trains, and magazine “top 10 lists”. The Guardian made the top image from Federal way Sunday morning and wanted to share with all you folks who may not have ventured outside or have a view of the Foothills. The red poppy is at the Depot which happened to be open for a special event.

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  1. I have lived here for the better part of 35 years and I must say the Boise front was simply stunning today…particularly when you consider the date! On my walk along Mtn. View I actually saw someone pull off the side of the road, get out and take pictures of the beautiful, snowcapped panorama.

    If this is global warming…give me more!

  2. That is a wonderful shot.

  3. How about a bigger pic? It would make a lovely background/wallpaper.

  4. grumpy ole guy
    May 24, 2010, 1:27 am

    Great, great photo David. BTW one “explanation” is that the melting polar ice is chilling the oceans causing unseasonable weather. East of the Rockies is it unusually warm, you know. If one can sort out the politics from it all, the temps now are consistently warmer than they were 40 years ago. Whether it is a “natural cycle” or this warming is created by man’s activities is what is at the core of the debate. I fall onto the side of the weather scientists who say that it is warming and that, that is due to man’s activities. For whatever reason, and for whatever long-term effect it may have, we really should reduce our carbon emission generation, for the long-term health of the earth and its residents.

    EDITOR NOTE– Grumpy, you could easily make it on local TV doing the weather report in front of a “green board” 5 times during a news cast with sweeping arm motions!! See you Thursday at Papa Joes.

  5. Wow! Guardian! No wonder you can make a living with that “picture box”! Beautiful….

  6. why are there so many needy people(always white)holding these cardboard signs in boise every single day?Doesn’t the Boise Welfare place give them wat they need?and 8 times out of ten, the snobby,coldhearted/snooty/ selfish/tight fisted people in their cars n ridiculously huge PICKUP TRUCKS, just pass em rite on by and give these down n out ppl nothing. the ppl of boise r not very generous to those begging.they look down their spoiled,heartless noses at em. other cities like OKC, albuquerque,Philly don’t have this situation. it’s not everywhere; and in a small city like boise, there’s way too many ppl out there begging with their cardboard signs.way 2 many.something is not working in the right wing,stingey, coldhearted land of the dirty self serving republicans.wake up sheep.

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