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Lucas Baumbach Goes After Vaughn Ward

In the interest of piling on to the “EXPOSE VAUGHN WARD” bandwagon, we share this YOU TUBE LINK offered up by Lucas Baumbach, Boise Tea Party activist and Idaho State Senate candidate (Republican, District 14, Boise).

It really is uncanny and worth a laugh. Sorta fun to see the Repubs whacking each other silly too! Lucas has also previously sent us a scathing release about Guv Butch in which Lucas Baumbach supports Rex Rammel.

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  1. Definately a “Canned” candidate that doesn’t mind borrowing from either side.

  2. I have to agree with Lucas on this one. As a proud member of the military family for 39 years, I find Maj. Ward’s misuse of his uniform and service record disrespectful to his fellow soldiers. He is up for promotion; I hope he is passed over for failure to follow regs. Disclosure: I am a strong supporter of the incumbent, U.S. Congressman Walt Minnick.

    Campaign news from Meridian: my favorite campaign robocalls have been from the “GUN PAC” on behalf of D20s Shirley McKague, Marv Hagedorn and Joe Palmer. I live over here and I can’t quite picture Shirley packing heat, although I have seen her packing cheese doodles from Walgreens! Here’s to Wednesday when it’s all over until the general election stuff starts.

  3. It seems like Lucas Baumbach knew where to go to get a comparison of the Ward/Obama speeches. I also wonder if Ward’s speech was not edited to make us think he is parroting Obama. I ask you, why would anyone in their right mind would want to appear Obamalike? I am also beginning to wonder if Ward does is really scaring the “good Republicans” among us. Guess only time will tell.

  4. The daily paper had an “at a glance” profile of candidates Ward and Labrador HERE.

    Ward’s “quoteable” goes like this:
    “It’s time to usher in a new era and I’m offering to be one of the leaders.”

    When I read that, I thought it sounded very hopey and changey!

    Soldier Ward has shot himself in the foot time and again. Will his voters rally? (Both Minnick and Labrador must be giggling like schoolgirls!)

    Correction: Baumbach is in MY District – #17. I like the kid!

  5. I met Vaughn a couple times and he seemed a nice fellow and very ambitious. Too bad he and his staff were too over zealous and made such a dumb choice to plagiarize websites and speeches. That video made me lose all confidence in Vaughn Ward. I don’t see any ideal candidates out there for me this year. Bummer!

    EDITOR NOTE–We have plenty of Western Tanangers and I even saw some Lazuli Buntings too, so it ain’t all bad.

  6. Even a blind Wunderlich finds a nut every once in a while.

  7. Don’t for a second believe that Labrador’s campaign has not been sitting on this for WEEKS!!! The old “two days before the campaign” smoking gun.
    And don’t believe that this came from Baumbach either! He is simply the conduit. Welcome to “smashmouth politics”!
    It really doesn’t matter in the long run anyway. Neither candidate has a prayer of beating Minnick.

  8. Bikeboy is correct about the District number. 17 all the way!

  9. Ward has been a joke all along.
    But you know how the rebulicans are in this State
    What More can I say.

  10. costaprettypenny
    May 25, 2010, 8:07 am

    Cyclops…You are right on!

  11. Brianthedog
    May 25, 2010, 8:26 am

    No need to read up on the candidates. I always do the opposite of what the Idaho Misstatementmans says to do.

  12. My confidence in Baumbach is shaken a bit if he’s a Rammel supporter.

    For this citizen, Butch Otter has been a huge disappointment as governor. I kinda liked the guy when he was a congressman, but he seems to have lost his “libertarian compass.” However… Rammel is just a little too “out there” for my taste. He should start as a senator or representative, so we can get to know him a little better. (All I know about him is that: 1) he’s the elk guy, and 2) he fancies himself as the man who will save the Constitution.)

  13. Bikeboy, Rammel’s problem is he is a little “too out there” to get elected, period! Some great ideas, smart guy, good family man. But in today’s climate, COMPLETLY UNELECTABLE!! That is the sad part about these times.

  14. Baumbach should be ashamed of himself. He admits that his video was edited and not really an accurate portrayal. He did this to deceive voters into voting for Labrador. Is this the kind of person we would want representing us in the Idaho Senate ? I think not. Apparently in his mind, the end justifies the means, not exactly the values we would espouse in conservative circles. He is often referred to as a Tea Party Activist …. please … he does not speak for Tea Party members … he just goes to rallys. Actually right now it is unclear who exactly speaks for Tea Party Boise members as their endorsement of Labrador was made without any consultation of membership. But that’s ANOTHER Story !

  15. Hey, I was just as sceptical about Rammell as anyone, but then I saw him speak and bought into his vision. He’s not perfect, but also not what he’s reported to be. His debate was not polished. But, like cyclops says, “Some great ideas, smart guy, good family man.” I was derisive about the elk too, but realize now that it comes down to the violation of private property by government.

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