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Crapo For Boise City Council?

In the middle of the hub bub over thelack of public discussion–or even public awareness over the sale of Boise City land to the State of Idaho, Senior Sen. Mik Crapo’s PR machine sent out a press release calling for “TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY IN FINANCIAL REFORM CONFERENCE.”

While this is at the national level dealing with Wall Street and Banks, the philosophy sounds like it could work here. The release follows.

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators Richard Shelby (R-AL), Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), Mike Crapo (R-ID), Bob Corker (R-TN), and Judd Gregg (R-NH), the Republican Senate conferees on financial reform, today sent a letter to Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd (D-CT) and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-MA) calling for transparency, accountability, and fairness in the upcoming conference committee proceedings. The Senators urged Dodd and Frank to adopt the following principles:

  • Public votes on all major issues: “We believe it would be a grave mistake if the conference’s only vote is for approval of a final conference report that was prepared behind closed doors.”
  • Accountability for proposals: “The American people are entitled to know whether any provisions adopted by the conference were drafted or proposed by a Wall Street firm, a financial regulator or any other special interest.”
  • Fair and open process: “The only reason for rushing the conference would be to hide from the American people poorly conceived legislation or legislation designed to help a particular special interest.”

“We believe that following these principles not only will help ensure that the conference conducts its work in an orderly and productive fashion, but also will create a fair and open process that allows all members to participate,” the Senators concluded. “It will also give the American people the opportunity to follow the conference proceedings. Therefore, we request that the conference begin its work by adopting rules that embody these principles. It is our hope that the conference quickly can agree to these common sense rules so that it promptly can begin its difficult task of preparing a conference report.”

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  1. Idaho ranks as one of the lowest states in the nation for openness and transparency. I would like to see that trend change. The public’s business should be conducted in the public arena. Open the doors and let us in! If you don’t, we’ll close the doors and take away your keys to our government!

  2. If only Crapo meant what he said and not just jaw flappn like a DC insider.

  3. KT–
    Just how is transparency and openness measured state by state?
    Facts please.

  4. One ranking comes from a Public Integrity investigation of state legislatures and their openness. In the latest ranking from this group, Idaho failed at 48th in the nation tied with two other states. See below(2009):

    Fourteen states in all have improved their disclosure laws since the Center’s last survey in 2006. In addition to Louisiana and Mississippi, Oregon, and Connecticut moved up in the rankings, while Massachusetts suffered the biggest drop.

    Among the states that received failing grades are Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota. The number of F’s represents an improvement, though minor, over the 24 states that failed in both 2006 and 1999. Idaho, Michigan, and Vermont continue to tie for last place, as no personal financial disclosure laws exist, or have ever existed, in those states

    Go to:

    Click on map to see where other states stand. I’m sure there are other rankings elsewhere based on different factors, just google for them.

    There’s definitely room for improvement!


  5. Kappa TA is dead on with openess and transparency in Idaho Govt. It stinks for lack of a better word.

    Public records aren’t quite public when you ask to see them or get copies. Gamesmanship with city attorneys and other government wonks can make it really tough to dig out the facts in the Great State of Idaho.

  6. KTA, Thanks for the information. I appreciate it and recognize your sources.

  7. Kappa TA, thanks so much for showing us how un-open Idaho is.

    Let’s see, you might just be a prime example of that. Journalist, elected official – comments under assumed name. Check – total transparency!

  8. My last blog must have gotten lost. I prefer to remain anonymous like the rest of you. It’s more fun to use an assumed name. I’m just as entitled to do that are you are. Mr. Frazier knows who I am. My given name is boring!

  9. Well Kappa TA – other elected officials as well as just regular folks, use their own names. And those that use assumed names – to have more fun – don’t go all self righteous on transparency and openness in government while hiding their own participation.

  10. diane sower
    Jun 22, 2010, 4:42 pm

    Well, snicker, at least we saw some transparency from the Statesman concerning Vaughn Ward. Sure glad that marine wants to represent all of us…..

  11. And ordinary citizens don’t use anonymous names to simply attack or go self-righteous on others who express their opinions. What’s the big deal anyway? Don’t see you bashing others for using monikers or revealing who you are. I haven’t hidden anything: I am a journalist and an elected official. Please don’t lose any sleep over my identity.

  12. Nan Emouse:

    Just a few last comments regarding your insults before I drop this topic: I do not deal in public funds nor do I have the power to enact public policy nor do I collect any taxpayer money or any income from what I do. What I do in my elected position is entirely pro bono and limited to a finite number of consituents. I am an independent journalist, with no ties to mainstream media, and a stinko market. Additionally, as I have revealed to BG, I have been the victim of e-mail predators, with police intervention, which is the main reason I prefer to remain anonymous here on this public site. You don’t really need to know who I am, nor would you necessarily recognize who I am, nor do I need to know who you are to respect your right to express your opinions on any topics.

    If it makes you (and Sara Baker) feel any better, despite my journalistic and elected ties, such as they are, the DAILY refuses to print my valid and legitimate press releases or name. If that ain’t an “ordinary citizen” then I don’t know what is! I’ll continue to fight for transparency and openness until the cows come home using whatever name I choose.

    The End.

    Kappa TA

  13. crapo doesn’t even belong where he is, given his propensity for lobbyists to get him elected. Ever receive one of his form letters? The exact ones that Simpson sends? You used to be able to be helped by your representatives in Washington. Gone are those days, and their anti-health care blah blah blah is something THEY don’t even aspire to. Represent you? Are you kidding me, if you think so? I give you one test. Try to get some help from one of them. Period.

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