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Forget Bureaucrats, Trust Your Politicos

A series of recent events, backed up by press releases from the offices of politicos from City Hall to the United States Senate are leaving the GUARDIAN confused.

Most recent was a move to locate TRACON–the local aviation radar operators who sit in a dark windowless room–in Boise instead of a consolidated facility at the regional air traffic facility at Salt Lake. Seems Sens. Crapo and Risch, Mayor Bieter, and Congressman Minnick know better how to run the FAA. Without their expertise–if you believe the press releases– the public would pay an additional $25 million, safety would be compromised, and besides it means JOBS!

Then a survey by trained medical doctors and scientists left white potatoes (read that Idaho Spuds) off the list of approved WIC (welfare) fruits and vegetables. Again the congressional delegation comes to the rescue, advocating the spuds be placed on the list despite opinions of those uninformed nutritional pros who claim most people get plenty of potatoes in their diets anyway.

AMTRAK was able to scam the politicos out of $13 million to commission a survey into the need and “feasibility” of running trains through Boise. The politicos felt AMTRAK was off track in not offering service to Boise. Now $13 million later AMTRAK still is balking, but word on the street is they will get a rough ride at budget time for not realizing politicos better understand rail needs and financing than the people running the nation’s passenger trains.

Certainly no one can be critical of making cash available to banks so they can loan it to cities, GM, and major insurance companies. The beauty of this is they can do it without raising taxes.

What a country!

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  1. “Let them eat cake!” We know how the party ended in so many other nations in history. I wonder how it will end here. I wonder if I will get to find out.

    PS: I’m so proud of our current president talking about kickn’ @ss on a worldwide TV broadcast. It’s almost as good as the Clinton Blue Dress, the GHW Bush barfing on the Japanese prime minister, and Reagan’s nuke launch radio broadcast. You go Barak!

  2. Well, thank God we subsidize Sugerbeats! We need Idaho sugar!

  3. It doesn’t seem to matter what party, it is still all about bringing “pork” for the folks! I wonder why this isn’t referred to as “buying votes” which I understand is a no-no!

  4. We the people of the United States and Ada County are being scammed in so many ways it is sickening. There is a good use for money and a bad use for money. Here’s an example where money needs to be spent: the alleged scum who molested BABIES between 14 and 18 MONTHS old got a plea deal in Ada County courts this week.

    According to the DAILY’s report:

    Prosecutors are recommending a 10-year sentence, but *the alleged scum” could be able to ask for parole after two years in prison.
    He was originally charged with four counts of lewd conduct but those charges were dropped as part of a plea agreement with Ada County prosecutors.

    Read more:

    Now, give the poor what they need to have a decent meal, cut the damn pork and take care of our babies. This is an OUTRAGE! Why aren’t people upset by this type of deal that puts baby abusers back on the streets. Spend the money and prosecute this man properly. What absolute laziness. That’s my opinion.

    Thank you.

    KTA, who loves babies in the proper way.

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