ACHD Race Turns Into A Real Fight

The Ada County Highway District 3 election has turned into a potential brawl with today’s announcement from Cleveland Corder, former world middleweight boxing champion.

Corder, 38, is challenging incumbent John Franden for control of the only male seat on the ACHD commission. If elected will represent the area generally known as Garden City and Eagle and only 20% of voters–those living in the district–are allowed to vote for a commissioner on the November ballot.

At least the former tough guy didn’t try to get in the ring and duke it out with one of the women commishes!

His entire press release follows.

Boise – Cleveland “The Warrior” Corder, former IBC and NBA World Middleweight Champion, has filed his candidacy for the District 3 seat on the Ada County Highway District Commission in the November 2010 election.

Said Corder, currently a Boise area businessman, “traffic needs to flow more smoothly in
Ada County. Whether traffic is jammed up because there are too many construction projects scheduled for the same area or the lights simply aren’t timed correctly, the situation hurts our economy at a time when many businesses and people are struggling. We should also be looking at innovations like roundabouts which keep the flow of traffic moving very well.”

Corder’s 2010 ACHD platform includes increasing the transparency of ACHD finances and expenses. He also believes that ACHD needs to work proactively with the cities in Ada County to maximize the impact of taxpayer money. “I’m a fighter,” he said, “and it’s time we had someone on the Ada County Highway District Commission that fights for taxpayers.”

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  1. The Warrior RULES!

  2. Actually, people north of the river in Boise can vote for him too!

  3. Based on past performances by this and other agencies, maybe a “last man standing” type of event would be an improvement!!

  4. leave me alone
    Jun 11, 2010, 10:19 am

    roundabouts? roundabouts? Too many blows to the head.

  5. I always favor CHAMPIONS for taxpayers! The Warrior is right on about too many construction projects at the same time and ill-timed lights, especially turn signals where you wait an eternity and only one or two cars get through until the next cycle. So many of our politicos and bureaucrats have been in office far too long. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” Warrior!

    KTA, a boxing fan of all things!

  6. It is time for Franden to GO! A monkey could do a better job than he does. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and turns his back on neiborhoods who want to get traffic under control. Just look at how he votes against them.
    Anyone would be better!

  7. Aw! C’mon Guardian! If Bert can call Frandon a monkey, why can’t I call Bieter a baboon??

    EDITOR NOTE–I am on the road and missed it. You are more grown up than Bert and besides you know how you upset the baboons.

  8. Only 20% of the voters….. If there are five ditricts doesn’t it make sense that 20% or 1/5th of the people living in Ada County would be eligible to vote for the person respresenting their district. I have never seen the Guardian stating that “only” 50% of the people get to vote for the ongressional representative – those living in their district. If you do not live in a certain district you do not get to vote for someone representing another district. Does the Boise Guardian advocate that someone living in Star be able to vote in the Eagle Mayor or City Council election? How about someone from a neighboring home owners association (HOA) being able to chose the board members of you HOA?

    EDITOR NOTE– We advocate ALL citizens of Boise being able to vote for all councilors, ALL residents of Ada County voting for ALL Commishes, etc. The ACHD Commishes make county-wide decisions. Your comparison of Star and Eagle is silly. We aren’t talking about another county.

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