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Kirby Widdicombe
Code Enforcement: My call is in regards to a property at 2412 Smith, just around the corner
from my house that is pretty much blighted. It has been on the sales market for at least six
months; the weeds are at least sky high at this point. I view it as a fire hazard, as well as a
blighted area, and would like somebody to tell me what we can do about that. This house is
abandoned and bank owned. Thank you.

Lorraine Mira
Profiling: I’m very concerned because I heard from two people witnesses that the police
department is picking up people of color because of their race and asking for papers. I want to
know what’s going on with this because I don’t think this is right.
Action Taken: no answer or answering machine

Tyler Brown
New Business: I wanted to see if I can get in front of the Mayor or the appropriate people and
talk about a carpet reclamation program we just started here in Idaho. This is Idaho’s first
carpet reclamation and we want to recycle all carpet coming off of used projects, both
commercial as well as residential. We are mostly a commercial dealer but we do deal with
some residential and it’s open to the public. We have a lot of requests from architects,
designers, and the community as a whole to get this program started; so as of June 1 we have
started it. If I could get a call back and see who I talk to, I would like to see if we can get this on
to a city funded project because I think it’s a great program for everybody to keep the carpet out
of landfills.
Action Taken: left message
Boise High School: I hope you can hear the sound in the background. That is the sound that
began at about 6:30 this morning by workers doing whatever the hell it is they’re doing to Boise
High School. I mean, first of all I think it’s illegal for them to be disturbing the peace at 6:30 in
the morning, we went through this last summer by the way, and if nothing else it’s just a crappy
way to treat the neighbors. Here, get a load of this, I’m wondering how much the Mayor would
appreciate it if I showed up in his neighborhood and started tearing up steel at 6:30 in the
freakin’ morning.

Lynn Lockhart
Hazardous Waste Collection Site: I called in two weeks ago to express my concerns about
the mobile hazardous waste collection site and some customer service issues that we had at
the site in our area. I did receive a call the following day from the Mayor’s Office and I was told
that someone from the hazardous waste department would be contacting me to talk in more
detail about the guidelines. I haven’t heard from anyone in that department, and like I said it’s
been over two weeks at this point. So, I figured I should probably follow up. I’m just wanting to
know if the city might consider changing their existing hazardous waste mobile collection site
guidelines to allow businesses or at the very least locally owned and operated businesses to
participate in these mobile collection site drop-off site opportunities. So, if someone could get
back with me on this, I would certainly be grateful. Thank you.
Action Taken: PW had sent her a letter but will follow up w/ her

ACHD: I’m a West Boise resident and I do not want to read anything in the newspaper or hear
anything on the radio complaining about the air quality when you have ripped up every single
main thoroughfare in the west end of Boise and everyone is idling and traffic is congested on
every single main thoroughfare in the west end of town. Thank you Ada County Highway

Action Taken: contacted

Sharon Jared
Qwest: I have a question; I was trying to find another option for a land line phone service rather
than Qwest since they keep raising the rates and raising the rates, and there are no others.
They have a monopoly; I thought that was illegal. I called Verizon and they said they are not
allowed to operate in any place that is serviced by Qwest. If that isn’t a monopoly, I’d like to
know why, and I would like to know why they are allowed to do that. Thank you.
Action Taken: left message

Mike Wilson
Code Enforcement: Across the street from my home is a house that is vacant at 505
Hearthstone. It’s owned by an individual who has moved to another location in Boise. I know
where that is, but I don’t know how to call them. The yard has been let go so the grass now is
very, very long and I believe it’s a fire hazard. Now, I don’t know what can be done from the
city’s perspective, but there has to be some statute that doesn’t allow an owner of a home to let
it go like that and create a fire hazard. At any rate, I hope that someone can help. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

Mrs. Durbin
Invocation: I saw in the Statesman where a Hindu leader offered a City Council prayer. I don’t
know whose bright idea that was, but I think it’s a shame when we have a Hindu leader who is
not a Christian, I assume, and we couldn’t even have The Ten Commandments in the park; that
had to be taken out. We do not recognize God any more, and I want to know where our city is
going to. I have no problems with the Hindu leader at all, it’s just that why can’t we have some
of our Christian leaders from Christian churches have prayers in our City Council. I was
offended by this. Thank you
Action Taken: contacted

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  1. To bad the city won’t get off there tushes and do something about over grown property’s!
    Long as it’s not next to them why should they.

  2. Those non-Christian Hindus! Don’t even recognize God! Maybe the Christian Hindus are more reasonable. Gimme a break.

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