Ada Dump Seeks Green Power Trash Talk


The Ada Commishes are trying to generate some trash talk–or talk generating with trash– with the idea of making prime real estate out of the county dump.

They issued a “REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST” for anyone willing to talk about using trash to generate energy and potentially building a “Renewal Energy Industrial Park” at the Hidden Hollow Landfill near Hidden Springs subdivision.

They already generate some electricity with a methane gas compressor plant that recovers gas from the rotting trash. As long as the Commishes don’t put any public money into one of those cobbled together “private-public partnership” schemes, it could have some potential.

Certainly doesn’t hurt to talk about the idea which will no doubt compete head-to-head with Boise City’s grand scheme to convert the airport into a giant industrial park financed by bonds that will supposedly be repaid by rent. Both city and county should stay out of the land speculation business –especially trying to become landlords.

The GUARDIAN was skeptical of projected revenues four years ago. Records show the generator has never attained the projected $324,000 annual income, but has indeed proven viable.

The following are revenues from the sale of landfill gas:

Fiscal Year 2007 – $132,311.66
Fiscal Year 2008 – $262,272.71
Fiscal Year 2009 – $289,632.23
Fiscal Year 2010 (through May ONLY) – $176,431.50

Total through May 2010 = $860,648.10 in revenue from the sale of landfill gas.


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  1. Wow! That looks almost big enough to run my hair dryer. How much did it cost?

    We could all just burn our trash in a stove: Heat for the house and hot water too, no trash truck’s air pollution and expense, and no landfill either. Crazy idea I know, but what if we had a super hot burning stove? I’m still looking forward to the nuclear home heater and car they talked about in the 1960’s.

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Jun 19, 2010, 11:02 am

    To whom does the county think they will sell their electricity? I have heard that Idaho Power is extremely uncooperative in buying power generated by third party wind and solar generators.

    EDITOR NOTE–Here is a link to our original skeptical story 4 yrs ago.

  3. Too late on the landlord issue. The County already has a trailer park, a race track, a baseball stadium, a wedding venue (I think) and a raft rental place. Not sure if they are landlords for deli in the Courthouse.

  4. I don’t see any harm in the existing or future agreements for selling of the methane gas at the landfill. My understanding is the county provides the land and receives royalties for the Methane gas. Prior to this electrical generation, this methane was just flared off.

    The county’s methane is way different than the city’s vacant land. The methane is a by-product of the landfill that needs to be handled properly. The city’s land is a by-product of speculation or over purchasing.

  5. Based on the crap coming out of the county courthouse and Boise city hall, they should put one of these on both of those building’s roofs.

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