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Open Forum Weekend

We don’t have much to offer, so it is YOUR turn to come up with some comments and topics. Here are some seeds.

–Summer school principal brings her infant to school. At least one teacher complained to the GUARDIAN for fear of recrimination. Claims it interferes with job. Distric rep says no violation of policy and offers up a massive list of rules.

–Micron and spud grower group make front page of the DAILY PAPER Friday with allegations of price fixing.

–Team Dave won’t tell us the cost of the advertising campaign for the F-35 or who authorized it. Forcing us to play game of “20 questions” through records requests.

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  1. Daily’s over-play of Republican Party convention and no coverage of recent Democratic Party convention in Worley. Daily’s refusal to run valid and legitimate news releases about Democratic Party events in a true journalistic effort to be fair and balanced.

    Regarding the F35 expenditures: Mayor Bieter, as a fellow Democrat, please release the records in the spirit of openness and transparency. The city of Boise is hiking fees on gravestones, and yet has money for pure propaganda?

    Other than a wait-and-see on Bujak and Tax Commishes, I don’t have much to comment on either.

    On a positive note, however, the Boise Rec Fest all day today and tomorrow at Ann Morrison Park might give everyone a chance to have fun and clear their heads for the upcoming week.

  2. Mayor Bieter’s reluctance to share costs of his banners is just one of many reasons Idaho ranks 48th in openess of govt.

    Ask for the check register under the freedom of info law and see what that chruns up for your efforts.

  3. THIS IS ABOUT THE DANGEROUS IDEA AND PRACTICE OF USING ‘INMATE LABOR’ IN RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS. BY AND IN FRONT OF OUR HOMES AND YARDS.THESE CONVICTS/ RAPISTS/ CRAZIES ETC. ARE WAY TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT.THEY ALL DID SOMETHING BAD ENUFF TO PUT THEMSELVES IN JAIL. HEY,I KNOW IT’S ALL ABOUT CHEAP LABOR,BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SAFETY AND PROTECTION OF US LAW ABIDING PRIVATE CITIZENS? one dangerous looking convict guy was checking out my 17 yr.old daughter while she was in the yard. he was that close,where he got a good interested look at her(a pretty girl) who knows what he’s in JAIL for,and how soon he’ll get out, and what was on his mind. she and we shouldn’t have to be scared/ worried like this,or about this kind of situation.he could get fixated on her or another pretty girl and thanks to the cheap city of boise using cheap inmate labor, he’ll know where she lives. great. some things are more important than cheap labor and saving some bucks;LIKE SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS TO LIVE IN.let these convicts go work on the interstate/ highway roads. NOT IN OUR RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS WHERE WE INNOCENT,LAW ABIDING PEOPLE LIVE AND WANT TO FEEL daughter was really concerned and bothered by this, and now so am I.if something did happen, could we then sue the city for bringing these convicts into our are/neighborhoods? it’d be the city’s fault for putting em around us. they weren’t even doing anything important.blowing some leaves around. that’s a total waste of time anyway.the wind’s just gonna blow the leaves back around again.what a stupid bunch of idiots in charge, who care nothing of public first. some would say that’s the cold hearted, tight fisted republican way.

  4. i don’t think all cities do this ‘inmate labor’ crap.maybe they put the safety of their citizens first over cheap labor. or maybe they use these convicts on the major roads and interstates. not in residential areas. that would make sense.

  5. Kind of late to the game but a pretty funny song by Jewel about Boise, not Boize. Posted at the Statesman today.

  6. who cares whether one says boize or boise. really, it’s not important at all. there’s lots more serious/ vital issues to be concerned with in our corrupt society. and, saying boise with a Z sounds better anyway. Saying it with a s or c sound makes the word/name sound silly and corny. so in order to make the name sound less dorky/corny, i’m still going to say BoiZe. with a z sound, it sounds better. period.

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