If Vern Were To Bite GOP Bait…

Regarding having Vern step down, the GOP county central committee would choose a
successor, most likely Fred Tilman. This is what they are aiming for. The voters
have spoken. Vern won. It doesn’t matter with whom he associates.

Tilman and Yzaguirre supported Democrat Paul Woods, at least informally. In
a search of 2010 Sunshine Reports, Democrats have supported Tilman and Yzaguirre
with campaign contributions and Republicans have supported Democrats with
contributions. See statute below.

The GOP also has supported gays, despite their platform. Politics
as usual, but I hope Vern has the good sense not to bite. Who cares what they think
once he’s in office in January 2011. These folks are just unpaid volunteers in a “private” political organization. They do, however, have the power to choose county successors.

34-715.Filling of vacancies occurring before or after primary election. Vacancies
that occur during the ten (10) day period before a primary election, or after the
primary election but at least ten (10) days before the general election in the slate
of candidates of any political party, except candidates for precinct committeeman,
shall be filled in the following manner:
(1) By the county central committee if it is a vacancy by a candidate for a county
(2) By the legislative district central committee if it is a vacancy by a candidate
for the state legislature.
(3) By the state central committee if it is a vacancy by a candidate for a federal
or a state office.
The county and legislative district central committee shall fill the vacancy within
fifteen (15) days from the date the vacancy occurred. The state central committee
shall fill the vacancy within thirty (30) days from the date the vacancy occurred.
Any political party candidate so appointed by the proper central committee must, in
order to have his name on the general ballot, file a declaration of candidacy and
pay the required filing fee.
Vacancies that occur in a slate of candidates for precinct committeeman within ten
(10) days prior to the primary election shall not be filled

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  1. When a city Council member resigns the mayor gets to appoint the person to the open seat. Mr. Coles did this several times.

  2. Vern should tell the nazi GOPs to stick it where the sun don’t shine. Knowing Vern, he will. That is exactly why he won. Most recently, he’s run for city council that is a “non-partisan” position. ALL elected offices should be that way. Will we ever get to vote for a candidate for ANY office that most closely mirrors our own personal beliefs? Unfortunately, probably not. Instead, we have to pick one from column A or column B and hope for the best. I hope everyone will join me in telling the republo-dild*s to f**k off! The people voted, and Vern won. Get over it, GOP losers!

  3. What concerns me the most about this is seeing appropriate political conservatism turn so far to the right that it actually now seeks to remove democratic (small “d”) rights that are critical to the freedom that makes America great. The right to vote for candidates of our choosing, without intimidation, and without someone else determining for us who we should vote for, is one of the basic precepts of American democracy. Has the Idaho GOP forgotten this? They tried to influence the primary before it took place. And they are now trying to change the results afterward. I understand the result was not what those who run the GOP wanted. But it was what the VOTERS wanted. That is what makes America great. That we, the people, choose who we want to vote into office. Second-guessing by the GOP, by the government, or by anyone else is truly un-American. Heck, we may as well all look to Iran for how to conduct elections if people think it’s okay to retroactively change the results of an election by this type of bullying. The GOP is heading so far to the right, they are losing any legitimacy they once had.

  4. **** ’em!! Let them eat cake!! The GOP has become downright pompous! They are also showing a tremedous lack of foresight! A couple of years from now they will need Vern’s backing on something important and…… He may be old but his memory is just fine! What a bunch of jerks! And they wonder why democrats are making headway in Idaho?

  5. Editor: Why the censored comments? Post them in entirety or not at all.

    Others: Profanity is the best way to lose your argument or point of view.

    Vern will survive this and those who oppose him will look foolish. Especially since they don’t reside in this county. The voting populace in Ada County is much more tolerant(not in the liberal sense) than others in the state.

  6. I is obvious that Idaho Democrats are what Republicans once were. The new “litmus test GOP” are nothing but brownshirts wrapping themselves in the flag.
    The anti-government folks will be out to support the F35 squadron tonight at the Ada County hearing room supporting even more government for Boise. Go figure.

  7. I would like to know how much in total income these individual people get from past, present, and future compensation/benefits/pensions etc. as a result of their lengthy stay-over at the “public servant” hotel? And how will it affect their votes on compensation packages for the current distressed budgets? Will their votes affect their own income?

  8. The same old dirty, ugly, taxpayer teet sucking faces over and over again. What’s the difference between Bisterfelt & Tillman? Nothing! Liberals under the R.I.N.O. guise of the Repub. This state is worse than the east coast. If the “party” was out for real honesty and integrity, they wouldn’t be chastising one lib for another. What Vern has done is flat out wrong. It’s hypocritical, and “Idaho R.I.N.O.” to the core. But, thinking they can shove one R.I.N.O. out because lack of party loyalty to replace with yet another big government spender is pathetic! Yes! Get him out. But insist on a true conservative. Consistent with the overwhelming majority of Idaho values and political philosophy. NOT TILLMAN!

  9. I’ve never know Vern to back down from anything. No reason he should now.

  10. Clancy, there are times in life when a situation is so surreal that a well placed curse word conveys the writer’s emotion better than any other form of expression! This is one of those times!
    Note: Only someone who has used, or thought of using that statement would recognize the word I censored. So please don’t try to play the “sanctimonious” card!

  11. I know Vern, I voted for Vern and I hope that letter from the GOP was printed on tissue ’cause I know what Vern will do with it.

  12. So many politicians trying to avoid the voter’s will. So many lawyers helping them to do it.

    We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

  13. What is a true conservative? Pro life? Even after it’s born???

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