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Desire Named Street Car Still Alive

Apparently disregarding overwhelming public sentiment, Boise’s Team Dave continues to dump public funds into plans for a trolley.

This time its another, guess what?– “study.” And like all the other studies it just happens to condone what the politicos want. For a mere $63,543 in taxpayer money the City got a consultant to say tracks across the river on the Capitol and 9th Street bridges cost a mere $1 million for a streetcar.

The DAILY PAPER has a detailed story which claims there are no “fatal flaws” in the plan which appears to exceed more than $100,000,000. One fatal flaw the GUARDIAN sees is there isn’t any money to pay for the novelty train!

While the new route will probably have more public acceptance, the need for a decent bus system continues and the city continues to go with a downtown Transit Center plan that has little support. The GUARDIAN will buy citizens 400 buses for the estimated cost of Team Dave’s streetcar system–$250,000 each.

Another move by the city is at hand
To push for a Trolley, they think would be grand
I certainly hope this idea won’t go far
What part of “NO street car”
Do they not understand?

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  1. Corruption is alive and well in Boise. There is no other possible explanation for beating a dead horse for this long. When things defy all logic, shady deals are at hand.

  2. What happens?

    Something happens to folks who were once ordinary citizens, when they get elected to public office. As a rule, they seem to forget what it’s like to stretch those scarce dollars to make ends meet. They lose the ability to distinguish between “needs” and “wants.” And it is SO much easier to spend somebody else’s money, than one’s own.

    The Feds have put us deep in a hole – $13 trillion, last I heard. (That’s $13,000,000,000,000.) Frankly, I don’t think we’ll ever recover; the local “public servants” need to come to a realization that the Salad Days may be behind us.

  3. How many times do “we the people” have to say no, no and again, no on the train/trolly folly and the tax burden it will impose on everyone?

    It goes like this…they ask and we get to decide on projects like this and we have said NO!

  4. Boise is still making top 10 list now but not in how stellar the area is. The most recent shows Idahoans receiving food stamp at twice the rate of increase of the national average. Treasure Valley/Idaho also leads in decline in housing values. All this and Bieter still thinks spending is okay on huge projects and the annual budget. Boise is the only agency that does not have a problem with increasing budgets.

    How does the mayor think the laid off Supervalue employees will be able to pay for the property tax increase much less a local option tax for a silly train?

  5. We have tried logic, intelligent discussion, honest arguements, alternatives, sarcasm, anger, pleading, etc.,etc., ad nauseum!
    It is time for a different tactic. Dress Bieter up as a blond, I will dress as Snidely Whiplash, and tie him(her) to a railroad track. All the rest of ya’ll need to do is make sure Dudley DoRight is out of town!!!!

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