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Jim Lee
Bogus Basin Rd.
Stuck Fire Dept. Suburban: When I was riding my bicycle on the Greenbelt yesterday I noticed a four-wheel-drive Suburban with a trailer backed down into the river east of the Stone House. It had Battalion Chief, Fire Department on the side. There were three fellows there running jet skis up and down the river. When they got ready to leave the Suburban was stuck. So trying to get it out they dug big ruts; they actually had the thing kind of sideways up on the Greenbelt south. The front wheels tore up the asphalt; they got out, changed their clothes and left. My complaint is that if a citizen or a kid or I would have done that, we would have been described as hooligans tearing up the country. So I don’t think those guys set a very good example yesterday. I would appreciate a phone call. This happened on Sunday, June 27th at approximately 3:15 p.m. Thank you.
Fire Dept.

GBAD: I’m calling regarding the Boise Convention and Visitors matter with the Greater Auditorium District. I just want to make sure that the Mayor is looking into this situation because this could have a tremendous negative economic impact on our city if the GBAD plan goes through. There are a lot of businesses, restaurants, retailers, service companies that rely on the dollars that are brought in, in large part by the Boise Convention Visitors Bureau and to risk to lose that to people who don’t know how to market and the city to bring in those events can be very dangerous in the short term to our economy. Frankly the whole plan doesn’t seem to make sense, so I hope the Mayor is looking into this and getting involved. Thanks.

Andy Simons
Rocky Mountain Management & Development
Graffiti: I know this is the hotline and I think it’s for any art work, I guess I would call it; it’s graffiti that’s in a hole in the ground on the adjacent space. I believe it’s owned by Caps. It’s next to our building which is 805 W. Idaho. Lately there’s been quite a bit of action down in the hole doing their thing with graffiti and so forth. The sooner we clean it up the better.
Action Taken: Left Msg.

Jeannie McGuirk
Move 10 Commandments by Abe: I would like to make a request; I know it’s just my voice amongst thousands here in Idaho, but Abe Lincoln memorial was put there in the Julia Davis Park near the church, why not bring the Ten Commandments from that Catholic Church behind the Capitol over to Abe Lincoln’s statue. Abe Lincoln was a man that followed Ten Commandments, His Word. It would be a good place and a rightful place to bring the Ten Commandments back to where Abe Lincoln is. And also, for anyone who wants to, read Chapter 29 of Proverbs; it’s a daily reading about whether in ignorance of God people run wild. What a wonderful thing it is for a nation to know and keep God’s laws. Thank you and the God Rally that’s going to be happening at the Ann Morrison Park, Mayor Bieter should keep God’s Word flowing in the city and in this state. I’m serious.
Parks & Rec.

Brett Sullivan
S. Quercus Ave.
Boise, ID 83709

$2 waived ticket: I received a post card that says I owe $2 for a ticket that apparently the people at the ticket place say that I really don’t owe it because they waived it, but it should have been waived a long time ago, and yet they won’t send me any proof that it has been waived. Now this is your office and these are your employees and I would like to know how I protect myself because the next thing I know they will be cutting off my registration or send me tax bills or put my house up for auction; I don’t know. But I expect to hear something from you. Again, these are your employees and you’re responsible for them and I expect to hear back. When I asked the person’s name, she just said Dawn of Boise Services, she wouldn’t give her last name. I guess she’s above having to have a last name. Call me, please.
Finance Admin.

6/30/10 @ 9:14 a.m.
Mark Andrews
Sewer truck in parking lot: I’ve been noticing that you’ve got a large sewer truck, Boise City, big yellow one with a black tank on it. I don’t know whether this guy is sleeping or just lazy or whatever. He’s been sitting up here in a parking lot for over an hour this morning, up here at Fairview and Five Mile. I don’t know what they’re doing; they’re just sitting there just sleeping or whatever. I don’t think that’s good use of taxpayers’ money, especially now. It would be nice if you got somebody out here connected with work. Thanks.
Public Works
Action Taken: Contacted

Janet Kim
Graffiti: I was calling to report some graffiti; there are several incidents of graffiti that has occurred this last week on Wildwood just south of Ustick. There’s new this morning on the stop sign about a quarter of a mile off of Ustick on Wildwood and there’s some on the railing by the canal right at the intersection, and ?? a couple of sensors this week. The other is down about at Tarash St. and Wildwood on the stop sign, on the wooden fence, and a spot on the road. One of the signs has “OL” in black spray paint. Thank you.
Action Taken: Forwarded information to graffiti hotline number

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  1. Jim, I believe that you are absoloutly right. If you drove your car up and down the greenbelt you might be arrested. Why then does the fire dept. have that privilage. Maybe because there are thousands of floaters every year that use the Boise River for recreation. And, every year many of those floaters find them selves in emergency situations that require assistance from the fire department’s dive team. Sometimes there unpleasant side effects of living in a society where these emergency services are provided for us all. Like having to step off the greenbelt to let a vehicle pass, or maybe stepping overs a rut at the edge of the river.

  2. People can complain about the Fire Departmenr all they want , but who do they call in an emergency. Firefighters risk their lives every day and you really feel you have the right to condemn these men. Maybe you should step back & put yourself in their position, could you really have done anything better? I think not, so before you go whining & complaining take a moment & think!

  3. And women…..

  4. Larry Fortensky
    Jul 8, 2010, 3:18 am

    I’ve never seen a Boise firefighter of color — Hispanic, African American, Asian or whatever. It appears to be a lily-white fraternity that’s exclusive with its membership. The same holds true for management positions in state government. Butch Otter doesn’t care about diversity or minorities.

  5. I think we all agree the fire department is performing a good service by training on the river, the issue is did the fire department make a visible effort to the public when the fire department destroyed some asphalt. If I were the chief I would have called Parks and Rec, remained on scene until parks arrived and showed them the damage. This would have demonstrated in a visible fashion to the public that the department was being responsible. Understand we don’t have all the facts, maybe the fire department did call into parks before leaving the scene, would be interesting to know. At issue is the fire department damaged something in view of the public and did they make an effort to show that same public that they would be responsible, or did they just flee the scene? We don’t have the all information, but it is an interesting question.

  6. Just a thought....
    Jul 8, 2010, 1:04 pm

    Larry…you may want to research comments like that before you actually make them. Last time I checked, there are several minority groups employed by Boise Fire.

    Referring to Butch Otter….amen brother! It’s the classic “good ol boy network” in action!

  7. Nan E Mouse
    Jul 8, 2010, 9:42 pm

    Larry’s right for the most part. The BFD, as are all unionized fire departments, is almost all white male. I think Boise’s had one black guy, one hispanic and one female in the last 20-25 years. Don’t know of any asians but there might be some or one.

    It’s not a real hotbed of diversity, but then most unions (teachers and uaw excepted maybe) are not.

  8. Diversity huh?
    We are talking about Boise, Idaho-right?
    I’m pretty sure anybody can take that Civil Service test.

  9. It makes someone look like a fool when make statements on diversity and don’t even know the racial and gender make- up of the department or union they are trying to make look bad. Larry and Nan E you need to do more homework before you make sweeping statements and judgements. Get yourself out of 1963. By the way, the union is not a racist org. That couldn’t be farther from the true. When you make statements that imply it is, you are personally insulting me. I don’t get offended easy, but I do by that.

  10. Greg: There is a concept known as fireman damage, this is another example. I don’t think it was an emergency, maybe training? Ruts not ok unless life was in danger. Even then, get one of those overly expensive seldom used shovels off the truck and fix the ruts.

    PS: What do ya call 5 guys with a big red truck and a lawnmower? Money saving Multi-taskers.
    PPS: I really don’t care what color you are so long as your not afraid to work and take the risks which you are very well paid for.

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