Amusing Signs Of the Times

During our 2,500mile drive for the Day Job last week in Utah, Colorado and New Mexico we ran across a couple of signs–including the “Adult Video Jesus Is Watching” billboard posted earlier–which we found amusing.

Along Colorado’s Big Thompson River we came across the green colored advisory which left us thinking, “If you have to tell them, they are probably too dumb to read.”

At Wilson Arch south of Moab, Utah were left with the question, “Is commercial waste and trash from your car OK to dump at a scenic attraction?”

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  1. Unfortunately dumb signs are a reflection of a dumb society:

    Coffee Cups: Caution Contents May be Hot

    Don’t pet the buffalo, Don’t feed the bears.

    We are hampering natural selection by helping idiots extend life and reproduce. Common sense should be a required course in high school and would save the government a lot of $$.

  2. I saw a Tshirt last night at Alive After 5 that reminded me of the attitude at City Hall. “Confidence, the feeling you have before you know the situation.”

  3. So, are we to assume a personal “dump” just might be ok?

  4. No residential dumping but industrial and commercial dumping is OK.

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