Repub Claims To Be “On Target,” Denies Loyalty Oath

Idaho Republican Party Executive Committee

They say if you’re getting lots of flak, you must be over the target. Obviously the Idaho Republican Party is directly over the target. Witness the whining, moaning and gnashing of teeth of the Democrat party bosses and their willing instruments in the media regarding the Idaho Republican Party’s recently concluded convention. If it wasn’t completely clear to you that the, “legacy” media is the official mouthpiece for progressives and statists AKA Democrats, it should be now.

Let me address what the Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media have dubbed a, “loyalty oath.” This is one of the most absurd allegations I think I’ve ever witnessed. Read the plank of the Idaho Republican Party referenced for your self; it’s posted HERE and is titled. “INTEGRITY IN THE PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT” with a subtitle “CANDIDATE DISCLOSURE.”

You will note that no such “oath” exists, such language is a fabrication created to cause a negative reaction. The use of a pejorative as a tactic is most often associated with the term propaganda and that’s precisely what we are witnessing here folks. PROPAGANDA!

The Idaho Republican Party is only asking candidates to disclose to fellow Republicans if they agree with the principles outlined in the Idaho Republican Party platform and it they don’t where they disagree. Such a disclosure is only applicable prior to a Republican Primary. That’s where we choose our candidates.

Does it not make sense to find out if candidates who claim to be Republican actually believe in the principles of the Idaho Republican Party before choosing them to represent the principles of the Republican Party in a general election? Any Republican who now claims they will refuse to sign an, ‘oath” actually hasn’t been asked and won’t be asked to sign any such thing.

There are many private organizations such as the Idaho Education Association (teachers union), Realtors, National Rifle Association, and many other such groups that routinely send candidates questionnaires and ask the candidates to sign them attesting that their positions are the actual positions of the candidates themselves. No one has ever suggested that such a statement is a, “loyalty oath” to those groups but rather a candidate disclosure regarding the actual positions of the candidate. Even the Idaho Statesman asks candidates to fill out a questionnaire and I suppose their endorsement is based in part on how a candidate answers. I’m sure they don’t call that one a loyalty oath.

Oddly enough, however, there is a loyalty oath that is currently used by the Idaho Democrat Party! Any citizen that would like to participate in a key Idaho Democrat function, their closed caucus, used to select candidates for President of the United States MUST sign a statement of allegiance or loyalty oath to the Idaho Democrat Party prior to participation. Furthermore, if the Idaho Democrat Party chooses to publish that loyalty oath, they can. Even Kevin Richert of The Idaho Statesman acknowledged the same, “In order to participate in the process, and the horse-trading and delegate-picking that goes on, one must first sign a card declaring allegiance to the party.” There are two words that fit perfectly regarding Richert and others current caterwauling, DOUBLE STANDARD!

Rod Beck is the former Republican Majority Leader of the Idaho State Senate and is currently Chairman of Region 4 of the Idaho Republican Party and a member of the Idaho Republican Party Executive Committee.

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  1. That’s all well and good, but you hope and plan to take as much of my money as the other team. That’s why “we the people” are rapidly building a third option. The best part is none of you crusty old dogs think we are credible. You will have my vote over the other team to be sure, but we are gonna push your platform back into a shape.

  2. If, in fact, the republican party asked that Vern be dismissed because he has supported democrats in the past, then Mr. Beck, you are as full of it as a bull at fly time! If you are going to post your position here, I would appreciate the answer to my inquiry.
    Jim Monihan

  3. Long time reader.
    Jul 13, 2010, 8:17 am

    I never want to read political statements from either party on this blog. Especially, when it is written with all caps, exclamation marks, and a prose style reminiscent of a unmedicated-schizophrenic’s journal.

    EDITOR NOTE–After the defense of Vern when the Repubs wanted him to pull out of the Ada Commish race, we felt at least a little obligation to give them a forum.

  4. Are you the same Rod Beck who was the owner of record of a rental on 27th which went to foreclosure? A simple yes or no will clear this up right away.

    How is this relevant? Your last sentence, an all caps “DOUBLE STANDARD” is ironic considering the Republican caterwauling of fiscal responsibility.

  5. Long time reader is correct. I thought the opportunity to respond in the blog format covered things pretty well. If BG wants to comment on an issue (as it did on Vern) I find that reasonable since it’s your site. I assume the Dems will now get to respond to Beck. Then the Tea Partiers to that. Etc., etc., etc.

    EDITOR NOTE–We would be happy to hear from one and all either with posts or comments. Nothing happens until we talk about it.

  6. Let’s not forget who owns the blog…I could start one of my own if I don’t like what gets posted here.

  7. To boisecynic. FYI I sold the 27th street property that I owned since 1998 in July of last year. If it has gone to foreclosure since that time, I’m sorry the current owner has had some financial difficulties. I hope no one tries to make a political issue of the fact they purchased the property from me.

  8. Glad you responded Rod. Now what about Vern??

  9. Litmus tests and loyalty oaths of party platforms attempt to make everything a black or white issue. I would argue there are many truths to any given issue.

    It is the job our our elected and appointed officials of the National, State and local republic to conduct the “peoples business” in a manner that reflects a “GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE” regardless of party affilitation.

    I would put forward the notion elected officials of all stripes are not doing the peoples business in a manner a majority would approve. The result of all this is the “TEA Party folks, fed up with gridlock and featherbedding.

    Last thought, never vote anyone into office if it is the best job they have ever had in their life. They work harder at reelection than any other aspect of their elected capacity or function.

  10. LMAO Rod. Tilting at windmills again? You seem awful happy to throw around terms like “liberal”, “progressive”, and “statist” with little regard for definition, yet you want to make damn sure each and every Republican candidate adheres to what the extreme branch of the Republican party (those who bothered to show in IF) deems to be a Republican. You can parse words over whether its an “oath” or a “declaration” but its intent is not lost on the Idaho electorate. Its rather obvious. Your support for a closed primary coupled with this mandate says purity purge loud and clear.

    What’s really funny is your self contradiction. “Does it not make sense to find out if candidates who claim to be Republican actually believe in the principles of the Idaho Republican Party….” Keep parsing. I notice lots ‘o Republicans rejecting your efforts at splitting hairs. They know what you’re about.

    Don’t get me wrong, I strongly support your efforts since they bear and uncanny resemblance to what was going on in the Soviet Union circa 1920. But you’ve earned a big fat fail in this etymological effort. You ain’t convincing anyone.

    “Liberal” media. LOL Do you ever seek to get to the substance instead of zinging around labels like they mean something? You really are out of touch.

  11. Hey Rod! I am still waiting on your answer to the “Vern” question!
    Rod? Rod? You out there Rod??

  12. Sys… you are being a bit harsh. I think Rod is just worried that those who instinctively pull “R’ in the voting booth won’t have the smarts or the amibition to do their own homework, so he just wants to summarize the party line in easy to digest format. Sort of like the Statesman voter guide for reactionaries.

  13. Rod in SE Boise
    Jul 16, 2010, 8:52 pm

    Dear World,

    Please note that Rod in SE Boise is NOT Rod Beck.

    Rod in SE Boise thinks Sisyphus is right on on this one.

  14. Did I miss your response Rod?? I am back now and still waiting. Rod? Rod???

  15. OK..I’ll respond to cyclops on the Vern issue. Sisyphus really deserves no response as it doesn’t matter the response. Anyone who actually compares asking a candidate to articulate positions on issues to the murderous and dictatorial Soviet Union circa 1920 has really lost any semblance of reason.

    OK Cyclops..Vern Bisterfeldt is really just a stand in for Team Dave. They recruited him and Roger to expand the influence they hold over the Ada County Commission. It almost worked except that Roger was fatally flawed and couldn’t convince enough Republicans AND Democrats to vote for him in a Republican primary.

    Many Republicans knew Bisterfeldt is a fraud and not a Republican even though he has always run as a Republican. He admitted that he didn’t really believe in Republican values. Were it not for the fact TJ Thompson (Obama’s Ada guy) and Dave Bieter actively campaigned to get Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary for Vern & Roger, Vern would have lost as well. Many of the Republicans that voted for Vern didn’t know how he has betrayed the Republican Party in the past and continues to betray the Party today.

    I could care less who Vern Bisterfeldt supports for public office as a Boise City Councilman or even a retired Republican County Commissioner. However, when he fraudulently sought and obtained the Republican nomination for Ada County Commission that’s another matter.

    We Republicans are working hard right now to raise money and support for Raul Labrador, Mitch Toryanski and all other Republicans while Vern is putting his efforts on electing their Democrat opponents. Why did Vern wait until two days AFTER the Republican Primary to announce that he is on Walt Minnick’s campaign committee?

    Now we have the prospect of Vern putting his mug on TV announcing that he is the Republican County Commission Candidate and is proudly supporting Walt Minnick and other Democrats. This is blatant hypocrisy designed to manipulate other Republicans and it is a wrong to use the Party label in such a way. There are those who would like to see both political parties disappear, they just might get their way with this type of behavior.

    We have asked Vern, as a matter of honor and integrity to resign the nomination as a Republican County Commission Candidate. For obvious reasons we really don’t expect him to respond.

  16. Rod, I appreciate your response. Let me start by saying I am sure I am more of a conservative than you because I have been described as “being significantly to the right of Atilla the Hun!!”
    I realize that any candidate that would line up with me politically, would prove to be totally unelectable.
    Therefore I lean toward candidates that do what they tell me they will do. As a voter, I take issue with some of your statements. “Bisterfeldt is a fraud” “fraudulently sought and obtained the republican nomination”
    Those are pretty strong words! To whom is Vern a “fraud”? Just to people like you who expect a candidate to line up with the party and never think what is in the city’s/county’s best interest? Do you really expect the citizens of Ada County to believe that the republican party is the all knowing vehicle which we should all blindly follow? Do you really believe that Roger would have made a better commishioner? I have watched Roger get in front of the TV cameras and blatantly LIE about the courthouse!
    I believe that the real problem here is that the republican party has failed miserably to field good candidates.
    In the interest of fairness, I will tell you that I fully intend on supporting Walt Minnick’s re-election bid for one simple reason. Although I disagree with him on some issues, he told us before the election what he would do if elected, and then he went and did it. Any one on Pelosi’s crap list deserves support. I am also intending to vote for Vern, who I believe has served this city/county proudly for what? 45 years?? Again, thank you for your response.

  17. LOL. I agree, Rod BECK, that my comment when taken in the context you provided does seem rather hyperbolic, almost laughable. Actually quite laughable. But perhaps I thought too much of your education for you to be familiar of the purity purges associated with single party take over of the Russian state, kinda like the state of Idaho. Better red than dead, eh?

    I reckon your myopic view of “honor and integrity” is through the lens of your last three electoral losses during a time when your fellow Republican Vern Bisterfeld received re-election and high acclaim as a pragmatist trumping the ideological albatross you seek to throw around his neck. I’m not sure how making the Republican tent smaller is going to vindicate the sting of your repeated lack of success.

    And speaking of lunacy, I note that the Republican platform does nothing to address solutions to the serious problems vexing this state. Nothing in it gets students current textbooks, adequate educational facilities, an enthusiastic teacher to guide them to a bright future. Nothing in it guarantees a quality university from which the students would be proud to graduate. Nothing in it provides for a ready, willing and able workforce which might be attractive to a business seeking to relocate here. Nothing in it provides for the 25% uninsured in the state and the burden they place on the taxpayers through the CAT Fund. It fails to provide any solution to Idaho’s failure to administer Medicaid funding in order to prevent a cataclysmic burden on that same fund. Nothing in the Republican platform wrestles with our skyrocketing corrections budget or humanely deals with the mentally ill who overburden that system.

    Instead the platform discloses an intellectually bankrupt party obligated to import ideology from a fringe organization which has never enjoyed political success for very good reasons. Moreover they employ tea bagger anachronisms appealing to a perverse mythological perspective of our founding and a overly simplistic view of our Constitutional principles. In short the Idaho Republican Party Platform is a backward looking prospectus in an untenable alliance with a failed ideology which does nothing to provide guidance for practical governance. Indeed it comes across as more schizophrenic than anything.

    And for this you demand fealty? Good luck with that.

  18. Let it go Rod!!! Sisyphus is a whole lot smarter than you (or me)!
    I hope you know better than to bring a knife to a gunfight!!!

  19. Now I’m pissed that someone states it is routinely done that the Idaho Education Association routinely sends out questionaires about their views. My husband has taught in Boise for 21 years, and never, not once, seen said questionaire. As to the republican oath, methinks they think alot of themselves. Perhaps fear mongering is really helping them along, and, by the way, where is our dear overly made up Ms. Swindell when we need a good laugh? Doubtfull I’ll see this in print–I’m not a normal favorite.

  20. It’s really worked. Alas, our republican friends garner most of their info from the likes of Sarah Palin, ya know, talking about teeney weeney hollywood stars, and Rush Limbaugh, who, incidentally just married for the fourth time and actually stated that he really doesn’t give a damn about all this stuff since he’s laughing all the way to the bank, and, for all the mormon folk, Glenn Beck, who is bona fide mentally ill, why, it’s just putrid to think we aren’t smart enough to decide on an issue without declaring alliance to a party. Wasn’t that way 40 years ago folks. You are now members of the lobbying nation.

  21. Sisyphus, I love you kiddo. Too smart for me, but I love ya.

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